I gotta tell you, this is a classic white people move; this call for “unity.” And I say this as a white person myself. We love to tell people who are pointing out racism; who are protesting inequality that they’re the ones trying to tear us apart.

Us white people, we don’t have to live with racism. We don’t have to see it. It’s transparent to us. We can choose not to look at it. As long as we’re not saying the n-word, or writing “whites only” above the water fountain, we think we’ve done our part.

Our skin color means that we can choose to look past wealth disparities, or job discrimination, or discrimination in the legal system, or cultural hegemony, or any of a thousand other ways that we’re given the upper hand by our laws and culture. But people of color know what’s really going on, because they live it. Even rich people of color who get to be on tv, like Randy Moss.

And if people of color say something about racism, we say back that they’re attacking our unity; that they’re not doing their part to hold the country together; they’re not turning the other cheek enough. But why is holding the country together their job?

This whole, “You’re promoting division” thing is a trick. It’s a feint.

Protesting racism doesn’t tear us apart. RACISM tears us apart.

Listen, here’s the deal fellow white people:

(People of color, go take a break. Relax. Go have a sandwich. This part is between me, Trent Dilfer, and all my other white people out there.)

White people - It’s not people of color’s job to protect us! It’s not their job to make us feel better! It’s not their job to end racism! Ending racism is our job! WE made it, let’s unmake it.

When someone tells you about racism; when someone protests racism, when they point out racism, they are not the source of the problem. RACISM is the source of the problem. And WE are the source of the racism. And we have the power to change it.
—  JESSE THORN, commenting on Trent Dilfer’s finger wagging at Colin Kaepernick, and white people’s responsibility in ending racism. Related post »here

“Ben koca bir yatak odasında elinde boş bir uyku hapı şişesiyle ölü bulabilecekleri türden bir kızdım. Ama henüz her şey siyah değildi. Genç ve sağlıklıyken pazartesi günü intihar etmeyi planlayıp salı günü yine kahkahalarla gülebilirsiniz.”

J. Randy Taraborrelli, Marilyn Monroe’nun Gizli Hayatı

Aşk ve Edebiyat ~ SeslerinUyumu.Tumblr


The night Randy Savage took the Diamond Cutter
[April 6th, 1997]

Many consider WCW’s downfall being that the company never “made” stars, but rather recycled stars made elsewhere and continued to market them as such. One of the three super-mega stars that WCW can lay claim to was Diamond Dallas Page, whose career skyrocketed after a feud with the nWo’s “Macho Man” Randy Savage. In this video, Page recalls the feeling of “getting the rub”, so to speak, from the legendary Savage, who decided that it was time to take DDP’s signature finisher, the Diamond Cutter.

I don’t know what I did but I’m no good at tumblr. I lost the original ask when I tried to post this. I’ll add a ‘read more’ thing when I gat access to a computer.


>>Original ask: I have this angsty idea (Plus epic battle scene)- Dan breaks out of the thermos, Danny has a panic attack (Cause he barely walked out of that fight when Dan wasn’t trying to kill him) , Sam, Tucker and Jazz have to explain about Dan to everyone, and everyone has to calm Danny down so they can fight Dan. But they have never faced anyone at Dan’s level (except maybe Jake with the Dark Dragon)… Please… O///u\O (Puppy dog look so you’ll write it.)

Oh jeez oh wowzers. Thank the Dark Overlord I finally finished this. Sorry it took so long.

I don’t usually like writing with the whole “Dan breaks out of the thermos and makes Danny miserable” trope, BUT I made an exception/compromise.

I don’t have a lot of practice with angst and action writing so sorry if it’s terrible. Despite my love for his character, I’m also pretty terrible at writing Dan. And I don’t have much knowledge on panic attacks so once again I apologize if any things wrong.

(Does 3159 words make up for it?)

The young boy burst out of the door, tears streaming down his face. The bullies shouts followed him as he ran into the nearest alley.

He collapsed behind a dumpster, his shoulders shaking from his sobs. The small ghost keychain hurt his hand as his grip tightened.

