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Sure Hun!! sorry this took so long, I had to think for ages 😆


‼️‼️‼️WARNING ‼️‼️‼️‼️NSFW CONTENT AHEAD ‼️‼️‼️‼️

- I just wanna start off by saying how dangerous sex with Danny could be. Like he’d have to be so careful not to hurt you, he’d have to completely wipe every thought from his mind and just go with whatever because concentrating is how he channels his power into his fist, and if there is one time in his life that he does not want to channel all his Chi into his hand, it’s during sex.
- Tbh you’d probably have to teach him everything because of him kinda spending his adolescence and all of his adult life, up until now, in a monastery
- But he’ll quickly get the hang of it
- This kinda goes without saying, but he would be sweet as heck
- I think he’d pay great attention to you and what you like, and he’d try and use that as much as possible
- Sex is like really intimate for him, it’s not a casual thing at all
- That being said, the occasional quickie at the Rand Corporation definitely happens every so often
- I don’t think he has a set, for lack of a better word, situation??? Ya feel?? Like I’d say he’d change from submissive to dominant a lot
- I don’t think he’d be very kinky to be honest, he just doesn’t seem the type to be. He’d maybe have a few things that set him off and other than that he’s chill.
- King of aftercare ™
- He’ll be an absolute sweetheart after, ask if you want to go for a shower with a cheeky grin on his face, you nearly always decline because you just love laying with him afterwards
- Seriously, he will treat you like the Queen you are
- After-sex cuddles are literally the best thing on earth with him
- Likes it when you knot your fingers in his hair
- Maybe secretly likes it when you accidentally mark him with your nails on his shoulder blades because he knows he’s doing something right and he’s already got a fuck-tone of scars
- I’m sorry but
- Roughish sex is usually kinda provoked by something. Like other guys flirting with you. So needless to say you’re gonna be up against the apartment wall before you can blink once the door is shut
- Danny drinks up the feeling of you squirming under his touch. To see you grasping the sheets and quietly moaning his name is what he dreams of. So in order to do that, he simply uses his mouth. (Credit to @raes-utter-nonsense for that one)
- Low-key has a slight thigh-riding kink
- High-key likes it when you take over
- Overall he’d be sweet as hell, would take care of you, and would be vanilla as hell but that’s great cause he’s adorable

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Is atlas shrugged good

I found it to be good.

I can see how it’s not for everyone, though.

If you can’t take something that’s heavily romanticized seriously, if you prefer authors to be really ambiguous instead of coming out and saying exactly what they mean, and if you hate the message and/or the very idea of long philosophical speeches, you probably won’t like it.

On the other hand, I think it’s very well-plotted, suspenseful, and engaging. And the characterization is good, except for the case of John Galt who is kind of a cipher for the “ideal man” with no real personality.

If you don’t like it, or don’t think you will, the Ayn Rand novel for people who don’t like Ayn Rand novels is We the Living.

I HATE seeing comments on pregnancy announcement videos that say “run” to the husband or bf or whoever. It’s so stupid like not everyone is so fucking miserable that they don’t want kids. Esp when it’s a couple who looks super excited and you just have to say some asinine comment that is not funny. Maybe the reason you don’t like your kids is bc they can tell and act on it bc you’re a shitty parent. It takes more than one person to make a baby, and some men act like it’s insulting for their SO to get pregnant like no you probably knew they didn’t take their bc but you thought it could never happen to you. I just ugh. Not in the mood. Rand over.

BuzzFeed: At any point during the casting of Danny Rand, was there a discussion of casting an Asian of half-Asian actor? Especially considering Iron Fist was created in 1974, a time when we didn’t think about cultural appropriation the way we do now?

Jeph Loeb, Head of Marvel TV: To answer that, just really flat out, the way the story is told and when people see the story, the importance of Danny as an outsider is something that is a theme that runs throughout the entire show, so I think once they see it, they’ll understand why the story is told the way it’s told.

Daredevil: Boy who was blinded gains super senses and his hyper awareness becomes his super power.

Jessica Jones: Abuse victim becomes the strongest woman in the city and even builds an immunity to mind control.

Luke Cage: Was wrongly incarcerated and the side effects of illegal experiments turns him into a bullet proof black man protecting Harlem.

Iron Fist: Asian-American torn between escaping stereotypes and feeling estranged from his culture, discovers he’s from a long line of mystical martial arts masters and gains the ability to use his chi to save the world.

Iron Fist: White boy can do Asian thing better than Asians