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Dinner was never to be.  Nor coffee.  Nor meeting for breakfast.  Nor any of the plans they tried to make.  Dr. Randall had been livid to find Claire in the Lounge and ripped her to shreds.  She stood and took it, all the while seething, her eyes boring into him with all the hatred she could muster.  She tried to sidle past him without looking him in the eye.  Bloody basilisk that he was, she would have turned into stone.  

She didn’t have time to dwell on Jamie.  She was working 12 hours shifts, 3 days in a row, with only one day off in between.  Claire was numb with exhaustion, and became more gaunt as the weeks went on.  Everyone knew it was wrong. But no one dared cross Dr. Randall and take a shift for her.

Jamie, on the other hand, was crazy with frustration.  Every time his phone pinged, he leapt on it hoping it was a text from Claire saying she’d had a change of plan.  It got to the point where Jenny was making everyone put their silenced phones in a basket during a meeting.  Ian found it utterly hilarious. Three weeks had passed and he hadn’t heard her voice or seen her face.  The few times he actually called her she hadn’t answered. And when she’d called him back, it had been when his phone was in a sister-imposed lock down.  

With the holidays fast approaching, all hands were on deck to launch the new line of Fraser wines, as well as a specially matured whisky, which was why they were all at the Distillery taste testing.  

Jenny and Jamie’s Uncle, Dougal Mackenzie was COO of the Distillery.  A brother to their late mum, he was world renowned in the whisky business. His taste buds were legendary, and his nose was sensitive to every nuance that swirled up from his glass. They all agreed the whisky was perfect. Smokey, with a hint of oak, and pear, it slid down the throat smooth as silk.  

“It’s a gem!” exclaimed Dougal. “No question.  It’ll win awards, and bring lots of attention to the House of Fraser.”  

Jamie closed his eyes as he rolled the alcohol around in his mouth savoring the flavours and texture.  It was delicious.  He felt the warmth in his throat on its way down, and the warm blush it created as it settled in his stomach.  He held his glass up to the light and felt his gut tighten.  The new batch was the exact colour of Claire’s eyes.

“Now.  On to the wines.” Dougal announced.  He cleansed his palate with water and a few bites of cheese and crackers.  “I’m surprised at the two of ye,” he said, taking in his niece and nephew. “Scotland isn’t known for its wines.”

“Ye know well why we’re doing this,” admonished Jenny.  “That vineyard Murtagh found in Wales is just the right size for what we want to do. Won’t produce very many bottles, but what it does produce we’ll be able to get top dollar.  The grapes are excellent.  And we need to grow the business.”  

Murtagh smiled.  He was Jamie’s godfather, and had been involved in the company for a long time. He oversaw all of the farms that grew the barley, rye and wheat needed for the whisky and when he stumbled upon this vineyard on holiday, Jamie and Jenny trusted his intuition regarding diversifying into wines.

The afternoon continued with the tasting, and assessing. It was excellent wine, and they all left the meeting feeling good about holiday sales.  But instead of going back to the office, Jamie grabbed a bottle of the red and decided to go home.  

Lost in his thoughts on the way to his flat, Jamie dug his house key out of his pocket.  It took a moment for the strange sound to register.  It sounded like….was someone crying?  As he rounded the stairs he noticed keys and a wallet on the landing.  At the base of the stairs lay what looked like a lipstick tube.  Looking up he noticed the bag that had been upended with its contents scattered.  

And there, on the stairs, head on her arms, sobbing, was Claire.  

He flung his backpack from his shoulder, heedless of his computer and the wine bottle inside, and bolted up the stairs two at a time.  

“Claire.  Sassenach, what’s wrong?  Did ye fall?”  He placed a hand on her back and felt the bones of her ribs.  Christ, she was thin.  Was she sick? Sitting on the stair below her he stroked her hair, and gently placed his hands on her shoulders, rousing her enough to lift her head. God, she was pale with dark circles under her eyes. 

