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Bilim ve sanat bir kuşun iki kanadı gibidir. Bu iki kanadı kullanabilen toplumlar uçar ve özgür olurlar. Uçamayanlar ise tavuk olurlar. ‘Tavuk Toplum’, önüne atılan bir avuç yemi gagalarken, arkadan yumurtalarının alındığının farkına bile varmaz.
—  Randal Keynes / Annie’s Box

Benedict plays Joseph Hooker in the history around Charles Darwin and his “The Origin of Species”.

Creation is a British drama about Charles Darwin and was first broadcast in 2009. Partly biographical, partly fictional, it tells Darwin’s relationship with his eldest daughter Annie, as he struggles with the completion of his book “On the Origin of Species”. The screenplay is based on Randal Keynes biography “Annie ‘s Box”.

Benedict Cumberbatch is seen in the role of Joseph Hooker, Darwin’s friend in the scientific community.

Today we’re celebrating #DarwinDay! 

How did Charles Darwin develop his theory of evolution by natural selection? Now you can trace the thought process that gave rise to modern biology through rare documents made accessible online. The Museum’s Darwin Manuscripts Project is in the final phase of digitizing the naturalist’s notes and manuscripts written between 1835 and 1882, a body of work that shows how the theory took shape from Darwin’s voyage on the HMS Beagle to shortly before his death.

In this podcast, Darwin’s great-great grandson Randal Keynes, James Costa, a field biologist and historian of evolution from West Carolina University, and David Kohn, director of the Museum’s Darwin Manuscripts Project,  discuss Darwin’s manuscripts and legacy.

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