randall garner

Spencer Reid: Stay calm, Mr. Garner.

Randall Garner: Ask the question, Sir Percival.

Spencer Reid: I told you, I’m not Percival. My name is Dr. Spencer Reid from the FBI. You were in the hospital with my mother Diana.

Randall Garner: If you want the grail, you must ask the question!

Spencer Reid: She’s not a grail! She’s your daughter, her name’s Rebecca.

Randall Garner: My daughters died in a fire and my son and my wife.

Spencer Reid: Rebecca lived.

Randall Garner: No. Your mother, she explained it all to me.

Spencer Reid: My mother is a paranoid schizophrenic who would forget to eat if she wasn’t properly medicated and supervised. 

Randall Garner: She made me realize none of it was real. I didn’t lose Rebecca. She never existed in the first place.

Spencer Reid: She does exist, Mr. Garner, and we’re here to help her.