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daisy fresh girl – jeongguk (2)

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part one, part three

word count: 2k
genre: fluff

librarian jungkook x reader

you couldn’t really believe jungkook liked you, so you tried your best to avoid him for a while; but fate didn’t think you’d outpower it.

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N👀DLES TO GO 🏃🏻‍♀️
Am I the only one here who could eat noodles every day? 🍜😐
Me and the homie @bleuseven always chit-chat about lazy vegan girl meals. Here’s one of them. Nothing fancy, but yummy just the same.

And I ran out of GF brown rice noodles from last night’s noodle frenzy so I used GF corn pasta instead.

Lazy Vegan Gal Stir-Fry

Two cups cooked noodles (of choice)

1 cup broccoli, roughly chopped

1 carrot, thinly sliced

1 tbsp. Szechuan sauce

1 tbsp. coconut aminos or soy sauce

1 tsp. sesame seed oil (optional)
Sesame seeds (optional)
Cook noodles or pasta according to package, rinse with cold water and set aside.

While noodles cook, add about ¼ cup water to a pot and add vegetables. Once water begins to boil cover pot with lid and steam veggies until slightly tender, about 3 minutes. Drain any remaining water from veggie pot and toss the cooked veggies with noodles, Szechuan, aminos and sesame oil if using. Top with sesame seeds if you’ve got ‘em.

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How the hell do you have time to draw 3 Amy s a DaY and CoLor I tried but ran out of time (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

i have weird noodle arms who has its own mind.

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The band with a flirty/sexual drunk s/o (bonus points if its a major contrast from how they usually act) (ps lov ur blog ❤️❤️)

(Thank you! You’re so sweet!)

2D: 2D would be highly entertained by your drunken self. You were usually so reserved but when you were drunk you were hilarious and everyone’s best friend. You would walk around the bar and make everybody laugh. 2D loved your drunken persona. Though you tended to get a little handsy and flirty. He would often have to take you home and put you to bed. He wouldn’t have sex with you when you’re drunk because you weren’t in your right state of mind.

Murdoc: Murdoc was completely shocked when he saw you drunk for the first time. Usually you were so cool and calm but when you got a few shots in you, you were on top of the bar dancing and taking your clothes off. As much as Murdoc would love to see a show, he didn’t want everyone else to see what’s his. “Mudzzzzzzyyyyy, don’t ya wanna see what I can do?” You hiccuped and then giggled. “Oh trust me I would love to see what all you can do but right now you need to get some sleep.”

Noodle: Noodle thought it was funny that you were so talkative when you were drunk. Sure you talked before, but when you were drunk there was no stopping you. You would tell stories and more stories and more stories until you ran out of breath. Noodle learned so much about you the first time you got drunk around her. But out of nowhere you would grab Noodle and makeout with her until you needed to catch your breath again. “Let’s get out of here.” You would whisper in her ear. “We can leave but you’re going straight to bed before you leak anymore of your secrets to the world.”

Russel: Russel would be a bit shy around the drunk you. You would dance all over him and pull him in for kisses. He wouldn’t know how to act. You weren’t always so openly sexual. Russel would try to dance with you but would get nervous when you started grinding on him. “Babe, not at the bar. It’s a public place.” But you would just giggle and pull Russel closer to you. “Come on, baby. Don’t you like watching me dance?”

Just Hurry Up And Feed Me

Chariox~One shot

A/N  6k one shot full of Croix being a useless gay and gay shenanigans. For those who read sick of losing soulmates, I’m back from my writing hitaus- the exams are fully done. I’ll update sick of losing soulmates next week, probably. 

