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Finn| Bad Intentions |Balor

Title; Bad Intentions

Pairing; Finn Balor/Reader, past Prince Devitt/Reader

Words; 6110

Summary;  Is it such a sin for me to take what’s mine?

Warnings; NSFW. Heel!Antagonist!Reader. Smut, choking, breathplay. Some angst idk? VERY unhealthy relationships. Emotional abuse, mental abuse, and grooming of a younger woman by an older man if you squint and read between the lines.

A/N: repost from the old blog

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Bed is better with two

(A/N): Oh my god I freaking love sleepy, cuddly fanfics

Request:  Hey :) Maybe you can write something where the reader has problems with sleeping in the night which leads her to be awake half of it. And Steve has his daily arguments with Tony and gets pressure from Nat to find a girlfriend so he can’t sleep either? And they meet in the hallway which leads them to sit down in the readers room and talk about it and they find out they can sleep way better when theyre together? So they sleep in hugging each other and someone finds them like that the next morning?

Warnings: None

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   “C’mon Steve,” Nat nearly pleads as Steve begins to suit up for the mission they were on. “Just one date with her, I promise it’ll be good,” Steve smiles as he turns to look at Nat all the while strapping his helmet onto his head. 

   “Nat, I appreciate your concern, I really do but I don’t think I’m in any position to start dating,” 

   “How come? To old or not your type,” Steve merely smiles as he repositions his shield on his back, gearing up for the ramp to drop, leaving him to fall through the air. 

   “I’m an independent man who don’t need anybody,” Is all that Steve offers before the ramp opens and he casually walks to the end of it. He gives Nat a little two fingered salute before jumping off, leaving him free falling through the air. 

   “C’mon (Y/N),” Wanda whines as she scoots a bit closer to her friend. “You’ll love him, he’s really sweet and nice and-” 

   “Wanda,” (Y/N) replies softly, taking Wanda’s hand and patting it gently. “It’s very sweet of you to try to set me up but I don’t think I’m ready,” Wanda gives them a small head tilt, her brows furrowing in confusion as she does so. 

   “Why? Bad relationship? Not your type?” (Y/N) merely smiles gently as the gives Wanda’s hand one last pat before letting it go. 

   “Too busy,” 

    To put their fake facades to the side (Y/N) and Steve actually wanted- needed someone in their lives like a significant other. They both craved that stability that a lover would bring, the constant love of someone, a constant companion through their adventures, someone to spend rainy days with. The only problem was they both had a certain kind of person in mind; each other. 

   Neither of them realized it (or anyone else for that matter) but both (Y/N) and Steve needed each other like they needed air to breathe. They needed that stability, but they needed it with each other. That’s why they always refused their friends requests to get them shacked up with someone random person, always giving them the ‘oh, they’re so nice!’ or the ‘You’ll love them!’ explanations. It wouldn’t ever work , neither party ever planned on going out with someone useless, not when they had eyes for each other at least. 

   Of course the two didn’t even know how to go about their crushes, after all what would you expect from a 95 year old virgin and an awkward, shy creature such as (Y/N)? So they dealt with it the only way they knew how to, by ignoring it. This had worked for quite some time, both of them walking on eggshells around each other but they both knew it was going to fall apart soon, just like every genius plan they had but neither of them expected it to happen the way it had. 

   Recently (Y/N) had been having sleeping problems, much to their own dismay. They couldn’t fall asleep no matter how hard they tried. They spent all hours of the night laying in bed, hoping that eventually exhaustion would take over and they’d pass out but it never did. So they were left to stare up at their ceiling in an angry, tired haze as sleep evaded their body like the plague. 

   It was getting to the point of being problematic for them, If they were getting no sleep then they weren’t doing anything well. Their work was getting sloppy, they were constantly irritable and the had lost their appetite. 

   It concerned Steve to see (Y/N) starting to act so different, after all it had come out of the blue and they were never, ever like this. They’d gone from a sweet and bubbly to grouchy and gloomy all over the course of a few days. So yeah, it was more than a little concerning to see them acting so drastically different. But Steve decided to let it be, after all if they had been having a problem they would have come to him if they wanted to talk, so why meddle? 

   Steve decided to keep this ‘no meddling’ act up for a good chunk of the week, completely dismissing (Y/N)’s bad moods and suddenly strange behavior. But that act all turned to shit when Steve had decided to take a late night run, attempting to clear his head of all the nightmares he’d just had. 

   Recently Steve had been having sleeping problems as well, mostly due to his constant nightmares but something as of late just didn’t feel right. He once felt satisfied in his own bed by himself but somehow this had changed recently. He craved to be close to someone while he slept, he needed that extra warmth and assurance and let’s just say none of the other avengers were to up for it. So most nights he was left to his own devices, leaving him to spend his nights all alone and longing for something more.

    And that’s exactly the reason Steve had been going out for a run that morning. He kept telling himself that instead of wasting his time doing nothing but lying in bed awake he should be up, doing something productive so he resorted to running. The constant running (from 4 until 7) usually wiped him out enough to allow him a few hours of restless shut eye although over the last few days not even that was working. Steve’s body physically needed something more than a flight response, he needed that stability and reassurance, he needed some goddamn sleep. 

   So instead of staying inside and wasting away in his bed he decided to go for that unnecessary run, hoping this time it would help more than the last. Steve had just gotten his shoes laced up when he heard the quiet creak of someone’s door. Steve looked down to his watch in confusion, the time read 4:15, a complete and utterly nonsensical time for anyone to be up at. And yet, there was the soft pitter patter of feet on the floor and suddenly (Y/N) was standing in the living area, groggily rubbing at their eyes. 

   Steve gulps as he takes in (Y/N)’s appearance, nothing but an oversized shirt and maybe some underwear underneath that (maybe). They had a sleepy, look about them and their hair was a complete mess but Steve would be lying if he didn’t think It was the cutest thing ever. 

