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iconic moments in bts history

-predebut log where namjoon said hes good at “fingering”
-live performance of concept trailer where namjoon and jimin had wardrobe malfunctions and had to perform in ripped off shirts
-bfree. fuck
-that fancam where jin did aegyo then fell offstage
-when namjoon spilled they all watched porn
-jimin talking shit about the white kid in ahl
-yoongi and the crying girl in the elevator during that hidden camera
-“rap monster is that the name your momma gave you”
-jungkooks burgers :-(
-gordon ramsays tweet about jins cooking
-“wasnt it youtube”

Teaching Newt How To Cook Would Include...

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Request:  Could you do a newt x reader where the reader tries to teach newt how to cook/bake? - Anon

I wasn’t sure how to fit this into an imagine, so I made headcanons instead!

  • Lots and lots of small burns in the beginning but you heal them with ease
  • Him being very thankful for it
  • Having to teach him what each knife is for
  • “No, Newt, that’s not a butter knife.  That’s a meat cleaver.”
  • “That makes a lot more sense.”
  • Queenie sometimes coming over to help
  • Making strudel with Queenie
  • Strudel being the first successful pastry Newt can bake
  • Sometimes Newt accidentally makes poisonous concoctions
  • The two of you being cute nerds and pouring magical potions onto muggle food to see what happens
  • E x p l o s i o n s
  • Pickett being very interested in what you two are doing but also kind of concerned
  • “Newt, it’s just boiling.  Calm down.”
  • He once made the mistake of wrapping his arms around you from behind while he was watching you at the stove and caused you to burn your wrist pretty badly
  • Newt feels so bad about it for nearly a week
  • Having to remind him multiple times that you were okay and it was fine
  • Food fights
  • Having to check the Niffler’s habitat to retrieve stolen silverware
  • Jacob helps Newt with pastries and occasionally puts some in his shop
  • Newt becoming mediocre with cooking but pretty good at baking
  • He definitely prefers to bake, which explains the pile of cupcakes, cakes, cinnamon rolls, and muffins
  • You feed leftovers to the creatures
  • On your birthday, Newt, Jacob, and Queenie joined forces to bake you the most extravagant and delicous cake ever
  • It was all Newt’s idea
  • Now Newt helps you a lot when cooking meals
  • Always having some sort of treat to look forward to
  • Newt’s mother being utterly thrilled you taught her son how to cook
  • Since your father is a muggle, you know what Twitter is, so when you and Newt have cooking fails you’ll tweet Gordon Ramsay a photo of it.
  • (If you haven’t seen Gordon Ramsay’s Twitter it’s the funniest thing ever)

Please let me know what you thought of it!

mc-daddy-dillo  asked:

What do you think the members of Queen would be like if they were millennials

. Has an instagram with about 20k followers just cause he’s hot
. posts selfies mostly from a “succ me” angle
. On his fb tho he only posts pictures of his cars
. Goes to coachella with 20 different people
. Follows lots of slime accounts on IG
. Most used emojis: 😎😬👉👌

. He runs a big arts and aesthetic blog on tumblr and also has an “outfit of the day” thing going on which he posts everyday
. He also has a deviantart account which he hasnt told anyone about cause it’s mostly softcore porn including his favourite celebrities
. Stays up to 3 am every night in bed watching every cat video on Youtube until he falls asleep
. Photo of his cats instead of a profile pic on FB
Most used emojis: 😗💅😻💕

Brian (with all his twittering and ig:ing he basically is a milennial already)
. Gets involved in political feuds with his family on fb and end up removing his cousins from his friendlist cause they vote conservative
. His IG profile is basically Photography at its finest, and has lots of Photos of animals and landscapes
. Tried to rock the man bun but failed
. Had an emo period back in 08 which he pretends to have forgotten but Freddie still has the pictures
Most used emojis: 😁😲✊🚀⭐

. Was talked into getting an IG by the other guys but so far its been a year and it is still empty
. Updates his fb with things like: “just watched a movie xD” almost every day
. He loves to watch mukbangs
. Also a total gamer who loves pewdiepie and markiplier
. Built his own custom computer
. Tweets Gordon Ramsay pictures of his cheesy dishes
. Replies three days late in the group chat
Most used emojis: doesn’t use emojis; but he ends every sentence with a: xD