ALSO dedicated to @akilice for being an awesome friend and as a small present for getting through exam season, love ya Aki ^_^ <3

Summary: In her tired hungry state Croix forgets that she left a small request on her order and it bites her back in the butt when the pretty delivery girl delivers it. (Modern Au! Pizza delivery girl!Chariot)

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• Final Fantasy XV in Real Life : Pizza Edition! 💪🏼

When you ran out of Cup Noodles but you’re too tired to find a new recipe!!! 😂

#FFXV #Brotherhood #Gladio #DLC #Gladiolus #Regalia #Gas #StandByMe #Advenure #FinalFantasy #RealLife #Video #FinalFantasyXV #fomento #Brothers #BestNight #Fun #Life #friends #Hellfire #King #Shield #Photo #Best #Cosplayer #SquareEnix #Preview #PhotoOfTheDay #Pizza (presso Bologna, Italy)

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Concept: You are a sound tech for a venue at a Gorillaz show.

The opening bands finished playing and the crowd is restless, they start chanting for Gorillaz to come out. The crew goes out to clean up after the last band and you start checking the mics. There are some technical difficulties and some lameasses in the front-right start yelling obscenities towards you, urging you to hurry it up. You flip them the finger and continue your job. As the crowd becomes more restless, you decide to start some chants. “Check check, If you love pizza shout yeeaahhh!”


The mic is still being  pretty wacky and you start cracking jokes while the drums and bass are being tested. Thankfully, you didn’t also have to work with the guitar like you usually do because you’ve been informed that Noodle likes doing that herself. After you ran out of jokes to keep the crowd occupied while the other sound tech fiddles with the mic’s volume and overall quality, you go back to the standard mic checking routine when someone from the crowd yells “Sing something!”

“Oh, haha shitwellummmm… any requests?” you ask, surprised.

You hear a number of random Gorillaz songs and a few from other artists. You decide on Broken and suddenly feel self conscious when you realize how large the crowd is but you start singing. You hear your voice getting louder and lower due to the sound guy fiddling with the levels, but you continue and you finally get a thumbs up, you give one back as you reach the end of the chorus. The mic is finally ready.

The crowd suddenly goes wild and when you look behind you, on the right side of the stage you see a green man and someone with black eyes and blue hair leaning against the wall watching you with grins on their faces, you recognize them as Murdoc and 2D who gives you a nod of encouragement. Behind them approaches Noodle and the drummer, Russel. As the crew finishes up testing the equipment (it seems like one of the amps needed to be replaced as well so your job was not the only one that awkwardly took a lot of time…) you decide to finish the song and the crowd cheers for you. The lameasses that were harassing you earlier were smiling and clapping as well.

The amp is still being worked on, but you take a bow and make your way backstage since you are no longer needed… this is when you are ambushed… You are now surrounded by the Gorillaz.

Russel slaps you on the back, Noodle jumps up and down, Murdoc simply looks you up and down chuckling and his tongue drops out of his mouth (he is obviously up to no good…), and 2D looks genuinely surprised and he just won’t stop talking…“Tha- wus amazin’! We never had a fun soun’ check like that before-”

You’re pretty shy so all you really do is blush, giggle, thank, and say the occasional “aw, stop.” after about 2 minutes of this, Murdoc grabs 2D by the shirt and pushes him out of his way and says: “How’d ya like to come work with us, love? We’ll pay well enough, just do that most ‘o the time and ya got the job! Whadaya say eh? Come work for the best band in the world! Be a part of the Gorillaz!”

You’re shocked, and it shows.

“C’mon love, don’ look like that, ya have a talent with people, we’d like ya to warm up the crowd for us full time. Whadayeh say?”

You manage to stutter out a “Yes.” 

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the band with an s/o who hates mothers day and always avoids the topic of their mom but then their mom comes around and is a complete ASSHOLE to s/o and gives them a panic attack? (U don't have to do this lmao I'm just Angery™ today)

(I’m sorry you’re angry, I hope this helps some!)

2D: 2D would hate to see that you have such a bad relationship with your mother but when she treats you poorly and sends you into a panic attack. He’s kicking her out of the house. “DON’ EVEA COME TA DIS HOUSE AGAIN!” He’d screamed as he slams the door in her face. 2D would hold you and whisper calming things in your ear until you stop panicking. “I’m sorry she trea’s ya like dat. You deserve so much mor’.”

