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Thoughts on the HTGAWM finale

…..okay, what the fuck.

• One of the first thing that struck me was when after Connor’ confession to being at the house the night of the fire, Laurel told him he should kill himself. Seriously?? That was so out of character! Laurel is grieving, Laurel is feeling miserable, and I will fight anyone who calls her annoying for dealing with such a horrendous loss, but pushing someone to suicide? Laurel Castillo would NEVER do that. Her mother was mentally ill for crying out loud, she knows what it’s like to struggle with depression and she never would have said those words, so already we’re off to a bad start from the writers. (It was also much more gut-wrenching since we knew from the opening scene Connor was actually suicidal.)

• Talking about Connor. I don’t know what to think. He made us all extremely angry over the past few eps with his attitude towards Wes but we’ve always known that to him, being self-destructive and making people hate him is a coping mechanism. It doesn’t excuse what he said, but it explains it and I still think he’s a redeemable character. Also for what happened when he found Wes, he seemed to have done his best and seeing him come clean about it was very poignant. Falahee’s acting was particularly impressive this episode.

• Oliver’s arc keeps on revolving solely around Connor lmao. I loved their dynamic in seasons 1 and 2, but season 3 was messy and they don’t seem to have fixed their issues. It’s sweet how much they care about each other, I was convinced by Oliver’s worry and I smiled at his proposal but it’s mostly thanks to the actors’ chemistry rather than the writing. Connor and Oliver “love” each other yes, but this finale felt like a cheat-way out of actually digging deep into their relationship troubles.

• I stay not caring about Asher. I’m sorry. I don’t like him. I don’t give a shit about Frank either. I was happy when he said “it should have been me, I know” because YES IT SHOULD HAVE

• Michaeala is such an interesting character. Weirdly enough, the whole struggle about the “i love you” didn’t bother me I didn’t think it took away from the gravity of the ep. I never complain about a look into Mic’s psyche. Although I don’t like her relationship with Asher.

• And now onto the real real issue I have with this episode. How they handled the Wes storyline. Fucking awful. That scene towards the end showing Wes crawling to the door and being caught by his murderer, overlapped with Annalise demonizing him and pinning everything on him? I was bawling my eyes out. How could they do him this dirty. He was good. He was kind. He was a gentle mentally ill black man who worked hard and was about to be a father. He deserved better than this. I had harvested the hope he would be revealed to be alive but. No. He wasn’t. He was murdered and he was slandered through his death, by the same woman who claimed to love him as a son. Another weird writing decision. We know Annalise can be ice cold and goal-oriented but would she really drag Wes through the mud after he died?! Even to protect the others? It ripped my heart out.

• I would like to say though that the reval of who killed Wes, it being a hitman employed by Laurel’s father and/or ADA Danver wasn’t the worst choice the writers could have made. I wouldn’t have accepted him being killed by another Keating5. Wes still deserved better though. Oh and Bonnie calling him a murderer was fucking rich lmao, she’s the only cold-blooded assassin of the group, second worst is Asher who literally ran Sinclair over with his car bc she was.. being mean? Wes only killed Sam because Sam was about to kill Rebecca and everyone still blamed him. I want to scream.

• The whole Charles was Wes’ father not Wallace???? What the hell? How old is this kid? Made no sense! Seemed like a plot twist for the sake of a plot twist.

• The baby plotline? Is Laurel going to keep it? I don’t know. I feel nothing. Except that that baby should have grown up with two parents. Also Laurel seems to be heading towards a dark direction judging by how she seemed ready to just shoot Charles Mahoney in the middle of the street?

• I don’t want to watch season 4 after what they did to Wes. But I want to see Dominic and Mr Castillo and ADA Danver rot in hell. Dilemma.

Tell me your thoughts! If you agree/disagree I would love to talk.

Charlie Chaplin with writers Upton Sinclair & Rob Wagner 1918, background show the trenches set of “Shoulder Arms”. 

The man to his right,  Upton Sinclair (1878-1968), an author and Pulitzer Prize winner but most famous for his 1906 book“The Jungle”.

“The Jungle” exposed the U.S. Meat Packing Industry, shocking in it’s portrayal of the unsanitary conditions and how unsafe it was for public health. This ultimately led to stricter inspections in the form of the “Pure Food and Drug Act” & “Meat Inspection Act”.

Upton Sinclair also ran for Governor of California in 1934. He was influential in Charlie’s early political thinking.

The man to Chaplin’s left  Rob Wagner,  also a big influence on Chaplin.  An author, Rob Wagner among his many talents, published a weekly film magazine “Script” from 1929-1949.

