ramsey meme

The Lads In The Car With the Gents

lads: mcdonalds! mcdonalds! mcdonalds!

Jack: we have food at home

lads: mcdonalds! mcdonalds! mcdonalds!

Geoff: *pulls into McDonald’s drive through*

lads: *cheering*

Geoff: one black coffee please

lads: mcdonalds! mcdonalds! mcdonalds!

Ryan: mcdonalds! mcdonalds! mcdonalds!

the signs as my favourite RT quotes: ah rap battle edition

aries: im the young hero. get me a damsel in distress. cause i’m the leader of the lads fuck whatever gavin says [x]

taurus: im more famous than all of you combined, so suck it! talent so small it could fit inside a bucket. [x]

gemini: and from the first let’s play i was making you money and all the comments read, “wow, when did jack get funny?” [x]

cancer: now i admit you guys clearly had some good lines today, but remember one thing: i wrote them all anyway. [x]

leo: my rhymes are like the asses on my characters. damn fine. [x]

virgo:  im busy running let’s play. have you heard of it? [x]

libra: never thought i’d steal your thunder but guess what? i did. dealing insults out like here’s lookin’ at you, kid. [x]

scorpio: the ninth person hired, and the first that was useful [x]

sagittarius:  the fans were feeling timid when i first showed up. now if i said im walking out, the internet would blow up [x]

capricorn: it’s like five tiny cars against a monster truck. [x]

aquarius: when fans join the game, i make ‘em retreat with the powerful use of one word: leave. [x]

pisces: a difficult question for our fans would be, a million dollars but all your content would be without me. [x]

[EXTRA ophiuchus: the glaring problem that im seeing with you boys is you’re not good enough to be famous for bird noises [x] ]

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Petition for Tom to tweet Gordon Ramsey Harrison’s Pancake video & Harry’s Tea video...

Can we please make this happen…