Murdoc: Murdoc would be ready to fight your mom, but he didn’t think violence is what you needed right down. So he grabs your mom and throws her outside in the dirt. “BE GONE BITCH!” Murdoc screams as he locks the door. He would then scoop you up and set you on his lap. “It’s okay, love. You’re safe now.” He rubs your head and hugs you tightly. After you’ve calmed down, he kisses you and asks if you want to go get some ice cream. “Hell yes!” You giggle and wiped your face off. Murdoc holds your hand and kisses it, “Let’s head out then!”

Noodle: Noodle would be furious. She’d clench her fists so she doesn’t do something she’d regret. “How dare you?! This is your fucking child for God’s sake! This is how you treat them?! You piece of shit! Get the hell out of this house before I rip your eye balls from your skull!” Noodle screamed at your mother. She just snored and lit a cigarette. Noodle stomped up to her and punched her straight in the mouth. The cigarette fell to the floor and your mom held you mouth. “You bitch! You knocked out my tooth!” Your mom squealed. “GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE BEFORE I PUNCH THEM ALL OUT!” Noodle growled in your mom’s face. She looked terrified and ran out as quickly as she could. You were so amazed by Noodle you had gotten yourself out of your panic attack. “Wow, you didn’t have to do that…” You whispered. Noodle hugged you and said, “No one will ever treat you that way when I’m around.”

Russel: Russel would not tolerate your mistreatment. He would immediately throw your mom out onto the street. “AND STAY OUT YOU HEARTLESS BITCH!” He yelled after her. Russel would sit next to you and pull you into his arms. “Shhh, she’s gone now. Russ is here for you.” He rocked you back and forth until you started to breathe normally again. “I’ll never let her come near you again, that’s a promise. And I don’t break promises.”

Charoix fic~ teaser snippet

(I’m making a fluffy/humorous charoix fic- here is the beginning)

Croix wants to scream. In fact she will scream as her surprised face contorts to a fierce expression of anger. A furious yell echoes across her walls as she slams her cupboard shut, the thunderous sound silences her scream. All that’s left is the heavy huffing and puffing of invisible smoke flaring from her nostrils and the ugly snarl across her tired face. This was never meant to happen. She prepared months in advance to make sure this event wouldn’t happen in her entire life. Yet somehow the laws of Murphy struck her again and left her in this dangerous situation.

She ran out of Ramen noodle cups.

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So I saw this prompt on tumblr “uh oh we ran out of chips and instant noodle time for an emergency trip to the grocery store at 1AM IN THE MORNING. and only one of us gets to sit in the shopping cart ” and idk I think that would make for a pretty great OT7 story, if you feel like writing it c:

“Hyung!” Bam Bam cried out as he ran to the living room from the kitchen. Yoogyeom and Youngjae followed behind with worried looks on their faces.

Jinyoung and Jaebum looked up from the couch and stood up, seeing that something is definitely wrong. “What happened?” Jaebum asked, concerned.

“Bam Bam, I swear,” Jinyoung sighed, “if you ruined another one of my ramen pots–”

“It’s not that, hyung!” Youngjae added. “This is a serious situation!”

“I’d say it’s life or death!” Yoogyeom nodded.

The hyungs looked at each other confused. Mark and Jackson came out of their room after hearing all the commotion. “What’s going on?” Jackson yelled as he hugged the pillow in his arms tighter.

“Yeah, it sounds urgent,” Mark commented.

“It is!” Bam Bam exclaimed. He dropped to his knees on the floor. All the hyungs were very worried this time. They all sat near Bam Bam and Youngjae rubbed his Thai friend’s back in a comforting manner. “We,” he sniffled, “we ran out of ramen.”

Mark, Jackson, and Jaebum gasped in horror as Jinyoung glared at him. “That’s it?” Jinyoung asked with a raised brow.

“Not only that!” Yoogyeom cried out as he held Bam Bam’s hand for support. “We also ran out of chips!”

“Oh my gosh,” Jackson gasped as he covered his mouth.

“This is a serious problem,” Mark muttered as he nodded his head.