“~they’re wrong, they’re wrong, they’re wrong~” the boy sobbed, “~I’m not a coward~”

In a hidden part of Paris, a window opened.

The boy didn’t notice as a black butterfly landed on the little keychain.

‘Hello Fear Factor.’ A voice crooned in his head.

The boy’s cries subsided as he looked up, his face shadowed.

‘I am Hawkmoth. Those boys have wronged you, haven’t they? I can help you put fear into their hearts. All I ask in return is a little favor. Can you do that?’

Tears continued to leak down his cheeks. The boy gripped his key chain tighter and whispered, “Yes Hawkmoth.”

And his vision went black.

The last few minutes of class had never gone slower for Adrien.

His leg bounced in place, fingers tapped on the desk, his eyes stared down the ticking hands of the clock to will them faster.

Nino jabbed his side.

Adrien flinched back and gave his friend a ‘why?’ look.

Nino gave him ‘dude you need to chill’ look.

Their nonverbal communication was interrupted by the angelic sound of the bell.

Adrien hurried to gather his belongings before racing out of class, Nino hot his heels.

He was stopped in the hallway by a tan arm slamming into his chest and Nino colliding into his suddenly stopped back.

Alya had appeared in front him. Where had she come from? Adrien could of swore she was behind him. Marinette waved awkwardly from behind her.

“Hold up pretty boy. What’s got you in a hurry? Got a hot date?”

Nino choked choked back a laugh, “Not after their first date turned into disaster.”

Alya’s eyes widened in shock, “So you do have a date?”

Adrien frowned, “No, I’m meeting up with the Americans after school.”

The girls had the most confused looks on their face. “You dated the Americans?” Alya asked.

Nino had to hold onto Adrien to support himself as he died from laughter. The blonde gave a frustrated sigh and swatted his friend away. “No!”

“Well technically….” Randy slid in out of nowhere to throw his arm around Adrien.

Jake and Danny followed behind him, waving.

“It was a fake out date.” Danny said, “He needed help. Hey Mari. Hey Alya.”

“Hey Danny.” The two echoed back.

“You ready bro?” Jake bumped fists with Nino and Adrien.

Alya gave a frustrated sound, turning attention to her, “Seriously! What. Is. Going. On!?”

Randy grinned, “Agreste is throwing a party while his dad is away!”

“I invited you two, remember?” Adrien said.

Alya gave him a blank look and crossed her arms. “No. I do not in fact remember. When did you ask?”

Danny piped up, “I thought you texted them yesterday?”

“I did!” Adrien insisted, pulling out his phone, “You guys had just got there and-oh.”


Adrien blushed, “It didn’t send. Sorry?”

Nino smacked his shoulder, “You have got to get that under control broski. This is the fifth time it’s happened.”

Alya smirked, “So me and Marinette are invited to a party at the Agreste mansion?”

“Yeah!” Adrien said.

“Not to mention all of OUR friends get to be there too!” Danny said.

“From America?” Marinette asked.

“Yep. Fenton’s bringing Sam, Foley, and Jazz. Randy’s bringing his biffer. Then Trix, Spud, and Fu are coming straight from my hometown NYC.”

Marinette looked confused, “You have a friend named Fu?”

“Actually a dog.” Adrien scowled, “You know I don’t like dogs.”

Jake just grinned back at him, “But someone else does.”

“Which I do not understand!” Randy declares, “Last I checked that kind of friendship was unnatural!”

“Getting back on point, he’s throwing a party.” Danny cuts in. “And you two are invited.”

“We’ll be there!” Alya nudges Marinette in the side, “So when is it?”

“Right now.” All the boys say together.

“Our friends are outside.”

“We were just waiting on you guys to finish school.”

Randy starts walking backwards to the door. “C’mon you shoobs! We’re wasting valuable party time!”

He then ran into Ivan, who was walking with Mylene to the door.

Randy held up his hands in apology and rushed out the door.

