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Part 26/80 of my Female Rogues of Gotham City series

For all his self-righteous, poorly-disguised sadism and complete intellectual detachment, preferring to see his fellow man as merely a guinea pig for his latest experiment, the Scarecrow has one hard and fast creed: he will not hurt a child.  He’s worked for too long as a professor to deliberately allow any young person to come to harm.  The irony in this case is that he has seen no problem in ruining the lives of several young women, either out of revenge or a misguided attempt to “help” them.  After all, his first casualty was a female bully at his high school.  None of these girls suffered any lasting physical damage, but the psychological damage can never be undone.

Molly Randall was perhaps the most benign case, a literary and musical wunderkind who had quickly become Professor Crane’s favorite student during his days at Gotham University; her academic performance was unparalleled, but she led a rather lonely life and had a pathological fear of being alone.  This led her to the crushing arms of quarterback Matthew Bromley, who attempted to sexually assault her at a party and ended up screaming and faint in the Gotham General ICU after Crane took revenge on her behalf.  Deeply troubled by what her seemingly-kind professor was capable of, Molly tried to distance herself from Crane from that day forward and has since had trouble trusting authority, but some part of her is still grateful that she was able to convince a rogue to defend her honor.

Becky Albright went from the title “Plucky Law Student” after testifying against the Scarecrow at a criminal trial to “Gotham’s Final Girl” after resisting psychological torture and gaslighting from the same man, first out of revenge, then out of some twisted form of empathy.  After learning that this slip of a girl, who suffered from fibromyalgia and walked with a cane, shared many of the same fears he did, he tried to make her into his “Mistress of Fear” and even made her a costume before she refused in no uncertain terms.  Now, Becky tries to keep under the radar, with her photography and cartooning hobbies and job at a local radio show, but if the Scarecrow ever came poking around again, she’s promised to become even more terrifying that he could ever hope to be.

Lindsay Jones was an emotionally stunted girl who only felt comfortable behind a camera, had been bullied all her life, and only knew how to go to the most extreme outward displays to express herself; when a violent nervous breakdown left her a danger to others and herself, she was sent to Arkham Asylum for psychiatric help and left in the care of Dr. Crane.  There, she opened up about the societal traps and phoniness she saw all around her, and Crane encouraged her to lay them bare by exposing their fears, even getting her to agree to let him tag along to a class slumber party so that he might help her take revenge on her so-called “friends”.  Far from learning how to control her own emotions, Lindsay became proficient in manipulating others, but in doing so, Crane’s new protégé drove others who might have genuinely cared so far away that she now finds herself more alone than ever.

Abigail O’Shay was once on her way to a doctoral degree in psychology and showed a deep empathy and fascination for people who were driven by trauma to do extraordinary and sometimes despicable things; she would soon find out what that was like for herself when Professor Crane singled her out to be one of his test subjects for his fear toxin.  Horrified by what had been done to her, even moreso when the doctors at Arkham told her that the damage inflicted on her brain by the chemicals was irreparable, she skipped straight to the anger stage of grief and joined the Victim Syndicate, a group of young people looking for revenge on the rogues’ gallery for ruining their lives.  Styling herself as Madame Crow and developing her own strain of fear toxin to give Crane a taste of his own medicine, Abigail remains at large and looking for a way to take the Scarecrow out of the game permanently.

Coraline Keeny is the Scarecrow’s half-sister, an innocent young girl who still lives with her parents in Alabama; she enjoys drawing, collecting stuffed animals, finding odds and ends for craft projects, and all the same things any other eleven-year-old girl would.  And her parents would like to keep it that way, so she has never been told about her half-brother and the things he has done…much less the fact that he tried to kill her as a baby.  Once in a while Coraline has asked about her family and wondered about what horrible things they must have done for everyone to be so afraid to mention them, but she’s decided that ignorance is bliss and that studying to become an artist when she grows up is much more important.

Credit goes to @definitelynotclayface for the character of Coraline Crane

People are shocked, shocked that David Tennant is so scary as Zebediah Kilgrave after being so cuddly as the 10th Doctor.


The first time I ever saw Tennant on screen he played a raving loony artist who got all done up in a wedding dress, tried to murder the protagonists with a chain saw, got sawed in half himself and ended up a work of modern art reminiscent of Damian Hirst. 

(God bless you, Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased).

The second time I saw him on screen he played Barty Crouch Junior in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and was basically a psychotic lizard in human form.

He has always been capable of bringing scary and disturbing to the table.