“Don’t worry, Bam Bam,” Jaebum said tilting Bam Bam’s sad face upward. Leader smiled as he helped everyone up. “We’ll just go out to get more food!”

“What!” Jinyoung shouted as everyone else cheered. “Yah, hyung! It’s almost one o’clock in the morning!”

“Even better!” Jaebum exclaimed as he grabbed his hoodie on the couch and quickly put it on. “We won’t have to worry about the crowded supermarket!”

Looking at it, everyone rushed to their rooms to get ready. Jinyoung stood in the living room, still unable to comprehend that everyone was freaking out over their low snack supply and that they were going to the grocery store at this ungodly hour.

Needless to say, he couldn’t pass up a time to spend with the members. Plus, he needed to buy a few items as well for their meals this week. “Damn it,” Jinyoung muttered under his breathe. He gave in and walked to the foyer to grab his jacket and put on his shoes as he waited for the other members to get ready.

“Hey! Hey! Hey!” Jinyoung yelled as Bam Bam and Jackson ran as soon as the seven of them entered the super market. Jackson dragged the protesting Mark along with them. Jinyoung waves them off as he looked at his phone for the grocery list. “Well, I need to get ingredients for meals this week,” he said as he looked up at Jaebum. “Are you going to get the snacks for the others?”

Jaebum nodded as Youngjae and Yoogyeom nodded enthusiastically. “We’ll meet you at the register?” he asked as Jinyoung nodded. Just then, the foreign line entered the scene, rushing down with Jackson in the cart and Bam Bam and Mark pushing him. “Hey!” Jaebum yelled.

Exactly a foot away from Jinyoung, the members pushing came to a halt. Jackson almost crashed into Jinyoung and let out a high-pitched scream.

“What are you guys doing?” Jinyoung asked as he covered his face with his hand.

“Yeah!” Yoogyeom added. “Why is Jackson in the cart?” he said as he approached the shopping cart. “I want a turn next!”

“Um, no!” Bam Bam scoffed. “I found it with them, and I called next turn already!”

“No fair!” Yoogyeom pouted. “I wasn’t there when you called it!”

“That’s right” Youngjae added as he entered the argument. “Plus, I think the main vocals should be the one to ride now.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter,” Jackson laughed, “because I’m in it now!!” As soon as Jackson said that,  Mark, Bam Bam, Youngjae, and Yoogyeom all looked at each other and proceeded to carrying Jackson out of the cart. “Hey!”

“Alright!” Bam Bam grinned as he tried to hop into the cart.

“Not so fast!” Mark said as he pulled Bam Bam by his collar. “I’m the eldest! I should go next!”

The maknae line continued to argue with Mark as Jackson tried to get up from the floor. Jinyoung was already down an aisle looking for kimchi while Jaebum just looked at the scene in front of him. With a sigh, and a head full of steam, Jaebum stepped in.

“Alright!” Jaebum screamed as he separated the four arguing. “Knock it off!” It was silent as each member paused. “Stop acting childish!” he began. “It’s just a cart.” Coughing, the members moved aside as Jaebum grabbed the cart. However, he had a smirk on his face. Without anyone arguing, Jaebum hopped into the cart. “As leader, I think I deserve to ride next.”

Mark looked at the maknae line as they all nodded. Youngjae went on the right side of the cart as Yoogyeom went on the left side and Bam Bam stood in front. The maknaes grabbe donto the cart, placed their feet at the bottom of the cart, and gave Mark a nod. Mark grabbed the handles of the cart and ran it down the nearest aisle, making all of them scream.


Finally back to reality, Jackson stood up with his head in a daze. “What happened?” he asked. Realizing he couldn’t see any of the members, he roamed down and looked through each aisle.

Luckily, he found Jinyoung in the pasta section. He raced down with open arms and gave Jinyoung a huge hug, nearly knocking the food in Jinyoung’s basket. Jinyoung looked over and smiled when he saw his Hong Kong friend. “Glad to see you’re up,” he laughed.

“What happened?” Jackson asked. “Where are the others?”