The party in Adrien’s room wasn’t anything super fancy. Soda and other various junk foods were shoved on a table. Video games from the boy’s many competitions spilled out from the tv area and computer. Adrien had roped the few maids into helping him borrow some extra chairs and a couch from one of the spare bedrooms. Nino had brought a speaker and was currently playing some pre made mixes. Fu had disappeared when they reached Adrien’s house, and Adrien knew Plagg was with him.

All the girls had immediately clicked. Marinette was immediately talking to them about American fashion, with Sam giving her few more ideas for a darker range of clothes. Alya got into a deep discussion with Jazz on the causes for akumas and if there were any after effects on the civilians. Trixie had tried giving advice to Marinette and Sam on boys, but the three of them eventually gave up for the day because both boys were hopelessly clueless.

Tucker and Spud had taken over Adrien’s set of computers. At the moment they were trying to out hack each other. The others weren’t sure what exactly they were hacking into, by every now and then someone would check outside for SWAT teams.

Randy and Adrien had fallen into another competition themselves; Nino being the judge. They would climb to the top of the rock wall and attempt to land on the couch furthest from them. So far neither of them landed on it and only ended up crashing into someone else’s lap.

Howard was currently dominating the video games, much to Danny and Jake’s frustration.

Several hours later the party was winding down and everyone had migrated to the tv as a movie played.

But of course, the relaxed atmosphere was broken by the sound of screaming.

Alya immediately jumped to her feet, phone in hand as she dashed out the door. Nino shouted after her as he followed, intending to keep her out of trouble. Marinette let out a stream of excuses as she half ran, half walked out of the door.

The four boys looked at each other.

Sam sighed, “You guys just can’t catch a break.”

Howard grunted, “Just go. We’ll cover from here.”

Tucker and Spud grinned before dashing back to the computers, set on hacking into the traffic cameras and getting a good view on the akuma to help.

Four battle cries and transformations later the quartet was dashing over the Parisian rooftops. As they traveled to the area the akuma was in, they noticed various victims of its powers.

One man was curled into a ball, crying for the dark to go away.

A woman was running away from a swarm of bees, screaming. Danny blasted the bugs to dust and she collapsed in tears of relief.

A young boy was being chased by a growling, menacing dog. Randy swooped down to pick him up and deposited him in a nearby building.

Another child was screaming for her mother, fat tears rolling down her cheeks. Her mother was standing in front of her trying to calm her down to no avail.

There were several people paralyzed in fear or crying as large spiders trapped them in an alley. Jake took care of those as Chat continued on to deal with the akuma.

Danny floated next to Randy, a confused look on his face. “I’ve never seen an akuma’s powers so random before.”

Randy looked around, “It seems familiar….wonk. I can’t remember why.”

Jake touched down beside them, folding his wings back. “Yo all the citizens are out of way. Least the ones that can be moved. Chat needs our though.”

Danny and Randy took off after Jake to help their friend. Chat and Ladybug were dodging smoky black balls that were thrown mercilessly their way.

The akuma was small, most likely a child. Red eyes glared at everything around him as if he was trying to set everything on fire with his heated gaze. His body seemed to be made of a thick black smoke, curling off his shoulders and head.

A ball of smoke came flying past the Paris duo and straight for the three coming to help. Danny and Jake managed to swerve past it but Randy got hit mid swing.

He hit the ground and rolled a little, groaning at the bruises that were most likely forming.

The black smoke curled off him and into a shape, right in front of his eyes.

The others almost laughed at the sight of a random chicken staring down their fallen ninja. If it weren’t for the fact Randy was trembling in fear.

Jake dived down to help and heard him mumbling to himself in panicky tones. “Embrace your fear, embrace your fear, embrace your fear.”

The chicken shrieked in his face and Randy scrambled back in a crawl as it advanced on him, his voice getting shriller with every word.

Jake tugged him up by his scarf and smacked the demon chicken away for good measure.

“I am Fear Factor!” The akuma hissed as he slung the balls of smoke towards the heroes. “And I will make you all live your worst nightmare.”

Chat grunted in annoyance as he twirled his staff, knocking some of the attacks away. “If we can’t find the akuma soon, we’re going to get smoked.”

