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The Grand King : Happy Birthday to my dear Rasha

good ending: oscar isaac was wearing the ayn rand shirt ironically

bad ending: oscar isaac was wearing the ayn rand shirt because he likes her views

true ending: oscar isaac doesn’t know who ayn rand is and bought that shirt because it was on sale at outofprintclothing.com and he had already purchased a kurt vonnegut shirt from the same store


Luke Cage Featurette

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hey rande how many followers have u lost since u .left and let someo e, else do ur blog

im still gaining 300 a day with my hands off the wheel its a runaway nightmare train


Warnings: Possessive Roman, Klaus x Reader dirty flirting

“Roman…” You muttered wearily.


“Who?” he spat out and jerked the car to a stop without looking at you.


“Why does it matter Roman I’ve made my mind up.” You sighed and lent further away from him while gazing out of the red roadster.


“Is it Tyler, you were staying in Mystic Falls all summer?” Roman asked.


“Roman just take me home.” You sighed and avoided meeting his cold gaze.

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Kasich's Bieber cut was better than his current one with the spiking at the top... it's a high school kid's haircut on a 60 year old. Ugh.

That I can agree with to be honest. I am not a fan of that spiky top thing he has going on. What is with the former candidates and bad haircuts? Ted’s awful super short/crew cut sides hair style just ain’t working. When Rand cuts his noddle locks… And we can never forget that one terrible short cut Marco got. Oh, and how could I almost forget: Scott Walker’s bald spot. 

Ship Ahoy! by katinthecupboard on Flickr.

“My bowl of milk, you will agree,

Makes a delightful China Sea;

And for a ship both brave and stanch

A little piece of bread I launch.

But first I load it, just for fun,

With currants from my supper bun….”

“When Little Thoughts Go Rhyming” by Elizabeth Knobel, illustrated by Maginel Wright Enright. Copyrighted by Rand McNally & Co., 1916. Edition of 1936.

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