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I know I have some pretty young vet students and pre-vets followers that have never seen a hernia and how to treat it! 

Basically,  a hernia occurs when an internal part of the body pushes through a weakness in the muscle or surrounding tissue wall.

So that huge ball in the kitty’s abdomen have its intestines moving around.

DISCLAIMER: This video contains graphic images.

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Name: Colleen
Age: 18
Country: USA

Hello! I’m Colleen, I’m from a very small town in the far north of California. I’ve just moved to the city, and I haven’t made many friends here yet. I love getting letters and things in the mail, as well as emails and texts. The format doesn’t matter, I’m more looking to broaden my horizons and meet people internationally.
I’m a part time college student and am currently working as a dog trainer and horse exerciser at a ranch outside the city. I have two horses and a dog of my own that live with my dad in my hometown, and I’ve adopted the two cats that live in the house with me.
I’d like to write to someone who speaks Finnish, or is learning Finnish, as it’s always been an interesting language to me. However, I tend to get discouraged when I have trouble getting words to sound right. You don’t have to speak Finnish though, I’m open to anyone who would want to penpal with me.
Some of my interests include photography, youtubers (mostly gaming, vlogging, art, and planning), horses, aesthetically pleasing interior design, and music. My music taste varies a lot, from happaradio to marianas trench. I’m always open to new music suggestions!
Hope to hear from you soon!

Preferences: Someone open minded, and the closer to my age the better. Anywhere from 16-30 is preferable.

Lafey with blunt bangs or a sharp nose would be so freakin’ weird 

Watching Jackson Galaxy should be mandatory for anyone who wants to own a cat. I’m tired of people trying to argue that neglecting and ignoring cats is OK, and then complaining when their cats ignore them right back. People also need to learn the difference between surviving and thriving, and that arguing “well, my cat lived 20 years” is pointless if you didn’t make all those years the absolute best that they could be for them.