“Beats me,” Jinyoung replied as he continued to scan through the shelves looking for the pasta he needed.

“Well, all I remember is that the maknaes and Mark grabbed me and tossed me out of the shopping cart.”

Just then, the PA system came on. “We have a cleanup at Aisle 5C. I repeat, a cleanup at Aisle 5C near the bakery.”

Jackson and Jinyoung looked up at the aisle to see they were in 5A, which was only two away from 5C. Jinyoung sighed as he put the pasta in his hands in the basket that was dangling from his arm. “I think I know where they are…” he sighed as he walked out of the aisle and motioned Jackson to follow him.

“So let me get this straight,” Jinyoung glared at the members. “You went through every aisle, but you didn’t get the ramen and chips that you wanted in the first place.” Bam Bam looked up at the others and shook his head.

“Unbelieveable!” Jaebum added.

Jinyoung raised an eyebrow at Jaebum. “Yah!” he yelled. “You’re no better! You were the one who rode the cart in the first place!”

“Well,” Youngjae coughed, “at least we helped clean up the mess.” The other members nodded and smiled nervously. They all looked at Jinyoung who still had that disappointed look on his face.

“Alright,” Mark sighed. “Look, Jackson, Bam Bam, and I will get the chips and Jaebum, Yoogyeom, and Youngjae can get the ramen while you continue to get your ingredients. Okay?” Every thought that was a good idea. Even Jinyoung nodded at how simple and efficient that plan sounded. The members soon split up to their designated duties.


“Wavy chips?” Mark asked as he grabbed the bag. “Oh,” he said as he spotted another bag of chips beside it. “Or original ones?”

“Oh my gosh,” Jackson whined as he leaned his head against the shelf. “Just pick one already!” Just then, Bam Bam came back to the members with their favourite cheese curl snack and popcorn. “See?” Jackson said pointing to Bam Bam as their Thai friend placed the bags into their basket. “Bam Bam’s got it. He’s got his life in order. MAKE A DECISION, MARK!”


“Hyung,” Youngjae asked as his eyes browsed the ramen on the shelves. “What kind can we get?”

Jaebum and Yoogyeom scanned the aisle with Youngjae. “This is tough,” Yoogyeom sighed as he held their basket.

“Well, we could just do this,” Jaebum said as he took the basket from Yoogyeom. He put his arm on the shelf and slid it across, dumping each ramen pouch into the basket. Youngjae and Yoogyeom stared at their hyung in amazement.

Jaebum gave the full basket back to Yoogyeom as the three of them looked at the empty shelf. “That was genius!” Youngjae cheered as the three of them high-fived.

“I leave you guys for five minutes,” Jinyoung sighed as he saw one basket full of assorted ramen and another full of bags of popcorn and cheese curls. “I thought you guys wanted chips…”

“We did,” Bam Bam replied. “But this guy,” he said as he pointed to Mark, “couldn’t make a decision, so we just decided not to buy chips.”

“Well,” Jinyoung continued, “Jaebum, do you have the company card?”

Jaebum snapped his fingers as he reached into his back pocket to grab his wallet. He took it out and opened it, taking out the company credit card with it. Everyone, including Jinyoung, cheered, knowing that they didn’t have to pay for all their food. 

As the poor cashier who witnessed everything that happened tonight scanned all of their bags and packets, Jaebum passed him the credit card as the members grabbed the plastic bags they were put into. With a satisfied look, all the members smiled at each other as they walked out of the grocery store together.

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Okay here we go. The "uh oh we ran out of chips and instant noodle time for an emergency trip to the grocery store at 1AM IN THE MORNING. and only one of us gets to sit in the shopping cart ” AU por favor :)

Night Life

a/n: thanks to somethingmorecreative1 for beta’ing like a champ! you’re the best!

“Oh shit, no way.”

Annabeth turns from her spot on the couch, where she’s been lazily flipping through channels for the last two hours instead of sleeping like a normal person at one o’clock in the morning. “What?” She asks her roommate, who’s got her nose in the cabinets of their small kitchenette, carelessly tossing bags of raisins and coffee filters over her shoulder.