 And she was burning up.  

“Shhhhh,” he whispered. “I’m here.”  She dropped her head to his shoulder and let loose a gut wrenching sob that broke his heart.  

“Ah, mo graidh” She sounded so forlorn.  He wrapped his arms around her, rocking slowly.  And then, without really thinking he picked her up in his arms and carried her down the stairs.  Key still in his hand, he unlocked his flat and carried her through to his bedroom.  

He set her down long enough to throw back his covers (why had he never picked up his room?) then helped her sit. He untied her trainers, and pressed her back so that she lay down.  When she rolled away from him and curled up into a tiny ball, his heart shattered. He covered her up, left the room leaving the door ajar so he could hear her, and went back out into the hall to recover their things.  

He was watching a rugby game he’d recorded from the weekend.  The sound was off so he could listen for Claire.  He glanced at the clock on the wall, 11:00 p.m.  She’d been asleep for 4 hours.  He checked in on her a couple of times and she still felt warm to the touch.

Her phone rang around 8:00 and he’d had a long conversation with Mrs. Fitz. After listening to Jamie she assured him that Claire would have the next four days off.  He was ordered to keep her there, give her plenty of fluids as she may be dehydrated, let her sleep whenever she wanted and to make her eat. He hung up and texted his sister to say he’d be working from home for the next few days.  No need to fill her in.  He’d rather avoid the inquisition that would come his way.

He was just settling himself on the sofa with an extra pillow and blanket when he heard her stir in his bedroom. He was at the doorway in seconds. She was sitting up, eyes glazed from fever, and her hair a glorious mass of curls.  She seemed disoriented until she caught sight of him.

“Hi, Jamie.” she whispered, and pushed her hair back.

He smiled at her child-like voice. “Sassenach.  How do ye feel?”  A Dhia, she was beautiful.

“Cold.”  Still had a fever then.  “And kinda hungry.  And I need to pee.”  

He showed her to the bathroom, and then went to make her something to eat. When he came back with some butternut squash soup that Mrs. Crook, his childhood housekeeper had made for him, she was crawling back into his bed. He had just enough time to notice she had taken off her scrubs.  She was wearing a tee shirt and a pair of hot pink panties that hugged her round arse before she flipped the covers over herself.  

Focus, Fraser.  Setting down the bed tray he handed her the cup of soup.  She sipped it and smiled.  “Mmmmmmm. Warm. Delicious.”

“Mrs. Fitz said to keep yer fluids up.”  

She flinched at that.  “Oh, God.  My job.  I’ve missed my shift!” 

“Easy, Sassenach.  Ye’ve been removed from the schedule for the next four days.  She said it would give the other nurses a chance to earn a living.”  

She visibly relaxed at that, and took another sip.

She rubbed his comforter. “This is a nice coverlet.  It’s cozy.”

“Fraser colours.” he said. “It my family’s tartan.”

Claire closed her eyes and handed him the half empty cup.  “I’m so cold!”  She leaned back and burrowed under the covers.  He took the tray to the kitchen and returned with some fever reducer.  Helping her sit up to take the pills and drink the water, he took a moment to brush the hair from her face.  She grabbed his hand and tugged.

“Help me, Jamie.  I’m cold.”  She really was shaking. Hard.

“Claire.  I don’t have another blanket. The only one I’ve got, I need for sleeping.”  Maybe he could run to her flat and grab one.  He was casting about for her keys when he heard her speak.

“Body heat.”  

He froze.  Of course.  That would work.  Mary, Michael, and Bride what the hell was he getting into. 

“Please.”  She sounded close to tears.  

So, weak as he was, he slid under the comforter.  Jamie, lad, just until she falls asleep. 

