ranched fox

This was my mom’s coworkers’s Arctic Marble (red fox). She is a sweetie. Arctic Marbles are not arctic foxes, they are a colour mutation of the red fox, that occurs in captivity. 

I actually almost got her. He had to rehome her and asked us to take her and we were going to build an outdoor enclosure for her to accommodate her (and I planned on having her inside when my sister’s indoor dog was put up), but I decided to direct him to a fox group and he found her a home that had foxes to play with and wonderful enclosures. 

The reason I changed my mind was because my sister and inlaw have coonhounds and I just didn’t want to risk them getting her since she had escape tendencies and was friendly to every dog she met, which posed a danger for her safety. But yeah, that’s the story of how I almost got a fox lol. 

Actually planning on getting a fox in the future once my sister’s family moves out and takes all the hounds with them (and this might be a couple years down the road). They have been legalized in my state a while and I’ve interacted with a few pet ranch foxes people in my state own too. Pretty awesome animals but difficult, not at all “like a dog/cat” as trendy DoDo videos claim, and not something to jump into because it’s “cool”. They also have a terrible hormonal phase where they get mean and skittish called the “October Crazies” that you have to deal with during their first autumn and they are quite stinky! Even though ranch foxes are usually considered domestic as a livestock animal, they’re still an exotic animal truly, and still have wild behaviours that can be extremely frustrating to handle. 

Anyways I wanted to share her picture. I miss her adventures but she’s living it up in a nice big place with foxy pals. 

This is a taxidermy of a Radium Fox (not my image), an extinct colour phase of ranch fox (vulpes vulpes). They occurred by random chance mutation on a fur farm that solely raised silver fox. 3 kits of this colour were born in a single litter in the 1930s and the farmer promptly culled them, thinking they had no value. Eventually the colour cropped up in another litter again, which he allowed to mature for showing purposes. Unfortunately, they were disqualified, but they gained interest in short time. 

Foxes of this colour were difficult to breed successfully enough to continue raising. (What exactly was difficult about them specifically I could not find). In the 1940s, they became extinct and replaced with easier to breed mutations like the Sapphire. 


Official sales post!
Most everything pictured can be shipped internationally, buyer pays shipping, prices are in USD. I am open to haggling, so don’t be afraid to ask!
From left to right, top row then bottom row, any questions pm me!

1) Sheep skin mat- Incredibly soft and backed with a thin fabric, I’m thinking thos was originally made for beds $60
2) Golden Island fox tail- this is purely decorative, to be hung up and left alone, I did repairs and put the three pieces back together on a cream ribbon to hang $20
3) 2 mink stole- one head where they connect, beautiful piece that I’m loathe to part with but I know someone will give it more use then me! $40
4) Jumbo silver tails- big and fluffy silver tails! Absolutely massive, $80
5) Raccoon tails- these are all nice and big! 12" and up! Currently not made into keychains $30 (add $5 to keychain)
6) Red Fox tails- pretty red fox tails! Wild red foxes, currently not made into keychains $20 (add $5 to keychain)
7) Dakota Gold Ranch Fox- This cute girl was part of my collection, but sadly I need money, so she’s looking for a new home! She’s so soft and silky! $250
8) Rabbit hide- this brownish rabbit hide has some sheared spots, but it’s size and absolutely incredible softness more then makes up for that! $20
9)Tail cluster- Blue foxes and dyed silvers, as well as a dyed (very delicate) NZ possum tail! Prices range from $5-$70
10)Faces- I have lots of red fox faces, no bottom jaws! $10 coyotes are all gone, but I have raccoons on request
11) Bunny piece- also amazingly soft! And a decent size! $15

Message me with any questions!
I also have a wolf tail, Canada only, $120cad

favorite faceless characters: dirk valentine (sha)

as usual, things did not work out like I planned. just when I get everything fixed just right for you to go looking for the thing I hid for you, I go and get myself arrested. but no matter what you hear, nothing is going to happen to me. I will be fine and we will be together soon, I promise.

PeaceNote Visuals Searching for Volunteer Artists for Second Amber, a Non-Commercial BL Game

Heads up for artists that PeaceNote Visuals is looking for volunteer artists for their upcoming Second Amber, a non-commercial game! The game is a BL romance story described to have “a more simple plot.” The estimated release date for the demo is Winter 2017 while the full game is scheduled to come out sometime during 2018.

Synopsis, via PeaceNote Visuals:

The plot of the story mainly circles the amnesiac country bumpkin, Ether, who was suddenly placed as the owner of his family’s fox ranch, Summer’s Fall, which he rightfully renamed to, The Augmented Jewel. His reason behind the name change, he plans on making the ranch twice, no thrice times bigger and successful than what his parent’s has done, thus the name change. The plot will progress through about two weeks throughout Ether’s new life and have three endings, one of them being the canon route.

To be specific, PeaceNote Visuals is looking for artists who specialize in the following:

  • Character designs and portraits
  • GUI design
  • Backgrounds
  • CGs

How much work needs to be done, via PeaceNote Visuals:

  • There are twelve characters including Cameo, and excluding different outfits for the main character and three main love interests.
  • Thirteen backgrounds are planned for the game.
  • There is no estimate on the amount for CGs, two of the routes are still in progress.
  • GUI will be mostly the same for every project.

If anyone is interested in this project then please contact Sae Choi, the director of PeaceNote Visuals, via:

  • Discord: Sae#7483
    • Note: Make sure to send a message through email or Tumblr private message first before trying to contact via Discord!
  • Email: saechoivn[at]gmail.com (Primary) / acquain[at]gmail.com (Sub)
  • Tumblr: pizzapebble

Shoot Out at the Okra-Corral Burger - with okra
Season 1, Episode 9: Spaghetti Western and Meatballs

September marks my one year anniversary of moving to Georgia, and so I decided to make a real Southern Style burger this week.  A well seasoned all beef patty topped with home grown fried green tomatoes and topped with a homemade dill ranch dressing all on a hot buttered bun. Served with a side of fried okra and even more ranch - because the South loves its ranch dressing.

The burger was phenomenal! One of my best, I’d say. The beef was seasoned with black and white pepper - giving it a bit of a bite. This paired well with the cayenne that was mixed in the tomato’s fry batter.  The ranch cooled down that heat, and finished with the fresh taste of dill. I outdid myself on this one. I could definitely see this burger being served up at a restaurant.

Recipe is below!

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Present day conservatism – be it in the form of Republicans, Libertarians or the Tea Party – operates on three levels: White grievance, fear-mongering, and irrational hatred of “the other”