randee ratchet

I have a lot of friends in this life and for that I am so very grateful. So much support, compassion, affection and some very mutual, powerful love! I feel this energy pull at me in only the best way…. strumming the strings of my heart from the highest mountains to locations that find themselves sitting below sea level. I am so blessed to know all of you, coast to coast and I feel privileged to follow all of your lives on social media. With all of that being said… Tawnie Trouble has been here for the long and weird haul (that has been my continued photography career) … through thick and thin … offering me an honest friendship… one of the most honest friendships I have come to find in this life. She is stunning, inside and out… and, simply put, I am a better person for having her in my life. I feel, as our friendship develops, our images together get stronger. This is my newest favorite. Make-up and hair by the incredibly kind and foxy mama, also know as… Randee Ratchet! Another dear friend! And the set provided by yet another incredible human being, Tressa Louise! GO TEAM FOREVER-FRIENDSHIP! Love you ladies!