She was burning up, but feeling him behind her she turned and tucked herself under his chin. Her breath was warm on his throat, and her legs tangled with his.  His reaction was immediate.  He tried to scoot his hips back so as not to assail her with his juvenile reaction to her closeness, but she whimpered and took hold of his tee shirt in her delicate hands.  Her fingers twisted into the fabric to hold him close.  

Ifrinn. Jamie swore.  This is going to be a long night. 


is it good??? I’ve heard like nothing about it

yeah it’s weird, I keep hearing about how it’s like one of the highest rated shows this year and yet I don’t see much about it in terms of a fanbase

I love it so far, it’s been like my replacement for Parenthood. It’s a pretty refreshing take on the typical family drama. There are definitely some really cheesy parts, but you get a good sense of how cheesy it is within the first couple episodes. 

My only worry is that the show will fall into the trap so many others do, where it’s hard to find a balance for diverse characters so they aren’t defined by their struggles, but that their struggles aren’t ignored– like, Kate hasn’t had a single storyline that isn’t about how she’s overweight and needs to lose weight. It’s a little more understandable in this case because she herself says it’s “always been about the weight” for her, but I wish they would balance it out. But they’re only halfway into the first season so who knows where they’ll go with it! 

Have you ever watched a lightning storm in awe? Join the crowd. Oddly, nobody knows exactly how lightning is produced. What is known is that charges slowly separate in some clouds causing rapid electrical discharges (lightning), but how electrical charges get separated in clouds remains a topic of much research. Lightning usually takes a jagged course, rapidly heating a thin column of air to about three times the surface temperature of the Sun. The resulting shock wave starts supersonically and decays into the loud sound known as thunder. Lightning bolts are common in clouds during rainstorms, and on average 44 lightning bolts occur on the Earth every second. Pictured, over 60 images were stacked to capture the flow of lightning-producing storm clouds in July over Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.

Credit: Joe Randall

Time And Space


Some summary required


Hannibal takes care of Will’s wounds just to touch him.

Then Will arranges Randall’s body to make him pretty for the audience.

The two idiots admire Will’s work while Jack pretends he doesn’t know anything about it.

Hannibal is seeing another patient who has serious issues: Margot Verger.

She not only chose Hannibal as her therapist -and that’s a big issue- she also has a very disturbed and abusive brother, Mason.

Since the family atmosphere is so kind and loving Margot wants to have a baby, so Hannibal suggests her to go to Will, the baby maker.

This is actually an excuse for the glorious scene in which four people have sex, but not with the person they really want.

Two of them will come to their senses; regarding the other two we are waiting for season four.

Eventually, Hannibal asks Mason Verger to become his patient.

Alana informs Will and Hannibal that Freddie Lounds thinks about them as Randall’s killers.

So Hannibal goes taking care of business.

You should get in line in Italian Post Offices, Hannibal.


But Will has already killed Freddie (well, let’s pretend).

And he brings a piece of the Ginger to have dinner with Hannibal.

Yes you do, Graham. Hannibal is the only one who doesn’t notice.

I feel the same, Hannibal.

just watched office christmas party and omg every five seconds i was like that actor worked with someone on the new girl cast

  • olivia munn on new girl obviously
  • t.j. miller on our idiot brother with zooey
  • jennifer anniston on the good girl with zooey
  • rob corddry on failure to launch with zooey
  • randall park was on the new girl episode fancyman part 1 
  • sam richardson was on new girl as winstons cop partner 
  • karan soni was on safety not guaranteed with jake johnson 
  • and ben falcone was on a few episodes of new girl as nick’s coworker 

As you get older, you might start to find that things get harder. The world isn’t always a kind place. Especially for men like us. Take a look at the people on this mat. We are your community. When things get hard, we are gonna be the ones who hold each other up. As Randall’s father, you are his foundation. Come lie down, as if you’re gonna do a push-up. Randall, climb on your father’s back. 


Can I be honest with you? Man to man? You know, your mom and me, we always try to treat you kids the same. Always have. Hasn’t always worked, because, well, you’re not all the same.