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Either Or (Gender Neutral Little Space Edition)

~Instructions: Bold, list, or tag your choices. Do NOT wait for asks.~
♡ Crayons OR Colored Pencils
♡ Tutus OR Overalls
♡Glitter OR Stickers
♡One Mega Size Stuffie OR A Bunch Of Itty Bitty Stuffies
♡ Mommy OR Daddy
♡ Steven Universe OR MLP FiM
♡ Pastels OR Bright Colors
♡ Rainbow Brite OR Strawberry Shortcake
♡ XMen OR Power Rangers
♡ Pacis OR Sippies
♡ Diapers OR Cool/Cutesy Underwear (Cartoon Characters/Lace & Ribbon/etc.)
♡ Crib OR Princess Bed/Bed With Cool/Cute Shape (HK Headboard/Racecar/etc.)
♡ Play Dough OR Finger Paints
♡ Caregiver Dresses You OR Caregiver Does Your Hair/Makeup
♡ Ice Cream OR Candy
♡ Theme Park OR Zoo
♡ Watching Cartoons OR Reading Picture Books
♡ Nightlight OR Glow In The Dark Ceiling Stickers
♡ Disney Cartoons OR Nickelodeon Cartoons
♡ Disney Movies OR Pixar Movies
♡ Kitties OR Puppies
♡ Pink OR Blue
♡ Caregiver Reading To You OR Caregiver Singing To You
♡ Spankings OR Time Outs
♡ Cookies OR Chips
♡ Being Tucked In OR Being Read A Bedtime Story
♡ Nap Time OR Bed Time
♡ Caregiver Buying You A New Toy OR Caregiver Buying You A New Little Space Outfit
♡ Grilled Cheese OR PB&J
♡ Neverland OR Wonderland
♡ Cuddles With Your Caregiver At Bedtime OR Sitting In Your Caregiver’s Lap While Watching Cartoons
♡ Being Allowed To Stay Up Late For One Night OR Being Allowed To Eat However Much Candy You Want For One Day
♡ Princesses OR Superheroes
♡ Rocking Horse OR Giant Dollhouse
♡ Video Games OR Computer
♡ Crown/Tiara OR Fairy Wings/Superhero Cape
♡ Soda OR Juice
♡ Having To Be A Grown Up All Day And Then Getting To Be Little OR Being Little All Day And Then Having To Be A Grown Up
♡ Cold Days With Playing In The Snow OR Hot Days With Playing In The Pool/Sprinklers
♡ Hamburgers/Veggie Burgers OR Hot Dogs/Veggie Dogs
♡ Dinosaurs OR Fairytales
♡ Bubble Baths OR Caregiver Washing Your Hair For You In The Shower
♡ Calm Activities (Coloring/Cuddling Stuffies/Reading Books/etc.) OR Hyper Activities (Playing Outside/Dancing/Tickle Fights/etc.)
♡ Halloween OR Christmas
♡ Old Cartoons OR New Cartoons
♡ Little Space Music OR Nursery Rhymes
♡ Circus OR Carnival
♡ Movies OR Cartoons
♡ Playing Outside OR Playing Inside
♡ Brat OR Angel
♡ Adorable Character Bandaids (When You Accidentally Hurt Yourself) OR Lollipops (When You Feel Sad)
♡ Having A Stuffie Smell Like Your Caregiver’s Perfume/Cologne OR Having A Stuffie With A Voice Message From Your Caregiver
♡ Little Friends OR Only Mommy/Daddy
♡ Fruits OR Yummy Veggies (Like Celery With Peanut Butter Or Carrots With Ranch)
♡ Chicken Strips/Nuggets OR French Fries
♡ Milkshakes OR Root Beer Floats
♡ Manga OR Comic Books
♡ Play Time (Actual Playing NOT Sexual Stuff) OR Cuddle Time
♡ Hugs OR Forehead Kissies
♡ Playing Dressup OR Playing Games
♡ Baby Talk OR Excited Giggling/Gesturing
♡ Begging OR Pouting
♡ Common Pet Names (Princess/Prince/Babydoll/etc.) OR Unique Pet Names (Dumpling/Sugar Roll/Duckling/etc.)
♡ Baking With Your Caregiver OR Making Crafts With Your Caregiver
♡ Going To The Movie Theater OR Going Shopping