randall the enamel animal

Twisted X Cow Creek (w/ Serrano and Lime)

Randall Jr. Month, Part 2! The Randall Jr. is a much less complex version of Dogfish Head’s dry-hopping contraption Randall The Enamel Animal. It’s simply a thick-walled plastic bottle with a mesh screen and an airtight lid. Surprisingly, the thing actually works pretty well for infusing beer. This month I will be featuring concoctions I make with it. Cow Creek is a Mexican-style dark lager from Dripping Springs, TX based Twisted X. It has similar properties to Negra Modelo so I felt like lime would be a good addition in the Randall Jr. and some Serrano chili pepper would be welcome too because I like chili beers. The lime showed up more in the aroma than the flavor. I’m thinking I should have probably squeezed a bit of the juice in first as well as put in the lime wedges to infuse. The Serrano shows up with a nice warming heat that builds up to a genuine spicy kick. It also adds a hint of a green vegetal flavor. The base beer flavor does hold it’s own. Cow Creek is not a super robust beer but it has enough substance to provide a good backbone for the infused flavors. Overall, this one I feel was successful. Next time I might put a bit more lime and a bit less Serrano though.