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I know I have some pretty young vet students and pre-vets followers that have never seen a hernia and how to treat it! 

Basically,  a hernia occurs when an internal part of the body pushes through a weakness in the muscle or surrounding tissue wall.

So that huge ball in the kitty’s abdomen have its intestines moving around.

DISCLAIMER: This video contains graphic images.

Guys please please PLEASE watch videos from the channels Hope for Paws and Vet Ranch every few views gives them a penny and every thousand gives them a dollar. While seemingly not a lot, even the smallest amount matters as they are giving neglected animals a second chance at a healthy and happy life. Please please PLEASE watch and donate if you feel like it.


Just wanted to do a quick shoutout for one of my favourite YT channels. The veterinarians at Vet Ranch take in hurt or sick homeless dogs and cats, sometimes directly from shelters where they are scheduled to be euthanized because they are un-adoptable in their current state. They use the money from their youtube channel and donations for operations, meds, treatments, neutering, food and shelter for the animals, and when the dogs are healthy they find them a forever home.

Great to watch if you’re interested in vets, or just want to see hurt, homeless animals getting a second chance and getting healthy and happy!


anonymous asked:

What happened to Kikyo's voice actress, Willow Johnson? I know she doesn't do voice acting anymore, but what is she up to lately?

No clue.

Imma go with … she’s living on a cat ranch just outside of Needles, California.

Lazarus the Ranch Cat

One time a long time ago we had a bonfire at the ranch. My dad had cleared a mountain of brush and piled it up in a huge mass in the pasture. Washington is so wet that you can have such a fire without setting the neighborhood on fire. 

On the ranch, we had several “working” cats. These were feral cats that kept the critters out of the stock feed. There was one black and white cat named Lazarus. He was named that because he seemed determined to use up his nine lives. He was the most curious and fearless cat I have ever seen. In his life, he had fallen down a well, been trampled by a bull and shot with a pellet gun by the obnoxious neighbor kids.

Well, Lazarus was fascinated by the bonfire. He kept getting close to it and we would grab him and move him to safety. He did not get the message. Finally, when nobody was looking he moved right to the edge of the blazing white hot fire. He ignited. He howled in pain and terror and started running like a four-legged meteor. We finally caught him and put him out. His fur was burnt off in great swaths and he was raw and sore but aside from his dignity not seriously injured. My mom doctored him up and in a few weeks, he recovered. The hair which had been burned grew back white for the rest of his life.

Now while he was recovering he was raw all over. Everything was painful to the poor cat. The grass in the fields. The hay where he liked to lay in the sun. You could not pick up him because he was a bundle of sensitive patches.

Some people are like this. They have so many resentments that even the smallest thing will set them off. Their suppressed anger and resentments fester as each time somebody sets them off they get ever more raw and painful. These people are themselves singed cats and only addressing these resentments can give them a measure of peace.

๑ Samsaran ๑


This little monster has become my full-time errand running companion and I couldn’t ask for better company. He’s the greatest.
Even if he does wake me up in the mornings by staring at me so intensely that I can feel the invasion of privacy all the way past my REM sleep and into my soul.


(posting with the tracklist for nina/non-spotify users, assemble on your own)
(content warning for all the things in tom songs)

  1. “Dysentery Gary” (Enema of the State, 1999)
  2. “Untitled” (Dude Ranch, 1997)
  3. “Peggy Sue” (Cheshire Cat, 1995)
  4. “When I Was Young” (Dogs Eating Dogs, 2012)
  5. “Aliens Exist” (Enema of the State, 1999)
  6. “I Feel So” (Box Car Racer, 2002)
  7. “Dancing With Myself” (Loose Change soundtrack, 1999)
  8. “Asthenia” (blink-182, 2003)
  9. “Anthem Part Two” (Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, 2001)
  10. “Dick Lips” (Dude Ranch, 1997)
  11. “Carousel” (Cheshire Cat, 1995)
  12. “First Date” (Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, 2001)
  13. Down” (blink-182, 2003)
  14. “Toast and Bananas” (Cheshire Cat, 1995)
  15. “Wishing Well” (Neighborhoods, 2011)
  16. “Voyeur” (Dude Ranch, 1997)
  17. “Story of a Lonely Guy” (Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, 2001)
  18. “Anthem” (Enema of the State, 1999)
  19. “After Midnight” (Neighborhoods, 2011)
  20. “21 Days” (Buddha, 1994)
  21. “Dumpweed” (Enema of the State, 1999)
  22. “Enthused” (Dude Ranch, 1997)
  23. “Please Take Me Home” (Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, 2001)
  24. “Always” (blink-182, 2003)
  25. “Degenerate” (Dude Ranch, 1997)
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  27. “My Pet Sally” (Buddha, 1994)
  28. “Obvious” (blink-182, 2003)
  29. “Boring” (Dude Ranch, 1997)
  30. “Mutt” (Enema of the State, 1999)
  31. “Give Me One Good Reason” (Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, 2001)
  32. “I’m Lost Without You” (blink-182, 2003)
  33. “Does My Breath Smell?” (Cheshire Cat, 1995)
  34. “Ghost on the Dance Floor” (Neighborhoods, 2011)
  35. “Romeo & Rebecca” (Cheshire Cat, 1995)
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  41. “Ben Wah Balls” (Cheshire Cat, 1995)

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