ramsay x jeyne

Jeyne had been waiting all day; alone, locked away in Lord Ramsay’s bedchamber. The brief visits from her handmaidens were the only break from her own thoughts and the never-ending fear of what her Lord Husband will put her through tonight. You must be a good wife to him, do as he says and it will be over soon. Every time she heard footsteps outside the chamber doors she felt her spine stiffen and her eyes well with tears. Just be his wife, be dutiful and it will be over soon. Every night he came to her smelling of wine and would take her and fill her with his seed, eager to plant a son in her belly. 

He would come for her soon and she would have no choice but to perform her wifely duties. You are his Lady Wife, you must do as he says, you must obey him. She knew he was coming soon… her handmaidens had scrubbed her raw, he liked her fresh. The bruises from the nights before throbbed, she ran her fingers over the fresh mark on her neck and trembled… Just be his wife, do as he says, just be Arya.