   “Hey,” Steve breaths out as he rises from his seat on the couch. (Y/N) had obviously not been expecting someone to be awake at this hour either because as soon as Steve spoke they nearly screeched as they all but dropped to floor in surprise. 

    “Oh, h-hey Steve,” (Y/N) smiles as they awkwardly rub at their arms. “Didn’t expect you to be up,” Steve smiles back, albeit with the same awkwardness. 

   "Me neither, so uh-“ Steve rubs at the back of his neck, searching the room anywhere but (Y/N), refusing to meet their adorably sleepy gaze. "Why are you up so late, I mean early?” (Y/N) sighs as they shift their weight from foot to foot, biting their lip as they do so.

    “I’ve been having troubles sleeping recently,” (Y/N) admits in an almost guilty tone. “So instead I’ve been coming out to here to not sleep some more,” (Y/N) chuckles awkwardly and they nearly cringe at how awful it sounds. Steve eyes (Y/N) curiously for a moment before looking back down at his sneakers, contemplating his answer.

    “So you too? With the sleeping problems and all?” Steve looks back up to (Y/N) and their gazes connect and Steve swears he’s never seen the poor kid any more tired. It was obvious now that he looked closer, just how tired they were. Their eyes had lost that natural shine and they seemed to always be in this glazed over state of pure exhaustion.

    (Y/N) nods a bit as they stifle a yawn, biting their lip a bit harder. Steve nods as well, in complete understanding. 

    “So you’ve been having sleeping problems too?” (Y/N) asks softly and Steve wants to melt at the tone, so tired and so full of…of something. Steve nods a bit before gesturing to his workout outfit. 

    “I’ve take up early morning runs to help cope I guess,” a small silence falls over the two, neither one quite knowing what to say. It was strange they’d both been having sleeping problems and the exact same time. Maybe it was a sign or something? Steve dismissed the thought as soon as it surfaced, his mind telling him it was just a silly thought. But that thought continued to plague Steve and he knew it wasn’t going to stop until he addressed it. 

    “S-so uh-” Steve trails off, losing his confidence momentarily. Steve shyly looks up at (Y/N) under his lashes and the sight that greets him only fuels his small bit of confidence. (Y/N) looked so exhausted, so so so exhausted and they both needed this. Needed some sleep. Needed each other. “Since neither of us can sleep and this little pattern we got going isn’t helping what if-” Steve’s tongue darts out to swipe along his lips, wetting the dry skin. “What if we tried something, together?” (Y/N) looks interest enough and when they shrug their shoulders Steve continues on. “What if- what if we slept together? Not sexually or anything but just like holding each other or somethin’…” Steve trails off as his confidence deplets completely, leaving him feeling insecure in what he just asked. 

   Steve fidgets around in his seat as he awaits (Y/N)’s answer. The room is silent for a few moments and Steve knows he’s fucked up, he just fucked everything up with (Y/N) and now he has no chance with them, even platonically or- 

    “I’d love that,” (Y/N) whispers tiredly. Steve quickly snaps his gaze up and he finds (Y/N) staring at him warmly, damn near melting Him to the core. 

    “R-Really?” (Y/N)’s smile grows as they extend their hand out, waiting expectantly for Steve to grab it. Steve nearly jumps from his seat, grabbing (Y/N)’s hand in his own. They give his his hand a gentle squeeze, flashing him one more warm smile before guiding him along the hallway, most likely to their bedroom.   

    As expected (Y/N) yanks him into their room, demanding he take off his shoes before he entered the room. 

   Now after some few awkward positions and a few readjustments the two were curled up together, as practically close as humanly possible. (Y/N) sighs softly as the snuggle down into the blankets, all the while reaching down to intertwine their fingers with Steve’s. Steve hums pleasantly and for once in god knows how long he actually feel as though he may be able to sleep. His eyes begin to drift shut and his lips part as he slips into a perfectly restful sleep. And (Y/N) wasn’t close behind, after all they hadn’t ever felt such warmth and comfort in their life and to say it was soothing was an understatement. Having Steve by there side was one of the best decisions they had ever made and they didn’t even regret it when Steve began to snore directly in their ear. 

 ~Extended ending~  

   The next morning Steve awoke feeling pleasantly warm and safe, something he hadn’t felt in ages. Steve hums sleepily as his hazy, sleep filled mind began to slowly connect some dots. He and (Y/N) had slept together, In the same bed and it helped. For the first time in who knows how long Steve had actually had a nice sleep. Steve smiles as he presses a little closer, relishing in the way (Y/N)’s warm body practically fit in his arms perfectly, like pieces of a puzzle. 

   "You guys are cute,“ a voice from the doorway pulls Steve from his thoughts and he nearly jumps out of bed as Sam, Bucky, and Nat all stand in the doorway, watching them With warm smiles. The voice causes (Y/N) to stir, shifting in Steve’s arms and whimpering softly in displeasure. Steve holds (Y/N) a little tighter, soothing their noises before turning to glare at the three perpetrators. 

   "Get out of here, all of you. This is the first real good sleep (Y/N) has had in weeks so if you wake them up I will not hesitate to hurt you, understand?” The group nods, all looking to each other with smug smiles before responding in unison,

    “Crystal clear Captain,”

Bellamy in Jasper’s Empire (4x08)

We all know the scene. Bellamy and Jasper return to Arkadia, there’s a party going on up the ramp, and at the other side are some people still mourning the people lost in the black rain. Jasper goes up the ramp, leaving Bellamy at the crossroads, and then a lone blonde Clarke look-a-like emerges to convince Bellamy to dance. 

