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In Dreams (The Raven Cycle amv)

Since The Raven King comes out today, I wanted to post something special before I dive into the end. I’ve been wasting away months of my life drawing all the scenes for this video, and now it’s finally done. I hope you enjoy it!

If you believe in prayer...

This is my ex-wife, Teresa Calton of Wichita. Although our marriage did not work out, we have remained friends through the years.

This past Sunday, Teresa experienced severe chest pains and was admitted to Wesley Hostial in Wichita. The doctors did tests on her, and Tuesday she underwent quadruple bypass heart surgery. The operation went well with no issues or emergency situations. The doctors are monitoring her as she recuperates in the ICU for the next day or two, but everything has gone well.

Any prayers, thoughts, and positive energies you would offer up would be very much appreciated at this time.

I do not know if Teresa ran or cycled or anything like that, but she was a member of ahealth club in town and attended a weekly class. She was a bit older than I am, but I would say that over the years she did a better job of keeping herself fit than I did.

I think this underscores the importance of making heathy living a lifestyle. The way I have lived for the past three and a half years is a good thing, but I have to admit it would have been better if I’d not let myself get so damn out of shape in the years before that.I may serve as an example that you can turn your life around even at a late date - I started this journey just after my 58th birthday - but the truth remains that it’s wiser to get off that couch NOW and not wait until you get a very harsh wake-up call indeed.

the raven crew + voice headcanons

shit alright i ran out of room three times in the reply/ask box, but trc voice headcanons because buesargent commanded it:

Gansey sounds official, and knows what he want. He talks with his whole chest and anyone could feel the reverberations through the floor. He has two tones: “zero chill” and “mom voice”. Zero chill is used for official business and aka his normal tone. Mom voice is used mostly towards Ronan. He usually says “Ronan, you can’t just write dick jokes in latin to welcome every new latin teacher, that’s absurd”.  (When he gets into a Glendower discussion, he starts to lose composure and talks really fast).

Adam is more quiet-spoken; like he’ll get hurt if he says anything at all, but he’s certain of what he’s saying. He speaks sort of slowly to concentrate on covering his accent. But when he gets talking, his voice is sweet and honey-covered. (Ronan tried to get Adam to talk since the day he met because he secretly fell in love with his voice first).

Ronan’s speech is just snark. That’s all. His voice is really gravely and cut short. He mainly speaks quietly, but only to make comments and profane quiet enough for adam to hear, but not gansey (let’s face it, ronan hates Gansey’s mom voice). Outside of the classroom, he practically growls his answers. Before his father was killed, he spoke like the world fascinated him and wonder filled his voice. Now it’s just hallow. The only trace of this is when he talks to Matthew, who deserves the wonderment. (When Ronan just wakes up, his sleepy voice is from God himself according to Adam and Noah has it on video somewhere).

Blue sounds defiant. Just defiant, like every statement she says is in contradiction to the big man in power. Her accent is strong, but not as nearly as strong as Adam’s and goes forgotten. (When she quotes her mom/aunts/300 fox way ladies, she uses the Madame Zeroni accent to capture the psychic aesthetic)

Noah is… difficult and harder to explain. He talks really fast and like a child, you know, how a young kid talks like you just blew his mind and he looks at you with wide-eyes. Before blue was around, his voice was quiet and soothing but always behind; like there was a lag between his mouth moving and actually hearing, almost as if he’s farther away than he actually was (hm, interesting…). When his body was removed from the ley line, his voice was harder to hear. Like he was talking on a radio that was barely tuned. It was distant and barely understandable through bursts of static and fade-ins. When he touches blue/his battery, his voice is clear and loud. His words never flow through the air, but are in everyone’s ears like a headphone turned up too loud. (When he was alive, he really wanted to be a radio host and play nothing but punk rock at 4am).

The amateur geneticist who surprised science (long read)
Kim Goodsell has two rare diseases. Doctors blamed coincidence, but was it? She taught herself genetics to find out, and discovered something remarkable
By Ed Yong

Kim Goodsell was running along a mountain trail when her left ankle began turning inward, unbidden. A few weeks later she started having trouble lifting her feet properly near the end of her runs, and her toes would scuff the ground. Her back started to ache, and then her joints too.

This was in 2002, and Kim, then 44 years old, was already an accomplished endurance athlete. She cycled, ran, climbed and skied through the Rockies for hours every day, and was a veteran of Ironman triathlons. She’d always been the strong one in her family. When she was four, she would let her teenage uncles stand on her stomach as a party trick. In high school, she was an accomplished gymnast and an ardent cyclist. By college, she was running the equivalent of a half marathon on most days. It wasn’t that she was much of a competitor, exactly – passing someone in a race felt more deflating than energising. Mostly Kim just wanted to be moving.

So when her limbs started glitching, she did what high-level athletes do, what she had always done: she pushed through. But in the summer of 2010, years of gradually worsening symptoms gave way to weeks of spectacular collapse. Kim was about to head to Lake Superior with her husband. They planned to camp, kayak, and disappear from the world for as long as they could catch enough fish to eat. But in the days before their scheduled departure, she could not grip a pen or a fork, much less a paddle. Instead of a lakeside tent, she found herself at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

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Why WLS?

Hey - this is not rude at all. I totally get the question :) 

I think getting WLS is a very personal decision. It is literally life changing and should not be gone into lightly. It has taken me over 5 years to make this decision. 

During that time, I have lost over 100 lbs 3 or 4 times. I did it mostly through what would be considered healthy ways that include a healthy diet and lots of exercise. I worked with trainers, nutritionists and other skilled professionals. 

I tried Nutrisystem,Weight Watchers and scores of pills and potions. I was more active than most and ran hundreds and cycled thousands of miles. (I also tried tons of other things - all documented here on my blog.) In summary - I did everything I could to commit to losing weight. 

All of that work and effort got me as low as 350 lbs. While that is 175 off my highest weight and I was proud of that effort I always found that there was a point of diminishing returns. 

To keep myself at 350 lbs, I needed to exercise 1-2 hours a day. I needed to maintain a significant caloric deficiency and any little slip in either resulted in immediate weight gains. 

So, about a year ago I decided to give it one more try - to do my very best and see if I could do it on my own. I found this time was harder than ever. It took more effort to lose the same weight. 

I am not sure about the science behind it, but I can tell you that as I have aged, my metabolism has dropped and my ability to exercise, at this weight - has diminished. I now am tired most day by 4:00 pm. My mental will is strong - but my body just can’t take it. 

The reality is - obesity is killing me. It is slow, painful and inevitable. If turning this around was as easy as having the will to do it - I would be there already. I want to live to see my girls grow up and to do that,  I need help. I need a durable solution.

Some see WLS as an easy solution, Hopefully my journey so far and in the future shows it is far from easy. I will continue to work my diet and exercise as hard as anyone. 

Some see it as “cheating.” The only thing I am cheating is death. 

So while WLS is drastic and I DO NOT recommend it for most. It is right for many of us that have struggled for years and done everything we can and are committed to using it as a tool to save our own lives. 

Thanks for the honest question :)