randall flynn appreciation week

It’s Randall Flynn Appreciation Week!  To kick things off this week, how about a discussion?  While Randall wasn’t a “beloved” character like some of the others, his actions this past season posed some interesting philosophical questions.  If not for his intervention, would the electricity-sucking nannies have made an effective weapon against terrorism?  Did the pre-blackout loss of his son cause the loss of his sanity or did it merely focus his nefarious tendencies toward a more specific purpose?  What do you think of Randall’s use of the word “patriot?”  Should fans be given more information on Randall’s involvement in the blackout?

Share, discuss, answer, question!  What do you think of Randall Flynn?

If you’re new to the Revolution fandom, welcome!  We’re always eager to see the Revolution community grow so feel free to jump in and share your opinions!  We’re counting down to the Season Two premiere by showing our appreciation of a character in Revolution each week beginning on Wednesday.  Check out the tags #revolution character appreciation week to see past character appreciation weeks and #randall flynn appreciation week to see what fans have to say this week.

Time to pull out those gifs, fanfics, artwork, quotes & videos and don’t forget to tag!