Bellamy and Bree are the two we’re supposed to be focused on in this scene, right? That’s what most would have you believe. I mean the Clarkeness of how they’ve done Bree up can’t be denied, but I think people have focused too much on this because of Bellarke when the scene itself is more about the Bellamy/Jasper relationship continued over from their scene earlier in the episode…and also a bit about the two on their own

Why do I think this?

Well, for me it has to do with the music playing in the background. It’s titled Empire and is by an artist WVM. It’s mainly the music to the song that we hear during the scene, but there are four moments in the scene where this isn’t so. Four lines of the song that are completely distinguishable, almost as if they wanted us to actually hear them compared to the other parts.

The first of these lines are actually the first lines of the song.

I tore down the walls that showed me heaven

We hear these as we see Jasper and Bellamy walk into Arkadia and Jasper sees that the party has already gotten started. Now, even though he is coming in as it’s already gotten underway Jasper is 100% the person who masterminded this party. He’s all smiles as they enter where as Bellamy has no idea what is going on. So, how does this tie into the lyrics? Well, let’s look at the contrast in the two sides of the room. First we have the party. In a way I feel like the party is supposed to be the heaven mentioned in the song. People are smiling, having fun….you might even say there is rejoicing. Heaven is supposed to be a place where there is no more sorrow, and while it might only last for this night, this party is providing just that for the people at it. Compare this to the other side of the room where people are mourning and in pain, which I suppose in a way would make that side of the room hell. 

There’s also the first part of the song ‘I tore down the walls’ Because of being privy to certain information before the others, Jasper is the first to adopt the ‘live for the day’ type of mentality. Whether or not you want to see it as a good thing, for the most part this season Jasper has been all about living out the remainder of the days doing things that you love and will make you happy. Some see this as destructive, but honestly I’ve always had a different take on it, and the previous scene in the forest solidified this for me. Jasper hasn’t given up on surviving because he wants to die. He’s living life with everything he has, and he wants others to do the same. He’s the first to really accept that maybe they won’t survive, and there is nothing wrong with that. He’s torn down the walls of fear of what’s to come to be able to see and live in the heaven that is around him. I also think you can consider Jasper being able to sort of get through to Bellamy out in the forest as him tearing down those walls Bellamy had built up, slowly allowing him to see the ‘heaven’ around him as well.

my love for you will always stay

This is the next distinguishable line from the song. It comes after Bellamy expresses not being sure if he wants to/should go to the party, and Jasper tells him that everyone is going to die and he has a choice in how he goes out. “The ending’s the same, but who says the journey has to suck?” Jasper doesn’t force Bellamy up the ramp to the party, in fact he doesn’t even hardcore try to pressure him into joining. He leaves Bellamy to make this decision all on his own. I think the important thing about this in regards to the lyrics is that no matter what Bellamy chooses to do he is always going to be someone that is important to Jasper. The things he does is not going to change this. Even Mt. Weather didn’t change this. I know some people could argue this, but as much as Jasper lashed out at Bellamy in season 3 because of it, I never thought that Jasper hated Bellamy (or even Monty and Clarke) in a way that meant he no longer loved/cared about him. I think so many people don’t recognize that you can hate someone (or something they did) while still ultimately loving them.

welcome to my empire

We have the whole ‘dance with me’ ‘I don’t dance’ scene. Now, before I get to this moment with the above lyrics, I do want to point out that Bellamy looks up to the party and Jasper before allowing Bree to guide him up the ramp. The fact that it’s after this moment just goes to show how Jasper has gotten through to him in a way that no one else has been able to so far.  

Now as Bellamy (and Bree) walk up the ramp we hear ‘welcome to’ and as the camera moves to show Jasper turning to greet them it goes to ‘my empire.’ This party, this whole way of thinking of the apocalypse is, in fact, Jasper’s empire. In Jasper’s empire you don’t survive, you live, and you live with every ounce of your being. Bellamy makes the decision here to join Jasper in living. He’s allowing himself to take the burden of saving the world off his shoulders, even if it’s only for a little while…now if only Bellamy would take the backpack off his shoulders…YOU’RE AT A PARTY, BELLAMY!!!!

the seeds of your destruction

This is the continuation of the previous line from the song. It’s heard after Jasper hands Bellamy a drink, and as they cheers and drink it down. Now, I know there are plenty of people out there who would take this as a negative thing…mainly people who hate Jasper and will try to twist everything he does into a negative thing, but y’know what? Fuck those people. This moment isn’t about the destruction of Bellamy in a negative way, no it’s the destruction of Bellamy’s way of thinking that he has to keep punishing himself for the things that he did and the people he couldn’t save. It isn’t something that is going to be an automatic 180 change, but Jasper has provided him the seeds of change.

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MILD SMUT. Not full on smut. Wasn’t sure if Anon wanted that or not. 

AJ Styles/OC. For Anon: You’re ridiculously close with Gallows and Anderson and AJ gets jealous of how much time you spend with them so you make a deal with them to try and wind him up as much as you can by flirting. AJ gets really pissed with you and the two of you end up being in a mixed tag match together and there’s so much sexual tension.

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Falling for the Lunatic - Dean Ambrose Fanfic - Part 1

Summary:  You are the newest superstar to Smackdown Live and you’re put into a love storyline with the Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose. Little did you both know that you will fall hard for each other but it’s not a fairytale, it’s mostly like a nightmare.

I can’t believe it. I finally made it after all these years of working my butt off. From the indies to NXT, I am finally on the main roster of Smackdown Live and I couldn’t be any more happy. Tonight was my SDL debut and I was on my way to talk to Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan to learn about my storyline.

As I made my way down to their office, I was greeted by all the superstars. It was really hard to keep my cool because even though I’ve worked for WWE for sometime now, I still am a huge fan of all the wrestlers. I smiled back at stars like Becky Lynch, AJ Styles, Dolph Ziggler, and even some Monday Night RAW superstars like Sami Zayn and Finn Balor. I finally made my way to the door and fixed my long (Y/H/C) wavy hair and dark maroon leather jacket that matched perfectly with my dark blue galaxy two piece ring gear. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

I heard Daniel Bryan say, “Come in!” and I entered. “Oh Elena, you’re here. Perfect.”

