ran ashore

Summer Nights (Grease AU)

Summary: Dean and the reader meet during summer vacation and fall in love, only to have to separate at the end. They’re both surprised when they end up at the same school after the reader moves. (Basically Grease but in modern times). 

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 2,219

Warnings: None.

A/N: So, I initially wanted to do a oneshot based on only Summer Nights but to hell with that, I’ll just write an AU Series lol. Tell me what you think, please!

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HMS Campbeltown, thoroughly buggered against the Louis Joubert drydock at Saint-Nazaire; the only German-held drydock on the Atlantic coast large enough to service a battleship.

At 01:34 on 28 March 1942 HMS Campbeltown (bought from the US Navy disposal list at the cost of a few British islands) smashed into the drydock at Saint-Nazaire. Her Commandos and crew, launching their own little invasion of occupied Europe two years before everyone else, ran ashore under a hail of fire and set about demolishing the dock machinery. Of 611 men 169 were killed (64 commandos and 105 sailors), 222 were evacuated by small craft and 215 were captured. Five men somehow managed to evade capture and travel overland through France down into Spain and on to Gibraltar, a British territory.

For the Germans it was an interesting morning, they set about searching the ship, standing on it, marching their latest prisoners around it, etc. For those captured it was a nervous morning, Campbeltown had a bow packed with explosives. One hour and a half later than expected, at noon, Campbeltown bid farewell to this world, taking much of the drydock as well as 250 German soldiers and French civilians with her. The dock remained unusable until 1947 and the German battleship Tirpitz never ventured from its Norwegian fjord.


Notes: Request from anon.  Sabo has someone he needs to thank.  Spoilers for Dressrosa mentioned in passing.

Sabo wasn’t a particular fan of travelling the New World alone.  Adventure was one thing, yes, but it was far better when there were many people there to share the experiences with him.  It enriched the journey, made it worth living.

But he, and he alone, needed to do this.  It was something that had been weighing on his mind, and it needed to be done.  Now.

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