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Ramsey Island by Fabio Lugaro
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Shot with Kershaw 630 folding camera and Kodak Ektar 100 120 film


Jim Clemente, retired FBI agent, talks about the psychology and profiling of serial killers, as well as Jon Benet Ramsey, and Jeffrey Dahmer. He also discusses the Jodi Arias case, the Long Island Serial Killer, and more. 

love this vid. plus i kinda want jim clemente’s career. he was a prosecutor, then worked in the behavioral analysis unit, and now he writes for criminal minds. 


(GoT) House Mormont | Here We Stand

I’ve posted this before but House Mormont is far and away my favorite GOT / ASOIAF House.

I think the theme this vidder picked out -  Dean Valentine’s- Digging In The Dirt - Is so PERFECT for House Mormont - I will forever think of it as THEIR THEME…

The thing about Theon Greyjoy is that I didn’t love him at first. Hell, I didn’t even like him. He was an arrogant little boy that needed a slap just like Joffrey.

The time I thought he was alright was when he kneeled for Robb. I thought, okay this kid really cares for Robb and he wants to be there. Then he throws his loyalty and love away for what? A place filled with people that would rather he hadn’t come back.

Now this is the moment I began to sympasis for him. I mean, I know what it’s like to try and get a parent to accept you only for it to fall flat. Theon was desperate to find a place where he belonged. He wanted his father to see him, wanted the ironborn to respect him because as far as he knew he was one of them.So he went north and he took winterfell. Easy enough, all the men had been with Robb so it wasn’t some glorious battle. But the ironborn were following him! They seen him! So he gathered all of his memories of his childhood, all of the love he felt for the northmen and locked them away because now he was with his people.

He done horrible things, even killed two children just so he could prove himself.But it didn’t work did it? The ones who he confided in handed him to the Boltons and left winterfell.

Honestly at this point I wanted him killed off because y'know the murder and pushing the Starks out of their home. I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid if he had died. But he didn’t die, no he was subjected to torture. Mental and physical torture.

To me, no one deserves that. It was horrible to watch this once cocky and smirking boy turn into someone that shook and flinched and would have a melt down when he was called his own god damn name. I thought it couldn’t get worse than that. Then Sansa comes in and Theon is forced to watch Ramsey rape her. Could you even imagine that? A girl you grew up with, who you probably teased and treated like a younger sister being hurt in such a way and you could do nothing?

Then something good happens to him, finally. He’s able to brake out of this ‘reek’ persona and help Sansa and he’s willing to give himself up just to keep her safe? And after saving Sansa, he goes back to Yara because she was the only one to come for him. He speaks for her when he could easily try and take the crown for himself, and actually he’s such an inspirational speaker that everyone agrees with him. Then Euron showed up and Theon took one look at him, probably seen the same gleam in the eye that Ramsey had and jumped. Even with his sister being held captive. Because he most likely wouldn’t be able to take it again. But you know what? It’s immediate regret. He wants nothing more than to go and save her.

I love his character development and I love that he is getting redemption. To me, Theon Greyjoy is one of the most ironborn fuckers I’ve ever seen. I mean, what’s that ceremony saying again? 'What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder and stronger’ and is that not what he’s doing? He’s healing from years of torture and he’s going to get his sister back.

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Throwback Thursday.

More from our camping trip to St. Davids in 2010. Every evening Barney & I walked across a few fields, down to the cliffs, to watch the sun set over Ramsey Island & to look for the gannets, seals & porpoises, which fish in Ramsey Sound. The Welsh ponies out grazing on the cliffs usually came over to say hello. It’s an unbelievably magical place… hope we can go back one day!

Season 6

Imagine Sansa going to the Iron islands with Theon, Brienne and Podrick after she realises that Jon is “dead” and that she has nowhere else to go.

It can be possible if Balon Greyjoy suddenly dies (he hates Starks, but if he dies there will be no problems.. And he dies in the books, So..).

And imagine Sansa deciding to avenge her family and Yara deciding to avenge her little brother because of the humiliation he and her entire family got through because of the Boltons..  Imagine Sansa there with Brienne and Yara making plans to retake the Winterfell and entire north. Or Sansa making plans with Yara and sending Brienne and Podrick to find Rickon and Bran.. 

Imagine Littlefinger attacking Boltons from south and Grejoys from north together with Starks loyalists, cause, you know “the north remembers!” and “there’s no justice in this world. not unless we make it.”