rams community bazaar


Stuart Righter, a student from J. Sarge, will be joining us in the Bazaar to sell hand-carved, unique jewelry at the Bazaar. Here is his statement:

I’m a J. Sarge student living in Richmond. I’ve been carving for a few years now; I started after coming to the realization that there is a significant lack of good-quality jewelry made with integrity that is still affordable. My jewelry is hand-carved from woods that are carefully selected for their beauty and non-toxic properties. Every piece is sanded to a high finish and polished with natural beeswax, keeping the finished product natural and chemical-free.

The Bazaar is less than a week away :) See you guys there!


Tolulope is a VCU student who makes beautiful origami flower bouquets. Here is a statement from her:

I make origami creations (mostly flower bouquets) out of paper. My interest in origami as a hobby began over six years ago, but I just recently began selling my work during the past year or two. For the bouquets, I also use glass or ceramic vases and ribbon. I may also sell some hand-drawn greeting cards. The products range from single origami birds to origami bouquets of various sizes, so the price ranges from $0.50 to about $20.00.

Remember, we are still looking for volunteers to help out with this event! Community service hours will be given as needed! If you are interested in being a part of the Bazaar, please e-mail ramsbazaar@gmail.com. See you there!

Volunteers needed for the Bazaar!

We are looking for volunteers to help out during the Rams Community Bazaar on April 19th from 10am - 5pm. Volunteers will mainly be helping vendors set up and close down shop, as well as staffing the up-cycled t-shirt bag making station, finance table, and more. Volunteers will receive community service hours if desired and are not required to stay for the entire event. Any amount of time will help! If you’re interested, e-mail ramsbazaar@gmail.com.