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I need your help!

Hi everyone! 

So I need money for Uni and for a Cambridge English course+certificate. The exam costs around 200€ and that doesn’t include the course nor the materials and it’s going to be really useful once I get into Uni. The Uni admission exam costs 60€ so yeah I’m in need of some funds

So I’m desperately trying to make a tiny bit of money and I set up a RedBubble shop:


where I’ll sell mostly stickers with lyrics and quotes. All edits made by me.

I used to buy stuff from RB all the time and trust me it’s good stuff. They’re also pretty cheap! Which is good for you and bad for me since I only get 20% of the price shown lol. 

Also, if you buy 4 stickers you get 25% off and if you buy 10 you get 50% off.

I really need money tho so I’m gonna try this way. I might just end up buying my own stickers. 

If you liked some edits I posted on here, be sure to check my shop! I’ll be uploading ALL my edits there. If you want me to make some stuff custom made, just send me a message and I’ll do my best!

Even if you’re not interested, please repost. Help a girl out

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Celebrating #AP30 by looking back to AltPress’ 20th anniversary in 2005… AP204 // Nirvana // Nine Inch Nails // Rancid // AFI // July ‘05

“Pour yourself a cold beverage and gather your older siblings who abandoned music to go work in a skyscraper, because we’ve got testimonials, memories and pictures of RANCID, AFI, NINE INCH NAILS, NIRVANA, SMASHING PUMPKINS, MARILYN MANSON, TAKING BACK SUNDAY and many, many others. Because it doesn’t matter if you’re old school or new school-at least you got educated in the first place.”

Even 20 years ago people were fighting about what being punk means #AP30

AP79 // Rancid // Feb 1995
“In what seems like an eternity since the release of Richard Hell’s Blank Generation, punk rock has finally acquired overground success and Billboard chart placings. But there has always been more than meets the (immediate) ear, and AP gets a take on what being "punk” means mere decades after the fact.“