*wheezes* It’s done. It’s finally done. Just–take it, oh my goodness. This is my attempt for the Parasite Eve thumbnail. I really hope I left enough room in the corner.

I haven’t drawn in awhile either, and now that I think about it, I don’t think I ever posted any art for the Cry fandom before so…yes!! Finally accomplished that ; v; This was pretty fun to draw!

I told my friend that I was just done with this. I know his body’s off by idk how much because for some reason I can’t tell exactly WHAT’S off. But I think I’m happy with the coloring at least!! That’s something to celebrate yes?

Pff friend told me not to upload this either because “we’re gonna work on this body proportion thing ok.” NOOO I’M DONEEE I’LL JUST START A NEW PROJECT OR SOMETHING.


I DID IT. IT TOOK A WEEK BUT I FINISHED THIS. I couldn’t help it after listening to THIS
And I’m just really tired on working on this, but it was fun… Ihopeitlooksokay;A;

And now that I got this out of my system, back to the 30 days challenge .___. ONWARDS.

anonymous asked:

Your artwork is pretty! Can you draw Pokemon?

External image

Thank you so much for your compliment anon ;v; It means a lot. And I’m sorry for the late response, part-time job kept me busy >.> But yes! Now that I think about it I don’t draw Pokemon much…but I really should more often, huh? Lol.

Actually, I recently joined the Pokemon Black and White 2 Countdown (http://pokebw2.tumblr.com/)  as a fellow artist. So you can check up on that blog if you’re interested to see the artworks of other artists that are coming soon :)!

I present Korra to you! And I overdid it with her hair strands, but let’s just say she recently won a probending match, yeah. Still lookin’ good Korra, still lookin’ good.

It was great for practicing coloring and I’m not really that great at it yet, but…uhm I’m getting there? (hopefully).

Pssst, does anyone know why the quality kinda downgrades when I post this on tumblr? .A. And how I could possibly fix it?