“Welcome to Smackdown Live! We are so happy to have you on the main roster!” Shane chimed in.

“You can call me (Y/N). I’m happy to be here and thank you a bunch for giving me this opportunity.” I smiled at them.

Shane returned a smile and said, “Well now that you’re here, its time to get down to business. Tonight is your debut. As I’m sure you know, the WWE Universe has noticed that you kinda have a style in the ring very similar to Dean Ambrose, so you will actually be in a storyline with him. And here he is now!”

I turned around and almost chocked on my own breath. It was Dean freaking Ambrose standing next to me. He held his hand out and said, “Hey there, I’m Dean. Good to have ya on board!”

I placed my tiny hand in his and shook it. “Um, hi… I’m (Y/N), nice to finally meet you.” Holy moly, I’m in a storyline with my top favorite superstar, pinch me because I must be dreaming.

Daniel pulled me out of my thoughts as he explained, “Now this will sorta be a love storyline. Dean will interfere with some of Elena’s matches and, Elena will interfere with some of Dean’s matches. Shane and I know how good you two are with promos and storylines so we will leave it up to the two of you to have as much fun with this storyline as you want, but still do what creatives set out for you to do. Sounds good?”

“Sounds good to me. What about you doll face?” Dean looked down at me.

“Love it.” I smiled back at all three of them.

“Great! So you have your debut coming up next (Y/N)! Good luck!” Shane said.

I gave a nod and a thank you and exited the room. I already quickly made my way down to the gorilla position before Dean could come out. I’m in a storyline with Dean Ambrose, well this will be fun!

About thirty minutes later, it was debut time and I was going against Carmella. My music hit and I ran out. The crowd went crazy when they saw it was me. “From New Orleans, Louisiana … Elena!”

I ran around the ring high-fiving all the fans and slid into the ring. I took off my jacket and threw it down. I gave Carmella a little smirk as the bell rung and we locked up. I brought my knee up to her stomach and she hunched over. I went straight up and high kicked her head. We went at it for a good few minutes and the crowd was loving it. I went in for a clothesline but she caught me and I fell to my knees. When I looked up, she smacked me across the face and my blood started to boil. This is gonna be perfect!

I look back up and I said, “Again, hit me again!” She gave me a shocked face and slapped me again. I started to laugh really loud and brought my face back around. “Come on! Hit me hard! Right here! Come on! Do it!” I said pointing to my cheek. Carmella shook her head and started to walk backwards. I grabbed her leg and knocking her down hard to the mat. I quickly stood up and waited for her to stand up. Once she did, I pushed her into the ropes and when she bounced back, I drop kicked her. 1,2,3! “Here is your winner by pin fall, Elena!”

The referee lifted my hand up and I smiled. I just won my first match on Smackdown and everyone was cheering for me. But my smile faded away and the cheers got louder as Dean’s theme song blasted throughout the arena. I looked down as he slowly walked out from backstage giving his signature smirk, clapping, and making his way down the ramp. He stopped right before he made it to the ring and I jumped down and stood in front of him. He kept his smirk on his face as he winked and kissed the air towards me. The crowd started the famous YES chants as I gave Dean a disgusted confused face and made my way up the ramp, leaving him behind. This is gonna be one hell of a storyline!

Here is Part 2!!

                                                       First Kiss

Request: “!! could you do a au where the reader and ben solo share their first kiss, lots of fluff please? thank uuu !!”

A/N: I’m sorry the title is so generic, I had no idea what else to name it…anyways, this is a ben x reader (i just enjoy it so much); thanks for the request anon and feel free to send more! Please enjoy :) [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 2.3K+

Warning: Like one curse word?


It was quite the sentimental moment for Han and Leia–especially Han. He was about to pass down his life long possession of the Millennium Falcon to his son, believing his time was soon to be up. Of course, Han and Chewie would eventually find ways to go back on their little journeys, but for now, Han had trustfully left the ship in the hands of his son and best friend. “Alright, stay safe…” Han said out loud, only causing Ben to roll his eyes as he hugged his mother goodbye, earning a rather tight hug from her small figure.

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Again Printessa? Pietro x reader


The Quinjet hummed quietly in the background on autopilot.  Tony setting  up the whole trip for you.  Now all you had to do was let your thoughts dance.

Why were you disobeying a direct order from Captain America?

Pietro had been kidnapped by some wannabe mad scientist; ex-hydra nut ball. You didn’t need Pietro.  Before he came along you were fine.  You would survive without him.  Gods did you want him in your life though.

That was why you had “Stolen” the quinjet. Head falling against the seat. Damn.

The team had known for a week about Pietro’s whereabouts. Keeping Wanda and you contained or calm had been a mission by itself.

They had an extraction plan set for a week from now.

“Bite me. Boy Wonder” Captain America was so busy with Bucky. The clean up from the Civil War those two morons started. He couldn’t be bothered to make time for anyone else.

“Mrs. Y/N. You’re one hour out from landing.” Friday said.

“Thanks Friday.” Getting up you went to pull on your suit. Normally you played the role of a healer.  Channeling your power to accelerate the healing process. This time you would use your other gifts.  They were dangerous when you were mad.  Anger fueling them to impossible heights.

“ Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Walking down the flight ramp hips swishing in a powerfully seductive sway. Your powers surging around your body.

Walking into the ancient forest that had been altered for science’s twisted purpose. Closing in on the nearest bunker as you raised your hands.

The first bullet fired didn’t even make it to your body. Disintegrating in your force field.