Danny, despite the tense fight, felt his lips curl into a smile at the pun. “My parents always told me smoking would lead me ashtray.”

“Boys!” Ladybug said, a threatening edge to her tone, “Akuma first, puns later.”

Randy had somewhat recovered from the attack on him and was attempting to spot the the akuma.

Spud and Tucker had managed to get control over the traffic cameras as the teens left in Adrien’s room watched the fight.

Howard suddenly leaned forward, squinting at the scene. “It’s on his belt. I can’t tell what it is but the stankage is there.”

Trixie raised an eyebrow, “Wrong city man. Wrong continent.”

“It’s habit okay!”

Tucker waved them off as he tuned the Fenton Phone he was wearing to the right channel.

Once the feedback stopped buzzing, a breathless Randy picked up.

Tucker cut straight to the point, watching as Jake nearly got hit by a smoky ball. “Akuma is on his belt. Don’t know what but it’s there.”

Randy ducked behind a nearby car and squinted at the akuma, “Got it. You guys are the cheese.”

He jumped and landed on top of the car in a crouch, before springing towards the akuma again. It was risky trying to get close enough to see what exactly the akuma was, but Randy knew he could make it.

He propelled himself forward, catching the attention of Fear Factor, who hissed and focused the attacks on Randy.

Randy managed to get a glimpse of a small keychain, pulsing with dark violet light before his vision was filled with another smokey ball.

Cold hands wrapped around his waist and he was redirected to the side as Danny took the full blast.

Randy managed to handspring to his feet and watched as his friend was thrown to the ground, smoke curling off of him.

For a brief moment Randy feared he would revert back to being human. Danny had always expressed his fear of being found out and not accepted.

Exposed secrets were a small fear for all of them.

Danny grunted on the ground and stood up with shaky knees.

The sky around them darkened, green and purple clashing together in a twisted version of the sky. The air turned about twenty degrees cooler and an unnatural wind swirled around them.

All the windows suddenly shattered, raining glass on the figures below.

Back at the Agreste Mansion, several teens cursed when the camera feed went to static.

All the fighting paused as a menacing chuckle echoed around them, sending chills up their spines.

Jake watched as Danny froze, one hand clutched to his chest and eyes wide with fear.

The smoke streaming off of Danny swirled into a bulky figure in front of the superpowered people on the street. It twisted and morphed and thickened until a unfamiliar figure wearing an EXTREMELY familiar insignia was sneering at them.

More accurately, staring at the paralyzed halfa. “Miss me Danny?”

Fear Factor floated back uneasily, the flaming haired figure intimidating him immensely. Hawkmoth hissed in his ear to flee while the heroes attention was diverted.

Even he knew this was not something to mess with.

Jake saw Danny stumble back, breaths coming faster and his face losing all his blood. He knew an oncoming panic attack when he saw one.

Risky as it was to grab him now, with all the possibility Danny would lash out, Jake shot forward and grabbed his friend. Almost cradling him to his chest, Jake headed for the Agreste Mansion. Jazz might be the only one who could help him right now.

Randy edged over to Ladybug. “The akuma is on Fear Factor’s belt. It’s a little keychain.”

Chat readied his baton, uneasily staring at the replica of his friend. “You go get the akuma Bugga Boo. We’ll deal with this copycat.”

Ladybug touched his shoulder, silently asking him to be safe before she launched her yoyo in the opposite direction.

Randy pulled out his sword and yelled to get the ghost’s attention. “Hey you Phantom phony!”

The ghost merely glanced down at Randy and Chat, the most unimpressed look on his face, “I don’t have time to deal with you.”

A stream of ectoblasts were sent their way. Chat danced around before leaping up and taking a swing at the ghost.

He caught the staff with one hand, and swing Chat into a building. Randy jumped up with a cry of “NINJA ELECTRO BALLS!”

The ghost let out a hiss as the electricity bounced across his skin and let go of the staff, facing Randy again.

Randy squeaked and ducked under the barrage of attacks while Chat caught his breath.

