While looking at my profile on Eldarya, I noticed three things...

You thought I wouldn’t see you, didn’t you? 

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I can see the table behind Gardienne through the dress! Impressed! XD

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Look at how cute my little Ramses is! Someday you will be a big three-headed cat! Just wait…

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Aswan, Egypt: Ugh, Egypt as a whole is just fucking gorgeous. Like the desert is super fly and so is ancient culture. Aswan is extra fucking awesome because of its location on the Nile. It once served as the Southern frontier of Ancient Egypt, and was like it’s fucking front doors. So just like people now a days try to have bomb ass looking foyers, Aswan was like an imposing as hell entryway. It’s got these fly tombs and awesome architecture, and it’s just great. Fucking great.