Watching the door rot away into nothing but a pile of rust. You saw a man cowering in the corner. The front line didn’t suit him. Ripping him out of the bunker you held him close to your face. Eye’s glowing while you slowly destroyed the bunker around him.

“Tell your boss I’m coming for him.  I’m going to destroy everything with or without Pietro back.  His life is up for grabs though.” The man wetting himself as as his jacket disintegrated.

“Please?!? I don’t want to die!!!”

Tilting your head to the side as Wanda landed next to you.

“Let him go. It’s time to get my brother back.” Wanda’s power’s flaring to life around her. Black and red moving in unison towards the base.

Anything they passed that was man made was quickly destroyed.  Plants growing and crushing the cinder block blockades.

Walking up to the metal doors Wanda ripped them apart.  Her rage amplifying her powers.

“Let’s go.” Inside bullets that fired at you quickly rusted to nothing. If they made it past Wanda. Your power over time making short work of the base.  Pissing off Cap in the process.  He wanted it whole.  You wanted it gone.

Wanda finding her brother the instant she opened the doors.

“”He’s in this cell” Wanda pointing at a door in a long row of cells.

A nod from each of you was all it took. The door equals rending and disintegrating.

“Don’t come any closer or I’ll shoot him!” Spittle raining from the scientists lips.  The shock collared Pietro panting heavily through the pain. The small man barely able to support Pietro’s body weight.   Before the ugly coward could blink Wanda had ripped away the gun. You were making him age at an accelerated rate.  Wanda making short work of the collar.

Pietro collapsed into Wanda’s waiting powers bringing him into her arms.

Once the dilapidated old man was all that was left you dragged him by the shirt collar.  Taking him all the way to the console room.  Setting up a live video stream to all of the Avengers known enemies.

“As some of you may know I am the field medic to the Avengers. A month ago one of our own was taken from us.  Pietro Maximoff, my lover. Some of you can probably imagine I was quite distraught over this occurrence. Wanda and myself have recently taken it upon ourselves to get him back.” Flipping through the camera’s showcasing your destruction. Ending on a full body shot of the now naked decayed scientist.

“This is your fate should you choose to go after my family again.” Walking off with the camera still on the lifeless old man before them. The scientist within minutes was nothing but dust.

Wand and you carrying Pietro back to the jet. Fatigue setting in for Wanda glad you had parked it less than a mile away. You used your powers to delay the lack of energy.  Something you would pay for tomorrow. 

“That was a little dramatic, no?” Pietro asked weakly once you were back on the Quinjet.

He was laying down on the spot usually reserved for Bruce. Running your fingers through his silver hair a single tear falling.

“No.” That was all you could eek out. Your lips descending on his. Mouths working together, hands searching him franticly for wounds.

Wanda closing off the front portion of the jet for your privacy as much for you as for her.

Moving up on top of his well muscled body. If mildly fatigued body to sit on his lap.

“Printessa, I don’t think I have energy for this.” His eye’s meeting yours since he couldn’t lift his head.

“Let me focus on you. Show you how much I’ve missed you.” Your hands glowing white as your clothes disappeared. Running your hands down his oblique’s as life energy slowly seeped into him. Fingers moving to play with the scruff of his beard. His eye’s closed as he savored your touch. Your lips kissing his clavicle to trail down to a well defined pectoral muscle.

“They kept you surprisingly clean.” You said before taking a nipple into your mouth.  Teeth skimming it to a point.

“Ngn…germaphobe wouldn’t come near me.  Just like that Start freak!” Yelling freak as you cupped him through his pants.

“Well you’re going to be the one cumming today.” Your tongue swirling in his bellybutton before kissing a slow trail down his lower abdominal wall.

Completely avoiding his penis. Your hands cupping his ass as you kissed and massaged him from his hip to his inner thigh.

“Printessa.” He breathily moaned out.

“It’s been a whole month-” Arching his back as you took him completely into your mouth.  Hands working in a slow motion stroking anything that couldn’t fit in your mouth.

Cupping his balls with your left hand as you sucked and stroked his cock. His hand making a fist.  That was your clue to move onto the rest of your plan.

An audible pop sounding as you let him go. His eye’s boring into yours as he panted.

“Sit it on it.” He commanded breaking into a round of Sokovian.

Arching his back slamming it back down again.

“So impatient my love.” You giggled out.

Thighs on either side of his hips.

“Look me in the eye’s while I ride you.” Slowly sinking onto him while you commanded him. Both of you struggling to keep eye contact.

“Gods Pietro.” You gasped out leaning forward rubbing your clit against his hip.  Breast bouncing in front of his face. His arms finding the strength to move to your ass increasing the speed of your ride.

“Y/N” Your lips meeting as you grabbed his face.  Silencing your screams as you came together.

Wrapping his arms around you.  Fatigue setting in as you rested your head on his shoulder.

“Have you gotten bigger or did I get tighter?” You lazily drawled out.

“Both.” The rogue smirked out.

Laughing to yourself as you both fell off into sleep. Everything finally right again.


Meanwhile at avengers tower your little broadcast had made it onto the news.

“She is so dead.” Tony said wide eyes. He had known you were livid about Pietro’s kidnapping but this? Shield was going to have a field day.

Captain America storming in the room.

“Did you know her and Peitro were a thing?!”

“Wait that’s what you’re mad about Capsicle?” Tony asked incredulous.

“Oh she’s in trouble for disobeying an order, but I knew it was only a matter of time. She not exactly one to listen. Plus you really want to be in there when two lovers reunite?” Tony laughing so hard he had to sit down. Who knew Cap was so bright?

The Quinjet landed the back door opening as Tony, Bucky, Sam, Bruce, and Steve climbed the ramp.

“Fuck! God’s don’t leave again.” You gasped out gripping his forearms.

“Will you two give it a break?!?  I want to get out of here!” Wandas accent thickening in her annoyance.

