There's No Water, Let 'Em Drink Sand: Selfish, Rich Californians Refuse To Adapt To Drought

There’s No Water, Let ‘Em Drink Sand: Selfish, Rich Californians Refuse To Adapt To Drought

California has been experiencing a drought for the past 4 years. Water-saving measures have been implemented — Gov. Jerry Brown called for a 25% reduction in water use in April. But, in one area of Southern California, usage went up by 9 percent. Say “Hello” to Rancho Santa Fe and the selfish jerks who live there. Steve Yuhas is a conservative radio host so you know he’s whining about saving…

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Dream home in Rancho Santa Fe, California  | Homeadverts

Enriched with an unparalleled view-oriented homesite that captures gentle ocean breezes, this custom Provencal Farmhouse in Rancho Santa Fe presents a sun-filled single-level floor plan by Island Architects that was awarded the 2003 Lilly Award for its centuries-old authenticity.

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6406 La Espada, Rancho Santa Fe, California  I  Homeadverts

Beautifully reflecting the relaxed and peaceful lifestyle of The Ranch, this casually sophisticated custom estate blends a premium Rancho Santa Fe Covenant location on a private 4-home cul-de-sac, a sprawling main residence and inviting guest house with an ideally sized 2-acre site.

Treasures Aplenty

Rancho Valencia’s new boutique from fashionable duo Deni Jacobs and Irina Rachow is far from tame. A treasure box showcasing items found nowhere else in the world, Sheridan at Rancho Valencia will offer a shopping experience unlike any other.

You just might know boutique maven Irina Rachow from her famed local shops, Fairen Del and The MADISON Suite. Irina has been in retail for over 20 years and has a plethora of experience in women’s and men’s fashion accessories, as well as all things travel. Teamed up with good friend and wife of resort owner Jeff Jacobs, Deni Jacobs, these two ladies make the perfect duo for the job of crafting a brand new shop at The Resort. When asked about Deni, Irina raves, “I couldn’t wish for a better partner. Deni has an incredible flair for design. She’s daring, fun, and has a great eye.”

The latest labor of love in their lives is Sheridan, Rancho Valencia’s new boutique, opening this summer. Catering to locals and travelers alike, the shop will feature a unique selection of apparel and jewelry, designer handbags, accessories, lingerie, swimwear and luggage. It will also be the best spot in The Ranch to source the most fabulous gifts and collectibles. Several apparel and jewelry lines will be carried only at Rancho Valencia, one of which we are particularly excited about: an exclusive jewelry collection from Sophia and Chloe.

The name of the shop holds a very special personal significance to its owners. Derived from Deni and Irina’s names, as well as members of the Jacobs family, Sheridan also means “untamed steadfast treasures,” which serves as a true inspiration for both the design and the distinctive experience that will be offered at the boutique. From the rich, unexpected displays to the over the top gift wrapping that Irina is known for, shopping at Sheridan at Rancho Valencia will be memorable and exciting. And, who could forget the incredible fudge, available on special days for sampling and savoring? It’s just the cherry on top of this charming new shop.

So I was thinking about how I hate my town, and I wish somehow it had worked out that we moved to Rancho Santa Fe down near San Diego. About 6 years ago my family was looking at some houses in this housing development (don’t be fooled, these are like 3 million dollar houses even though they’re tract homes) and I went to the website of the community. I am now extremely disappointed that I didn’t make my parents move us there. It’s so fucking fancy and pretty and nice. Things we don’t have in Porterville. We ended up copying the floor plan of the house and building it here. But the house we copied is on the front page of the site! 


Today’s ride - Beautiful Rancho Santa Fe

In one spot I almost got thrown off the board when the rear wheels unexpectedly slid out sideways. I still haven’t figured out exactly what happened.