Based on this head canon thing by @amaiiko-chan@crazy-fangirl mentioned wanting an addition to the post, so here.

I wrote this in about 15 minutes, so if it’s crap, that’s why.

“Nico, can I talk to you for a sec?”

Nico’s head turned to look at Percy where he was standing a few feet away. “Sure.” He set his book down and stood up from his picnic table, excusing himself from the Apollo table.

“What is it?” he asked once they were far enough away from the dining pavilion.

“See the thing is,” Percy began, “there’s this new camper, and he’s starting to get on my nerves. He’s been following me around a lot, and as much as I appreciate his thoughts on me, I would like some time alone. Do you think you can annoy him for me?”

“And how would you say I’d annoy him, if I agree?”

“Just act like you did when you first arrived at camp.”

Nico blinked. “Excuse me?”

“Oh yeah, sorry, but you were kinda annoying.” Percy scratched the back of his head, laughing sheepishly.

“Well I mean I did have a crush on you so…”

Percy’s face flushed. “And I’m not your type, I know.” Nico snickered at this line, which Percy graciously ignored.

“So, how about it?”

“I guess I’m up for it. Who’s the little rascal?”

“Please don’t say rascal ever again, and he’s Sinclair Munley. Unfortunate name, apparently his mother was a history professor, but…”

“Percy! Hey!”

The two teens turned to look at a child running across the green in their direction. Percy paled, and Nico took a wild guess. “Is that him?” he asked through written teeth.


“Great. You can go, I’ve got this.”

Percy gave him a look that said thank you, and ran off back towards the pavilion to join the other members of the 7 who were visiting camp.

Sinclair turned to look at him run off with a disappointed look on his face, and then his eyes widened as he focused on Nico.

This was a general problem Nico di Angelo faced: young children. Although this boy looked about 10 years old, he seemed scared of him. Time to fix that.

“Hey! I’m Nico!” he exclaimed with false happiness in his voice. “You must be Sinclair, Percy’s told me about you. He also says sorry, but he had some important business to take care of. You know, prophecy things. I guess you’re stuck with me!”

The kid’s face wore an expression of shock, which then turned into one of mild amusement. “A-alright.”

“Great!” Nico linked his arm into Sinclair’s and started off in the opposite direction of the green, ignoring the snickering coming from the pavilion.

“No need to be scared of me by the way, although if I was your age I would be scared of myself.” He let out a laugh. “How old are you anyway?”

Sinclair held out two hands, and exclaimed, “I’m 9 and three quarters! I’m turning 10 in August!”

“Oh that’s great! I myself am 15, I just turned so a few months ago. So who’s your dad?”

“I don’t actually know yet.”

“Ah that’s alright! You’ll probably find out fairly soon anyways, because of the promise thing Percy made the gods agree to a few summers ago.”

Nico rambled on about random things, noticing the growing discomfort the other boy was showing. He ignored it, pushing on his fake smiles.

“You know, I think I have to go back to the pavilion to meet up with the rest of the Hermes cabin,” Sinclair said, most likely attempting to get Nico to stop talking to him.

“Oh cool, I need to go there too! i’ll just keep talking then! So i was saying…”

Nico continued to the pavilion, still chattering away. Once they arrived, Sinclair ran off, yelling over his shoulder. “N-nice to meet you, but uh, I just remembered I have a thing! Yeah, a thing! Um, bye.”

Nico dropped the act, and returned to his table, sitting down with a sigh. Such fake happiness took a lot of effort on his part, and he was glad the kid got tired so easily. 

Opening his eyes, he noticed the Apollo table and the rest of the Seven staring at him in shock. Will smirked but said nothing, as he had seen Nico when he arrived at camp, being an old timer. Annabeth continued eating her Caesar salad like nothing had happened, and Percy walked over to the table.

The two fist bumped, and Percy sighed in relief. “Thanks man, I owe you a bunch.”

“No problem,” Nico replied. “Glad I could help.”

With that, he turned to his plate and lifted a burger, ignoring the stares of everyone. He smiled to himself, and began eating.

Everyone in the Keating Five is now emotionally messed up.

Asher ran over Sinclair with a car; Connor doesn’t want to kill/hurt anyone anymore or get any blood on his hands, but Annalise was emotionally/mentally torturing him (but to save all of their asses); Michaela seeks stability and comfort in Connor, but now that he’s angry and stuff about what Annalise tried to make him do, she can’t seem to find a steady ground; Laurel is the closest to Wes and realizes the shit he gets into, so that explains why she didn’t want Wes to do anything stupid…

And then there’s Wes…and pretty much everything from Sam’s death to Rebecca’s death to this.