“There’s no way we’re out of chips. No.”

“Piper,” Annabeth sighs, dropping the remote on the cushion beside her and giving her full attention this time. “You finished off the Doritos for lunch.”

The girl blinks, dropping her arms to her sides and facing Annabeth. “Dude, you’re right. I totally did.”

“I know.”

Piper frowns, disappointed, then moves to scrounge the cabinets again. “Okay, but what about the Ramen? When did I mysteriously put that away?”

Holding back a smile, Annabeth adjusts the hem of her tank top as she stands from her seat. “You polished that off last week when we ran out of sandwich bread.”

“Well, poop,” Piper mutters dejectedly, slumping against their laminate countertops. Annabeth smiles and floats around the island barrier between them, laying her head against the Cherokee’s shoulder. “Past Piper always screws Future Piper over.”

With a small coo, Annabeth places a peck on her best friend’s cheek. “Are you really that surprised?”

Piper only mumbles under her breath in response. Charmed, Annabeth laughs softly and tugs her forward. “We could go to Wal-Mart. Twenty-four hours. I’ll even let you pick the dip this time.”

Feigning shock, Piper stumbles. “The dip? Are you sure you’re ready to give up that kind of control?”

A look as dry as Piper’s hair during the winter months crosses Annabeth’s face and she pulls her keys from the hook by the door, grumbling, “Shut up and get in the car.”

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My mom said, “babe please don’t do this. I love you. Please don’t do this.” So I worryingly ran out to the kitchen and saw she was trying to push noodles in a small pan and they wouldn’t fit. My mom just called noodles “babe”

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Can u write a oneshot w/ SHINee making a 1am grocery store trip (from that AUs post you reblogged) ?

“uh oh we ran out of chips and instant noodle time for an emergency trip to the grocery store at 1AM IN THE MORNING. and only one of us gets to sit in the shopping cart ”

This is for ot5, sorry about the delay ^^ There are allusions to minkey and jongtae

Sorry if this is really disconnected ;; I’ve been writing it over multiple days..

Jinki drove up to the front of the tiny 24 hr grocery store, dropping off the other members, “Go in, I’ll park the car.”

They didn’t need telling twice and the four other boys scrambled out of the cramped car, running towards the entrance.

Minho grabbed a cart and Taemin shoved Jonghyun out of the way while he tried to jump into it. “What the hell Taemin! I wanna ride the cart!”

Taemin pouted, “But I’m the youngest!”.

“So? I’m the smallest!” Jonghyun beamed, for once his height could be used as an advantage.

Minho put his hand at the bridge of his nose, “Come on, it’s already late, and we just need a few things.” He groaned, “Just do rock paper scissors or something.”

“Rock paper scissors shoot!” Taemin yelled, throwing scissors in Jonghyun’s direction.

Jonghyun looked down to see they had tied, “Well what now?”

“Go until someone wins, or you have to share,” Key suggested, looking at his phone as he scrolled through instagram filters, finding one that made his contacts look just right.

Taemin jumped into the cart, leaving Jonghyun to find a way to maneuver himself on top of him. By the time everyone was settled, Jinki joined them.

“Weren’t we getting ramen?” He asked, rubbing his eyes from the bright light in the building.

“Sorry hyung, those two were fighting over the cart.” Minho said as he tried to push the overfilled cart out of the staging area. His face contorted as he pushed with all his strength, not exactly getting anywhere. “Okay,” he panted after realising they had only made it to the vegetables, “one of you has to get out, this is impossible.”

Jonghyun tried to get out, but couldn’t get anywhere on his own. Minho went to help him, but the cart started to move easily. Minho turned around to see Jinki pushing the cart with ease. Jonghyun plopped back down, winding the boy below him, and happily wiggled as Jinki pushed them along.

Minho looked at the leader in shock, “How the hell Jinki?”

Jinki shrugged, “It’s easy really.” and he continued to walk, bringing the cart around to the “instant noodle” aisle.

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