randall glass

that scene in monsters university where randall is wearing glasses at first but mike is like “take those off u look like a dweeb” and randy is like “okay!!!” and when he takes them off he starts squinting is like…..the biggest reveal of the century…..biggest plot twist…..he wasnt born evil he just needs glasses…..


“I can accept that you had - that you had this experience with this man, and that leaving him broke your heart. I can accept it.”

– Frank Randall, 02x01 “Through A Glass, Darkly”


“Well, I knew ye must be thinking of him. Ye could hardly not, under the circumstances. I do not want ye ever to feel as though ye canna talk of him to me. Even though I’m your husband now—that feels verra strange to say—it isna right that ye should forget him, or even try to. If ye loved him, he must ha’ been a good man.”  

      “Yes, he… was.” My voice trembled, and Jamie stroked the backs of my hands with his thumbs.  

      “Then I shall do my best to honor his spirit by serving his wife.” He raised my hands and kissed each one formally.

– Jamie Fraser, “Outlander”

a hell of a lot more

I can accept that you - that you did feel that way. That you had this - this experience with this man, and that leaving him broke your heart.

He was a man - a man who fucked my wife.

– Frank Randall, 02x01 “Through A Glass, Darkly”

Frank’s cool, vulgar, dismissive words show his refusal to understand and empathize with Claire. To give credence to her feelings. To overcome his own overpowering jealousy and crushing helplessness.

He says he can accept her feelings - he does not ask her about the depth and sincerity of her feelings.

What Claire did with Jamie was to have an experience. To fuck. For to recognize their marriage - their love - as more than that, would be to validate it.

Claire withstands 20 years of detachment. 20 years of dismissal. Until she can’t anymore, and can finally claim and validate her feelings for herself, without apologies:

“What Jamie and I had was a hell of a lot more than fucking! He was the love of my life!!”

– Claire Randall Fraser, 02x13 “Dragonfly in Amber”


Which in this instance is definitely the correct advice from Head of News Randall Brown, but strictly in terms of Randall and Bel, you can probably understand why Bel’s reaction is this

when you remember that literally literarily? the very first thing Randall says upon his introduction in 201 – when Bel was coincidentally wearing the exact same outfit minus the jewelry – was to counsel her (by way of a quotation from the Bard) AGAINST taking too much time.

Like make up your mind already, Randall! 

But even more important than that: the hallway scene in 204 is the one time in The Hour where Randall’s glasses are in fact unintentionally being played by Peter’s Real Life glasses.  They had acted before on purpose in Field of Blood, but they are undoubtedly FAR more famous for being seen from the other side in this one particular – and under the circumstances highly relevant – bit of A Portrait of Scotland.

I just can't feel sorry for Frank
  • I know, his life sucks, and we're supposed to think he's a decent guy... but... he's a 20th century man, yet he's so selfish and sexist. Yeah, I know he's doing something few men would do, but I'm not sure he's doing it for Claire's sake. I wish Claire had a mother or a sister to come back to.
  • We can't have children: Must be my wife's fault.
  • My wife disappears: my worst fear is she left me for another man (I mean, she could have been killed, but that's not important).
  • My wife comes back: This is MY chance to get MY wife back, and to take a job that was offered to ME, in another country. Cause she made ME happy in the past, and I hope I can make her happy in the future. (It's not like I have to ask HER what SHE wants to do. I married her like that, anyway)
  • My wife tells me she's pregnant with another man's child: First, I almost hit her, but I stopped, cause hey, I'm a decent guy, and I'm the victim here. Then I say that child is MINE and he/she will never know anything about his real dad.
  • I put conditions to my generous offer: My wife has to forget entirely about this other man she says she love. I control what she can and what she can't do, so I forbid her to search for him, or (OMG) try to come back to him. (I'm doing it for her own sake, you know? it's not like this other man loved her enough to accept and understand her feelings for me, and even tried to send her back to me, if that make HER happy)
  • So, is Frank not as decent as we're supposed to think, or it's just that comparing him to Jamie is unfair?

Randall and Lix have their own very personal very special dynamic, so it is when you see Randall interacting with other people that you can see how he exercises power by not exercising power. 

(Also, orange juice alert.)