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Does Japan have any wierd cola flavors?

PFFFT Are you kidding?! Japan has weird EVERYTHING. 


By far the most disturbing-looking drink you can get in this country is “Melon Soda” - a staple at soda fountains almost everywhere and a favorite among kids age 2 - 10, I give you Japan’s answer to Honey Boo-Boo’s Go-Go Juice:

Now, anyone even vaguely familiar with Japanese pop culture will know about this next one: RAMUNE. There are an unlimited number of flavors (and yes, ‘ramune’ itself is considered a flavor here) in all kinds of colors. But they always come in the famous glass bottle with that annoying little marble that’s probably a choking hazard:

The convenience stores around here are also known for selling limited-edition drinks - sodas and juices that are only available for a short time and must pass a special test for horrible taste. Seriously, they’re all always awful, yet people continue to buy them because hey, marketing works. This drink, for example, which is an overly-sweet twist on Orangina: 

And if you’re in the mood for an adult beverage, but can’t be assed to mix your own, you can try one of these mother fuckers. STRONG ZERO - named so because they will leave you with a STRONG hangover and ZERO recollection as to how you ended up naked on a train. 

Last but not least, if you’re not feeling thirsty but still crave that dark-brown-acid flavor, you can try some cola candy. Really, it’s quite nasty, but what were you actually expecting? 


The Spoils of War

Haul post from OCT-DEC not including a tree full of x-mas presents and some bits and bobs that I didn’t feel like fetching.

Local Art store has UNLOCKED PAINT with NO CAMERAS in the entire store, it’s a small, untapped gold mine. I have been hitting them off and on for longer than 3 months and they still haven’t added any extra security. Mostly slow, concealing in the aisles is easy mode.

Wax melts/wallflowers from B&BW and YC, small stuff is generally simple as long as you watch for smol ceiling cameras in YC. Candles from B&BW easy with larger bag and big displays, I always get those on the way OUT. YC large candles are like rare wild unicorns and should be cherished as concealing one requires some creativity, JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT of customers and a lot of patience.

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“I want to give it to you now…”

Within the comfort of the Rilakkuma donut cushion, Victor pulled out the present that was hidden behind his back. Yuuri looked confused for a moment before the Russian man gave an excited explanation, his mouth shaped like a heart.

“So, I was walking home when I passed this new candy shop. In the window, there were all these colorful lollipops. This blue one reminded me of you, so I bought it for you.”

Yuuri giggled at the sight of the childish side his lover had that he adored. With a light blush on his grinning cheeks, he affectionately took Victor’s hand in his.

“This is quite a sweet surprise. I love it, Vitya.”

Happily, Victor tried to put the lollipop in Yuuri’s free hand, only for the Japanese man to lightly reject it. Now it was older man’s turn to look confused.

“Though I will enjoy that lollipop later, there is a different one that I think I would enjoy even more right now.”

With a serious expression, Victor threw the lollipop onto the pillow behind the cushion. He quickly put his hands on Yuuri’s waist and pulled him close. Leaning forward, Victor whispered in a seductive tone, “I didn’t expect to hear such a bad pun from you, Yuuri.”

“Oh Victor,” Yuuri replied with a sly smile as he wrapped his arms around his lover’s neck and playfully locked eyes, “I guess you’ll have to give me my… just desserts.” With that, the couple sunk down into the donut cushion in fits of laughter. After they finished joking around, they enjoyed a passionate, saccharine night of romance.

TTYL Part 3

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 || Part 6

Genre: smut (this part is more of a fluff though)

Word Count: 2,578

Summary: An incredible amount of luck leads to an unforgettable experience on a video-chat website with a sexy stranger.

A/N: You guys may have guessed at this point, but obviously we’re in a world where Tae can speak English fluently. I didn’t want to deal with language barriers, so let’s just pretend for a moment, shall we? Part 4 is right around the corner, so stay tuned! :) Requests are open (although I won’t have time to work on them until school is over in two weeks) and please feel free to message me if you like it! :) <3

“OH MY GOD THEY’RE GOING ON TOUR!” Jess screamed, filling her apartment with her shrieks of joy. “Y/N THEY’RE COMING HERE!”

I squealed with her, feigning fresh excitement about the information I had known for a little over a month, when Tae first told me he was coming to the US. Of course I could only assume it was a tour and not just a leisure trip. As soon as I told Tae what city I was living in, he excitedly told me he’d be there for a few days over the summer. I just knew that it had to be one of a couple tour stops.

BigHit had been hinting at a tour for a little while, and we knew an announcement would be made at midnight KST (so 10am where we live). Jess and I always got together for announcements, live-streams, or anything else BTS-related. We were huge fans.

