rancho de la luna studio

I lived in Paris in ‘97 & ‘98. Made lifelong friends. Had a lovely Muslim gf who would take me to L'institut du monde arabe to drink mint tea.
Now I visit whenever I can. Happened to be there on 9/11. People were so kind to me in the following days when they learned I was American, offering their condolences and prayers and solidarity.
Went there once with my wife before we had kids and returned recently with two kids on the outside of her body and and a third on the inside. (She was pregnant, not smuggling babies).
We just shot an episode of Catastrophe there too, which was a dream.
Those are just thoughts that are coming up right now. I also happen to be a big Eagles of Death Metal and Dave Catching fan. I listen to (one of the many) albums Dave Catching is on most days and much of the desert rock I listen to every day was recorded at his Rancho de la Luna studios in California. What an animal he is. And his whole life is about spreading joy through music. How many times have I seen him live with various bands or danced around at home listening to him shred, holding a kid or two…Wanted to see EODM in London the night before the Paris show but I can’t do anything anymore because I have so many kids.
Back to Paris, I can’t encapsulate the city in a few words; that’s impossible. Like anywhere big and dynamic, it’s bursting at the seams with wonderful people. I know many beautiful, kind, intelligent Parisians. All I can really say is that it’s a good old place that we all love and it’ll be around long after ISIS are a sticky red memory, the cunts.