ramyun noodles

Beginners guide to k-food!

김치 (gim-chi) Kimchi or kimchee. Traditional fermented vegetable dish often served as a side dish or cooked into the meal e.g. 김치볶음밥 (gim-chi-bokk-eum-bap) kimchi fried rice or 김치찌개 (gim-chi-jji-gae) kimchi stew.

라면 (ra-myun) Ramyun is instant noodles. You’ll see a lot of people eating these in dramas and are sold cheaply at korean markets. There are many variations of these but one you can find easily is 신라면 (shin-ra-myun), one of the most popular brands.

떡볶이 (ddeok-bokk-i) Spicy stir fried rice cakes. There isn’t really a proper translation but think of these as delicious spicy but sweet rice cakes. They’re a street food and often contain fish cakes.

불고기 (bul-go-gi) Bulgogi. Literally: fire meat. Bulgogi can be beef, pork, chicken….. It will specify on the menu. Meat is marinated then grilled. Delicious.

짜장면 (jja-jang-myun) Jjajangmyun. A Korean-Chinese black bean noodle dish. Available at Korean Chinese takeaways. This is noodles, 면 (myun) means noodles, in a thick black bean sauce with minced pork and vegetables. This is a variation of the Chinese dish zhajiangmian.

잡채 (jap-chae) Japchae. Glass noodles with mixed vegetables, sometimes with meat.

삼겹살 (sam-gyeop-sal) Samgyeopsal. Grilled pork belly.

비빔밥 (bi-bim-bap) Bibimbap. A dish consisting of rice topped with mixed vegetables and then can also contain fish, meat, a fried egg or spicy sauce. It is mixed and eaten.

김밥 (gim-bap) Kimbap. A snack food consisting of vegetables and/or meat rolled in rice and then wrapped in seaweed.

happy eating everyone  ♡

Imagine eating ramyun with bestfriend!Woozi and having a slurp contest between the two of you.

MX Reaction: S/O Cooking their Favorite Dish

Anonymous said: Hii~ Can you please write a Monsta X reaction to their S/O cooking them their favorite dish? (S/O made Wonho’s ramyun noodles by hand c: ) Thanks!

Warnings: None 


Jooheon: Just a warning- expect lots of cuteness/aegyo. Will probably want you to sit in his lap and will want you to feed each other. Will definitely over-exaggerate how good it is, making sounds every time he takes a bite. 

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Shownu: Shy shy shy SHY but VERY HAPPY BOY. Eye smiling out of this world. Not very loud during the meal, but will tell you it’s delicious. It will really strike a chord in his heart that you took the time to do that for him. Afterwards will want to cuddle and be mushy. Forehead kissing. i love shownu wow

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I.M: Dramatic. Happy. Clutching his chest, telling you that you saved his life, etc. Telling you it’s the best food he’s ever had and can’t live without your cooking any longer. Wants to take you on a date the next day in return. 

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Wonho: AFFECTIONATE. Dramatic at first, complimenting you all over the place but then becomes a little shy. Blushing. A kiss before he eats. He realizes how much time you took to do this for him and how much it means to him and he’s flustered. Will stick to your side afterwards. 

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Kihyun: Teasing and then to appreciation. “Do you think I could have made it better? I’m just kidding. Thank you so much.” “Wow, this is really delicious.” A bit shy about it. Reminds him of marriage so he’s thinking about how it would be to be married to you. Already planning what to cook for you tomorrow. 

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Minhyuk: Very happy and will show it. Very affectionate. Will kiss your cheek and give you a tight hug, thanking you so many times. Will make sure that you know he loves it and just how much he loves it, and will make sure that you know it reminds him of a married couple to make you flustered. I said very affectionate but that does not even cover it. 

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Hyungwon: Shy. SHY. A little awkward but he means well. You watching for his reaction will make him even more shy. Nevertheless, he will make himself brave to make you happy. He’ll sigh happily and tell you how much he loves you the food. Long lanky arms wrapping around you, chin resting on the top of your head. Again telling you how much he loves you the food. Wants to cuddle and nap after a good meal. 

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