ranch wear

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Gwen was spotted at her favorite jewelry store in Beverly Hills at the end of August and was seen wearing that sapphire ring shortly thereafter. Maybe she bought it herself, maybe it was from Blake. Idk but I roll my eyes a bit at how the fandom automatically thinks everything she does is for/bc of Blake. Read some comment that she had her nails painted red bc she couldn't be at Blake's Ole Red announcement. Like seriously people? It's a little crazy.

We are talking about the Gwen who goes extra for Blake! 

She has set the standard:

The Gwen in Dec 2015 had a photo of Blake painted on her nail when he was getting an award in Nashville and she was going to NYC.

Who the first Dec they are together shows at a western store.

She is seen wearing a ranch hat, camo and overalls in Dec 2015

This year they all dress in camo at Arrowhead.

She wears a Smithworks Hat the day of Ole Red announcement(first time I have seen her wear one).

King and Zuma Christmas Eve had on Red Plaid Cowboy shirts and boots.

I don’t think it’s crazy at all.