A pang of guilt hit deep in my gut. I hadn’t told her what had happened between me and Tae. I wanted to so badly because she was my best friend, but I just couldn’t bring myself to say anything about it. Not only would that involve divulging the secret of my camera sessions, but it would also put V at risk. Jess was definitely a gossip and I worried that my story would end up all over her blog if she found out. I didn’t like the secrets and the lies, but I didn’t know what else to do. I loved Jess, and I also had become so connected to Tae for the year and a half we had been talking and Skyping. I couldn’t stand the thought of losing either of them.

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If I have a favorite anime, manga, TV series, etc. I will look up trivia like crazy, and when there’s a fandom that I really really really love (Death Note IS #1), I want to know everything.

So, there’s something that L is constantly drinking from a pouch.

Butttt, everyone’s confused as to what this actually is. From the appearance, my first thought was one of the those blended veggie / fruit smoothies that are sold here in the US. That was until Ryuk (shut up, I don’t know who’s in charge of the official Twitter, and it’s Ryuk’s picture, so it’s him) showed the Lucky Charge storage area.

The thing is, ‘jelly’ was mentioned. Lucky Charge jelly. So, is L drinking jelly from a pouch? I looked up Lucky Charge, but sadly it’s just a DN drama related thing. ;.; Untillll…

I found these to buy from the official store. They’re tablets, so you chew them (I personally think they look chalky, not chewy, but either way probably delicious) and they’re in apple Ramune soda flavor. But, Ramune doesn’t come in pouches. Ryuk did, however, say - this time - ‘soda’. (Um, and also bean paste, but I truly doubt L’s drinking straight up bean paste.)

Finally, I found this, unrelated to DN buttttt maybe the actual ‘thing’ that Lucky Charge is supposed to be?

3. Purun Purun Qoo Muscat: Adding skimmed milk is not the only non-traditional soft drink technique to be found in the aisles of Mitsuwa. One of the most interesting alternate forms of soft drink is the gel-pouch soda, and Purun Purun Qoo is a great example of the type. It comes in a squeezable green pouch with a plastic nozzle, and a logo featuring a round-faced, one-eared animal (a cat, perhaps) drinking a green pouch bearing a logo of a strange animal drinking a green pouch. Trippy. The taste is, unsurprisingly, quite sweet but clearly muscat flavor, and the chunky jelly texture is fun and interesting. - L.A. Weekly

JELLY. SODA. So, if you want something similar to what L is drinking, probably pick up some Purun Purun Qoo. Apple is a flavor, too!

I posted this on my personal Tumblr, A Life More Kawaii, and am reposting here. 

Daily Chico in Nakano Broadway serves ice cream of a wide variety of flavors, including this Mammoth Ice Cream that contains Tochi Otome strawberry, chocolate, mocha, vanilla, melon, grape, matcha green tea, and ramune flavors, all in one cone!
And it costs only 390 yen!

[Trans] Cancam Magazine, Youngjae's part

“Parts (of my body) I’m confident of?
Hmm… my singing voice and my Adam’s apple ♥︎”

Born on September 17th, 1996. Bloodtype B.

Q1. Which sunbae do you look up to?
A. Jun.K sunbaenim. During a recording, he told me that “The important thing is to enjoy your singing!”.

Q2. What kind of person do you think is a “ikemen” (good-looking/handsome guy)?
A. A person with a beautiful heart.

Q3. Something you would say to yourself after a shower?
A. “Oh? Ohhh~!? Ohhhhh~? I’m gaining weight aren’t I?”

Q4. Things you need to be careful about?
A. For the sake of my throat I always drink 3 liters of water per day. Even when sleeping I also have to put a scaft around my neck.

Q5. Are you the type that will confess to the one you like?
A. I wanna be the one getting confessed to (embarrassed).

Q6. Who is the one you wanna get love advices from?
A. Jr.

Q7. If you were a girl, who would you like to date?
A. Jackson

Q8. What is your plan for your 1st date?
A. I wanna play my favorite sport billiards ♪

Q9. What drink do you often order at the cafe?
A. Iced Americano.

Q10. Your favorite ice-cream flavor?
A. Ramune (Lemon pop).

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Jpn-Eng by Synesthesia


Dreaming Collection Card - Otoya Ittoki

What do you like?

Favorite food?

I like curry the best, especially if vegetables and meat are a part of the ingredients.  It’s perfect to eat in small bites with a spoon.

Favorite sweet?

Recently I’ve been fond of brownies.  That tasty chocolate taste, I think I like them better than cookies.  I don’t know know where you can go to buy them yet since I’ve only gotten them from other people.

Favorite drink?

I love the refreshing taste that comes from lemonade!  Vitamins are the best after a healthy exercise, so I drink plenty!  I recommend it!

(T/N: I don’t know if he is talking about actual lemonade, or lemon-flavored ramune, which is a Japanese drink derived from the English word lemonade. The word lemonade or レモネード is present, so I went with that.)

*This is basically a rough, summary interpretation of what Otoya says based from my limited knowledge and the internet.  If anyone has a better translation (which I’m sure someone does), please let me know!