Pietro’s fingers started vibrating on your nipple and clit. Words failing you while Peitro grinned at his victory.

Orgasms wracking your body as your arms failed you.  Pietro pulling you up against him laving a trail of open mouth kisses against your neck. Lightly flicking your clit up and down to extend the orgasm. All of your weight now on him. His cum trailing down your inner thigh. Biting your lip at the feeling of being fulfilled.

“Why didn’t I listen to Natasha?” Bruce said shaking his head, covering his eye’s.  His cheeks bright red.

“Vhat you vant to stay and vatch?! Get out!!!” Pietro turning his head ass in full view to the Avengers. His hands and arms covering the important bits. 

“Pete if they want to stay we could always give them a show?” At that Wanda stormed out her eye’s closed as she swore in Sokovian. The Avengers cracking up as they walked back to the tower.

Pietro laughing at his sister’s words. The hanger door slowly closing.

“I got horn dogs or maybe hot dog.”

“Printessa you don’t want to know.” He said giving your breast a light squeeze.

Arching an eyebrow as you rubbed your body up against his.

“Again Printessa?” Pietro asked as you turned to face him. Lips descending on his neck. Your thigh moving up his hip grinding your wet pussy against his cock. His eye’s closing as a smile emerged.

“Yes it is good to be back.” This started a whole nother round.

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percabeth, friends with benefits au

ps, go check out Jess’s friends with benefits AU here


The Argo II lands, and everybody on board is shuffled towards the Big House. Annabeth loses Percy for a while in the crowd of well-wishers and healers. Chiron’s in there somewhere, and Grover for a brief press of hands, and Piper appears halfway down the ramp and doesn’t leave her side for moment, and she falls asleep while Clarisse stands above her head and talks and Rachel brushes her hair from her face. It’s been a long quest, and Annabeth supposes she deserves this time to heal, surrounded by her friends, sinking into oblivion.

It’s dark when she wakes again. A candle burns on the tableside opposite hers, and when she turns onto her side, Percy’s there, lying on his back on the bed next to hers. She reaches out to brush her hand over his face. He jerks awake, eyes dark in the night. “Annabeth.”


“Hey,” he murmurs, reaching out for her. She slips out from her covers and into his, making herself comfortable in his infirmary bed. He’s—he’s warm, and solid, and she runs her hands up and under his shirt, and he closes his eyes against the sensation. Annabeth listens to him groan. The sound sends heat straight to her belly. “Percy.”

He pushes into her, pulls her closer, fists his hands in her hair. This is as close as they’ve ever been, and yet she cannot imagine anybody else touching her this way; cannot imagine trusting anybody else as she does him.

“Annabeth,” he murmurs, asks. “Okay?”

“Yeah,” she says, opening her mouth to his. For him, she will open herself, her heart, her body. For him. Only for him. “Yes.”


Request: “Ben x Reader? Story where Ben never turns dark side and takes after his father. He meets the reader when he takes the millennium falcon out for a joy ride.”

A/N: First of all, I had no idea what gif to use so there’s that. Second of all, I used a good handful of Star Wars terms in this, such as ‘in Malachor’ or ‘Sleemo’…incase you don’t know what they mean you can ask me! Finally, I’m sorry for not posting requests in a while, I’ve finally had the chance to get back to it so here ya go! [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 1.8K+

Warning: None


There was nothing more amusing and thrilling than taking the Falcon out for a joy ride. Sure, most of the time Ben went out on little adventures with his father here and there, Han passing down his ways of being a smuggler–except Ben wasn’t as sloppy–but there was no lie that Ben got himself into worlds of trouble. He literally would get himself into an unnecessary blaster fights (which, he always won), only giving Leia more of a reason to scorn her husband for being such an influence on her beloved son. “Alright, pops, I’ll be back in a bit…gotta get a few parts for the Falcon back on Corellia,” Ben saluted as he stood on the ramp, deciding to leave his good co-pilot Chewy behind. “Maybe this time we can fix those dangerous leaks for good and get some power converters.”

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I got you

(A/N): thank you anon for the awesome request! 

Warnings: injury, sorta blood lust, angsty reader, 

Originally posted by caps-bucky

    This was new, this was most definitely strange, but you didn’t hate it. You had spent all your life thinking there was no cure for this…this condition you had. You constantly lived in fear of turning and killing someone and that had become the norm for you. Constantly living in fear, always isolating yourself so that no one got hurt. But you didn’t have to do that now because you’d found a way to cure this, albeit temporarily. 

   You were honestly shocked when you had found this ‘cure’. It came out of nowhere too, one minute you’re locked in the training room, your hunger for blood strong and the next you’re suddenly wrapped up within Bucky’s arms, as if seconds ago you weren’t trying to kill everyone in the training room. The team had then discovered that there was indeed a cure to your illness, your “condition” and it was Bucky. 

   That man could take you from a raging killing machine to a normal (as normal as you could get) person in under 10 seconds. Something about him just soothed that side of you, the dark evil side that you hated with a fiery passion. Now, you didn’t have to live in fear of hurting those around you, so long as you had Bucky by your side. But sometimes he wasn’t going to be there for you and what were you to do then?

    Your nerves were on fire as you slowly dressed for your mission, placing on each layer of clothing with heavy movements. Something about today didn’t feel right, something deep within your bones was telling you that something bad was going to happen. It was like that fear you had was coming back, that bone chilling anxiety that you were going to hurt someone. You sigh softly as you run your fingers through your hair, pulling it back into a bun. Maybe you could ask Tony if you could sit this one out? Stay within the quinjet while everyone else went out and did this-

   “Hey,” A calm voice suddenly penetrates your thoughts. You direct your gaze up, looking directly into the mirror, there you saw only one reflection…and it wasn’t yours. Instead, your gaze connects to the figure behind you, Bucky, leaning up against the doorframe. 

