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Be More Chill It AU


“Jake, I can’t believe you’re not going to come with me!” Rich said as he struggled to get his his rain coat on. The other seven year old watched his friend before laughing then laying back down on his bed and coughing. “It took forever to make the boat and you won’t even get to watch it float!”

“I’ll be fine Rich, just don’t lose the S.S. Dillinski okay? When I can walk again I want to see it float!” Rich was already out the door before Jake finished talking.


“Shit!” Rich knew he wasn’t supposed to say that word, his mom told him hundreds of times not to repeat anything his dad said but that didn’t stop seven year old as he chased after the run away paper boat.

‘Jake’s gonna kill me!’ He couldn’t lose that boat! Jake spent so much time on it…’ Rich let out an almost pained noise when he saw the boat go down the storm drain. Reaching a hand into the drain to try and grab the boat he was surprised when to glowing eyes peered up to him, a large smile soon appearing under them.

“Hey there Richie.”


10 Years Later:

“I still don’t get why I have to go to your cousin’s Bar Mitzvah. I mean just read a few words out of a book and get part of your dick chopped off.”

“Michael! That’s not what happens and you know it.”

“Well how am I supposed to remember? That was like five years ago.”

“Michael, you promised. And I refuse to be the only highschooler there.”

“Ugh,” Michael groaned as he followed Jeremy down the hallway, the two sipping just in front of a trash can before pulling out his folders and notebooks and dumping them in trash bin. “At least it’s summer. God is there a more satisfying feeling then dumping school shit before getting slushies at 7/11?”

“It’d be better if we didn’t have school next year-” Jeremy was interrupted when another teenager bumped into him. He was about to say something when he looked up to see who it was that pushed him down.

“Hey, watch it freak, we’re walking here.”

“S-sorry Ram.” The jock looked down at the teen for a moment before looking back to the other guy he had been talking to earlier, shoving past Michael. Leaning over the teen in the red hoodie grabbed his friend’s hand helping Jeremy up. “Guess he’s not signing the yearbook.”

“Don’t worry dude, we only have one more year of this shit before we get to go to college. A place where people like that are non existent and guys like us are cool!”

“The year can’t pass soon enough.” Walking out the school doors Michael was distracted when his phone buzzed.

“Shit…sorry Jeremy. Gotta cancel our slushie plans.”

“Aw, what?”

“Sorry dude, dad’s home early.” Michael kicked his feet slightly before heelieing away making Jeremy roll his eyes as he walked down the street towards his house. Jeremy was just about to cross bridge when he felt a hand on his backpack yank him back.


111 guys who have ruined my life (in alphabetical order) - Paul McCartney (66/111)

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