ramsey island


Ramsey Island by Fabio Lugaro
Via Flickr:
Shot with Kershaw 630 folding camera and Kodak Ektar 100 120 film


Jim Clemente, retired FBI agent, talks about the psychology and profiling of serial killers, as well as Jon Benet Ramsey, and Jeffrey Dahmer. He also discusses the Jodi Arias case, the Long Island Serial Killer, and more. 

love this vid. plus i kinda want jim clemente’s career. he was a prosecutor, then worked in the behavioral analysis unit, and now he writes for criminal minds. 

Season 6

Imagine Sansa going to the Iron islands with Theon, Brienne and Podrick after she realises that Jon is “dead” and that she has nowhere else to go.

It can be possible if Balon Greyjoy suddenly dies (he hates Starks, but if he dies there will be no problems.. And he dies in the books, So..).

And imagine Sansa deciding to avenge her family and Yara deciding to avenge her little brother because of the humiliation he and her entire family got through because of the Boltons..  Imagine Sansa there with Brienne and Yara making plans to retake the Winterfell and entire north. Or Sansa making plans with Yara and sending Brienne and Podrick to find Rickon and Bran.. 

Imagine Littlefinger attacking Boltons from south and Grejoys from north together with Starks loyalists, cause, you know “the north remembers!” and “there’s no justice in this world. not unless we make it.”


Found this gem of a reaction video