   “Hey,” You reply, just as calmly and quietly as he had. 

   “You ready to go?” You sigh softly, your hands slumping at your sides. No, you weren’t ready, you were most definitely not ready. Despite this you nod, putting on one of your fake smiles. 

   “Yep, let’s go-” You attempt to brush past Bucky, hoping he didn’t think too much about your strange answer. But as you go to walk past him he grabs your forearm, pulling you back against him. 

   “No you’re not.” He whispers, “Something’s going on with you…” You knew it was pointless to lie to Bucky, he knew you like the back of his hand. It would have only taken him 5 seconds to realize you weren’t okay. 

   “It’s just that-” You sigh yet again, folding your arms over your chest protectively. “Something doesn’t feel right about this mission…like…I’m just being paranoid probably.” You glare at the ground, too embarrassed to look Bucky in the eyes. 

   “If anything does go wrong I’m there for you…okay?” You nod softly, keeping your eyes glued to the ground, refusing to meet Bucky’s gaze. You don’t have to, however, as Bucky gingerly tilts your head up, your gazes connecting. “If you’re too worried about this mission though we can ask Tony about sitting this one out…” You nod yet again, feeling as though that would be your best option. Bucky hums softly, lightly trailing his fingers along your jawline. “Then we’ll talk to Tony then,” 

   “Thank you Bucky,” You whisper quietly as you turn your head to press a small kiss to the inside of his wrist. “You’re the best,” Bucky smiles softly, leaning in to press a kiss to your forehead. 

   “I know I am,” 

    Bucky talked to Tony and he agreed that you should sit this one out. Heightened emotions did something to you…made you turn into that thing. So, if you were feeling nervous enough to almost throw up it was a good thing you weren’t participating on this mission. 

   The rest of the team assembled their gear, getting ready to go save a nation. While everyone geared up and prepared to go kick ass you were stuck to your seat, attempting to soothe your nerves. Nothing felt right about this, not being here, not the whole mission, nothing. You knew even if you were to remain in the Quinjet something bad was going to happen, it just wouldn’t be at your hands. 

   “It’ll be okay,” Bucky whispers, rubbing his hands up your back in an attempt to comfort you. “We knew what we’re doing.” 

   “I know you guys do, it’s just that something doesn’t feel right. Nothing about this situation feels right.” 

   “How silly are going to feel when we all return safe and sound?” You smile faintly, your nerves calming slightly. 

   “Yeah, with Clint ‘i broke my nose falling from a fridge’ Barton and Thor ‘I accidentally punched myself in the face with mjolnir’ Odinson I’m sure you guys are going to be just fine.”

   “Don’t forget Steve ‘I hit myself in the gut with my metal frisbee’ Rogers.” You chuckle softly, recalling the memory in which Steve did indeed hit himself with his Shield. 

  “Yeah, good luck getting out of there without a scratch,” 

  “So long as I’m not by any one of those guys I’ll be fine,” 

  “Okay Bucky ‘I got my tongue stuck to my arm’ Barnes,” 

  “Whatever (Y/N) ‘I trip over flat surfaces’ (Y/L/N),” You stick your tongue out playfully only to have Bucky do it right back. 

   “Okay you two children,” Steve calls to you two, a smile upon his face. “We gotta get in there now,” Bucky gives you one last smile before jumping up to press a kiss to your forehead. 

   “I’ll be back in no time doll,” Bucky gives your hand a soft squeeze before rushing off the ramp of the Quinjet, leaving you all alone with your anxiety. 

   You paced up and down the Quinjet, biting your nail down until they were hardly nails at all. It’d been two hours since the team left, this was supposed to be an hour mission. You gulp dryly, trying not to think of everything that could be going wrong. Unfortunately your dark thoughts prevailed and you found yourself thinking of the worst possible scenarios. What if they were all dead? What if they were being tortured? Maybe they’d run off and left you here alone? Maybe one them was a traitor and turned on all the others? Maybe-  

   Your comm suddenly buzzes to life and what you hear on the other end does not sound good. 

   “(Y/N)!” Sam’s voice yells to you. “We need help! You gotta get down here!” You gulp once again, listening to the gunshots and screaming in the background “We’re losing and we’re losing quick. Get your ass down here!” And with that the comm shuts down, leaving the Quinjet feeling empty and hollow. Breathing in shakily you reach for your gun upon a shelf all the while mentally preparing yourself for all that blood…

   Missions had always been hard, given that there was always bloodshed. That creature within you would scream at you to give in, to just have a little taste but you never did. Sure, you’d come close but Bucky had been there to soothe the beast. Now, you weren’t so sure if you could be soothed this time. 

   Pushing your thoughts away you grab your weapon and head down the ramp, your gaze set upon the forest in front of you. You exhale loudly, gripping your weapon a little tighter.  It was no or never…

   You knew this had gone down hill as soon as you stepped on the scene. The Avengers were trying valiantly to fight off all the Agents but they were strong and quick and now the Avengers were losing. You attempted to keep your cool as fought off all the agents but it all became too much when the agents rebounded on Bucky, attacking him until he could barely fight them off. 

   Something within you snapped and you had no control over what happened next. One minute you’re fighting the agents with a gun and the next minute you’ve drained nearly every agent within the vicinity of Bucky. You felt lightheaded off the blood that stuck to your mouth, your lips, your chin. It almost felt like a high, like you’d finally given in and now you had reached euphoria. All you knew was that now your hunger was even stronger than before. 

   You licked your lips as you set eyes upon a group of agents that had swarmed around Natasha. You could nearly taste the blood under their skin, it was so close you could smell it. You growl softly as you go to lunge at an agents but stop short when Bucky jumps in front of you, blocking you from reaching what you desired. 

