ramsy bolton

Things I’m thankful for in GoT s6e9

I’ve just noticed that I never posted my positivity focused episode recaps for the last two episodes of Game of Thrones. They were never particularly punctual, but this is obviously a little bit beyond the pale. But I wrote them at some point, so I figure I might as well put them up here.

Ramsy Bolton: I am thankful that Ramsay Bolton is dead. I am thankful that Ramsay Bolton is dead. I am thankful that Ramsay Bolton is dead.I am so goddamn thankful that the evil fucking shitbird is dead and I’ll never have to see that awful fucking face smiling on my TV ever again.

*deep breath*

But also, it’s not everyday that you get to respond so viscerally to an actor’s performance. Iwan Rhoen did a great job as Ramsay, and even though he would have been far more effective (I think) if he had had much less screen time (one thing Ramsay should never make you feel is bored) he certainly isn’t at fault for that, and he deserves a ton of credit for bringing such a loathsome character to life. GRRM’s descriptions of Ramsay’s lips alone are the stuff of nightmares, and while watching this episode, Rhoen was able to tap into the same visceral disgust with similarly small touches. It was magisterial.

Daenerys Targaryen: I really loved Dany in this episode. Like, a lot. Her “total war” battle plan laid out to Tyrion, her haughty scorn in the face of the slavers, and her supreme confidence in her own power and decisions, her reign, as she puts it, make it clear that this is a queen who has come to terms with her birthright of Fire and Blood. That doesn’t mean that she’s blind to strategic considerations and only desires destruction- her acceptance of Tyrion’s advice, and making an example of only one Yunkish ship clearly shows that she’s perfectly capable of restraint. And her speech to the Greyjoy siblings illustrates that she’s not given up on her quest to create a better world. She simply understands that her path towards that goal is through military strength and conquest. She’s the mother of dragons, and dragons plant no trees. I’m thankful for Dany.

Yara Greyjoy: Was perfect. And this YaraXDany stuff just couldn’t be better. Who could ask more from this absurdly well funded fanfic than picking this particular crack-ship to develop.

Jon Snow: From asking Mel not to bring him back a second time and riding towards his doomed young brother, to clawing his way out of the dead and dying and beating Ramsay unconsious with his fists, this was some of the best one episode character development we’ve seen on this show. Jon started out wanting little more than a valiant death in battle, hopefully permanent this time. Since being brought back by R'hllor, he’s been haunted by failure, defeat and hopelessness but while in the crucible of battle, swimming up to his neck (literally) in those demons, he chose to live, to return to his home, and to keep fighting. Surely that’s something to be thankful for.

Sansa Stark: Maybe you hated her decision to feed Ramsay to his own dogs, but I hope you at least can recognize that it was an intentional political decision, not just an edgy bit of ultra-violence to satisfy the awesome-bros.* Either way, I hope we can all appreciate Sansa’s distaste at having to ride next to Baelish and his awful, awful smirk.

Wun Wun: Too sad for words, really.