ran into them

my two cents on the highlight reel:

i think jimin hurt hobi’s girl, then hobi ran to take her to the hospital in the rain and after washing the blood jimin felt guilty so he ran after them but felt like he wouldn’t be wanted or welcomed so he turns back. at the hospital, hobi and kook will reunite and kook will mention how he called yoongi after meeting a girl at his hospital that played guitar and gave him his number. yoongi is mad at his girl for giving him the number but eventually he’ll meet at the hospital too, a third reunion.

“I’m sorry…”

The medic muttered to herself, not even able to get to the brothel yet, she sat on a rock as she looked to the trees, reflecting on her own actions, her thumb traced the stitches that laid beneath the cloth that hid it away, the normal lit blue eyes softly faltered as she looked down and sighed, sadness is what she felt, regret.

“I should be stronger… I want to protect those around me.. But I can barely even protect myself.”

Tearing up she raised her hands and ran them through her curls as she softly weeped, the realization on how she should be was smacking her in the face, she should have been able to hold the shield of light to protect, she should have been able to even attack, but alas she had been able to do nothing, instead she nearly allowed herself and her friend almost get killed, even if he was there to guard and guide her, the medic failed in protecting anything, her actions of hesitation were her undoing and she sat there paying the price now.

“If something were to happen to the madam.. I..”

Lowering her hands to cover her face she hunched over and rested her forearms onto her legs as she cried, she felt helpless and hopeless all at the same time, the normally peppiness had flew the coop with her distress currently, even with nana her pigmy owl trying to cheer her up she didn’t even look to her, she felt like shit, and things needed to change some how.

“I can’t go to the shadow magic.. I..”

She slowly raised her body from the slouch as she wiped the tears and looked away from the owl, she could barely even face the friend she cared for right now, but she would need to pick herself up and fast as the sun was setting, she was weak after a not so good sleep and day, her mind was now really in a fog.

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jacob came to pick me up from the airport yesterday and i wasn’t expecting it i was so surprised!!!!! i ran straight to them it was straight out of a romance movie i swear i didn’t see anything but them i didn’t cry but i came close

and then we came home and they had roses for me?????? i’m so lucky and so happy and so so sos soosososos in love

now they’re at work and i’m bored as shit and i miss them again


voltron characters + chess pieces



animals are not allowed at the blackwatch quarters but yet mccree and genji are


a short guide to Justin Oluransi

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The webcomic Check, Please! and all its art was created by Ngozi Ukazu.

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Hey just curious but who in Stardew are you gonna romance with farmer Amelie?? She's super cute and I kinda love her

…and she’s walked home the same route very day since!


tag meme: name ten favorite characters from ten different fandoms.