Jake, meanwhile, had flew straight into Adrien’s open window. Danny was hyperventilating in his grip, tears falling from his eyes.

His wings clipped the windows as he flew in and he tumbled forward. Jake angled himself to where he would hit the ground instead of the halfa. Jazz ran forward and tugged her brother up, holding his head in her hands.

Jake transformed, Trixie helping him to his feet.

“Danny it’s ok, everything’s ok. We’re fine. We’re safe. It’s ok, I need you to calm down Danny.”

Sam and Tucker crouched on either side of him, whispering similar sayings. A ring of light formed around his waist, leaving him in his human form. Jazz pulled him into a hug as his breathing started to slow.

Tucker caught Jake’s eye. “Dude go help Ladybug. That’s the fastest way to get rid of him.”

Jake nodded and jumped out the window, transforming in mid air. He flew above the rooftops, looking for Ladybug’s familiar red suit.

A brief glimpse of Chat and Randy showed them hopelessly outmatched, overpowered, and outnumbered?

Yep there were now five duplicates making it two on six.

Jake served and slammed into one, knocking him through a wall and dispersing.

Randy managed to slice one through the middle, the beginnings of a black eye showing through his mask.

Chat wiped away the blood trickling into his eye from a shallow forehead cut.

A duplicate grabbed Jake’s tail and swung him in the direction of his friends. The three of them tumbled in a pile before coming to a rest.

Now all three of them were dizzy, sore, and tangled up.

Four identical ghosts floated above them, fists blazing with power.


Four dark voices echoed around them simultaneously.

“Don’t you know who I am? What I can do?”

Thankfully they never got to find out as Ladybug’s restoration magic flew through the sky, making the ghost vanish. It swarmed them too, somewhat healing the bruises and cuts they got in the fight.

Ladybug landed near them a moment later, her earrings beeping. “Are you guys ok?”

Randy groaned and laid his face on the ground. “Let’s never do that again.”

“Agreed.” Jake and Chat said.

“Where’s Phantom? Is he alright?”

Randy whipped his head up so fast he nearly gave himself whiplash.

Ladybug’s earrings beeped again, “Actually tell me later. I’m about to detransform. I’ll see guys later!” She waved to them as she swung away.

Chat, Jake, and Randy were soon rushing back to the Agreste Mansion.

Danny was leaning against Jazz when his friends came flying through the window. Randy was the first to come flying at him, tackling him in a hug. Adrien was right behind him.

“Dude don’t scare us like that!” Adrien said as he hugged Danny’s neck.

Randy was hugging his waist, “You really freaked us out.”

Jake turned back into a human, feeling slightly dizzy from all the changes he had gone through today. “Dawg you ok now?”

“Are you guys ok?” Howard asked. “Cunningham came face to face with a chicken, and I’m pretty sure I heard you guys get thrown into buildings from here.”

Danny untangled himself from his friends and they changed back into civilians, Adrien catching Plagg in his hands.

“Sorry guys. I-I didn’t mean to leave you like that and-”

Sam slapped a hand across his mouth. “Danny, shut up and stop blaming yourself.”

“Yeah man.” Spud spoke up, “It Butterfly Dude’s fault this all happened.”

Trixie fetched some cheese to stop Plagg’s over dramatic moaning and Adrien smiled, “How about we turn this party into a sleepover? Father won’t be back for another few nights and we could all use a rest.”

“Sounds bruce.” Howard said as he took a chair. “I’m game.”

Randy lit up. “I say we build one HECK of a pillow fort!”

Two hours, 45 pillows, 12 sheets, 20 comforters, four mattresses, and some confused maids later; the large group of teens were all either asleep or about to be.

Danny, Jake, Randy, and Adrien were in the middle laying on each other.

Jake poked Danny’s shoulder. “Bro, you don’t have to tell us-”

“-but we’re here for you when you need it.” Randy finished.

Danny sighed. “I know guys. It’s just-”

“Hard to talk about.” Adrien said.

Danny buried his face in the fluff that made up his pillow. They sat there in silence, listening to the breathing and snores of their friends around them.

“It started because of a stupid test….”