   “(Y/N),” Bucky panted softly. “I need you to calm down, okay?” You nearly growled at him, a warning that he needed to back up. “This isn’t you, you don’t want this…” Bucky takes a step closer to you, the movement slow and hesitant. You bare your teeth at him, hoping the pointed canines would scare him off. Unfortunately, Bucky didn’t seemed deterred by this at all, instead he took another step closer. “Calm down (Y/N), okay? We’ve got this under control now, you can go back to the quinjet…” he takes another step closer, making the distance between the two of you even smaller. “…Just…calm…down…” Bucky whispers as he hesitantly reaches his metal arm out to grasp your hand. 

   With each passing word you could feel yourself slowly shift back into a normal state of mind, the bloodlust was disappearing and your normal mind was suddenly coming back. It suddenly dawned upon you your mistake and a raging fire of self hatred bubbled within you. 

   You’d given in, you’d finally let that goddamn creature win. You swipe your tongue along your lip and when you taste the blood there it only fuels your self loathing. A small sob rises in your throat and tears well within your eyes. You actually gave in, gave that monster the satisfaction of knowing that you were weak.  You sob quietly, wanting nothing more than to curl up and die, burn in hell cause that’s what you deserved. Immediately Bucky pulls you against his chest, holding you tightly. 

   “It’s okay (Y/N)…” He whispers as he gingerly runs his hands along your now matted hair. “It’s okay…I got you.” You sob again, your knees giving out as your self hatred and pain grow within you. Bucky pulls you even tighter against him, keeping you secured against his body. “You were just trying to help, it’s okay.” You couldn’t even find the words within you to speak, all you could do was sob and sob. 

   You could vaguely hear the sounds of conversation amongst the Avengers but you were too out of it to distinguish the words. All you were focused on was the drying blood around your mouth and the self hatred that was bubbling within you. 

   “(Y/N),” Bucky whispers against your ear. “It’s okay. The mission’s over and we’re gonna go home. Then we’ll just forget this whole thing, kay?” You didn’t deserve to go home, all you deserved was to die. Die the way you had killed those men, in a brutal and slow fashion. 

   You can hear more conversation but you don’t even pay attention, your focus is now on the warm arms wrapped around you tightly, and the soft kisses that we’re being peppered along your head. 

   “I’m gonna pick you up now, kay?” You nod softly and then you’re suddenly being lifted up bridal style. You catch a vague glimpse of the other Avengers around you and you can feel more tears gathering within your eyes. What would your teammates think of you? What if they feared you now? You can barely stand to look at any of them so instead you take up to burying your face into Bucky’s chest, shielding your gaze from the world. 

    Back on the Quinjet you rush to the bathroom, desperate to get away from everyone and to scrub away at your face until all the blood was gone. You turn on the taps and grab a towel, wetting the corner and beginning to scrub at the blood that caked your mouth. You were disgusted with yourself and you wanted nothing more than to sit in the bathroom and curl up and die. 

   You furiously scrubbed at the drying blood and dirt, most likely rubbing your skin raw. More tears gather within your eyes and you’re about to start crying once again when a quiet knock upon the door stops you.

   “It’s me.” Bucky’s voice calls. “Can I come in?” You sniffle quietly as you pull at the door knob, letting the door swing open on its own. Bucky steps into the small space, locking the door behind him. He stares at the bloodied rag in your hands before looking back up to your face. “Here,” Bucky gingerly takes the rag from your hands. “let me,” he oh so gently wipes at your face and you can’t help but think to yourself that you don’t deserve this kind of respect and kindness, not after what you just did. 

   “This doesn’t change our opinions on you…” Bucky whispers as he gently dabs the towel back into the water. “We all still love you just the same,” You sigh shakily, closing your eyes as tears threaten to escape. “In fact I think Nat was planning on taking you out shopping after this,” 

   “I don’t want to,” You croak, the first words you’d spoken since the incident. 

   “that’s okay,” Bucky nods. “We can do whatever you want.” You nod softly, biting your lip in thought. 

   “Can we just-” You swallow thickly, hesitating in your words. “Can we just cuddle or something…” Bucky laughs softly, his eyes crinkling softly. 

   “Sure, we can cuddle,” Bucky nods his head, giving you a warm smile. “That sounds great,” The two of you fall into a small silence, just sitting there as Bucky wipes away at your blood caked skin. 

   “Bucky?” You ask quietly. Bucky hums softly, acknowledging your comment. “…do you still love me? Even if I-I’m this…thing?”

   “You are not some thing.” Bucky chastises, setting the towel down on the sink. His hands gently cup your face, squishing your cheeks together. “You are (Y/N) (Y/L/N) and I love you, got it?” You nod softly, a faint smile rising to your lips. 

   “Got it,” 


Fall at Herrick Lake - Wheaton IL by Meridith112
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gabe newell smashes into the ubisoft hall in his ferrari, ramps into the screen, leaves a 3 shaped hole in it, crowd goes wild and feral

The fact

That Val’s Z-related social media activity ramps up when she leaves the country makes me think that they see/talk behind the scenes a lot when she is home.

Val, I expect you to post a hot selfie soon. Don’t disappoint me.

Starkiller Science: Chapter 34

Summary: The final battle between Kylo Ren and Rey commences as the Starkiller Base explodes.

Word Count: 3421


A clashing of lightsabres flooded your vision as Talia dragged you up the ramp of a small cruiser in the Starkiller Base’s hangar.  Your feet stumbled, not on the metal incline but upon the ice and snow beneath Kylo Ren’s feet.  The red light of the sabre illuminated the falling snow that danced through the night air and cast an eerie glow against his bloodied, black tabard.  A blue light faced against him from the opposing sabre held firmly in Rey’s hands as she backed up on shaking legs.  She was fighting as hard as she could against Kylo Ren yet still being backed against trees as she tried to escape from him and defend any further attacks that he would have against FN-2187.

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