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I've made a few games before and this time I want to make an rpg horror game.but it feels like every idea I come up with for one has either already been done before or is too stereotypical/overused....??? help ;w;;

Well, There’s a lot of ideas that get used over and over again, like coming of age stories and vampires.  The trick is to take inspiration from others and put them in a direction that no one else has done before.  Uhhhh It’s actually around 3-4am as I type this so please see TV Tropes for a good explanation on that.

Alright, do you mean “I want to make a game on the RPG Maker Engine that is Horror” or “I want to make a game in the vein of what tumblr considers RPG Horror?” I can work with both.

I want to Make a “RPG Horror”

Ok, start listing things common to the genre you want to do, and specifically common things.  Like:

  • Settings - schools, dreamworlds, asylums, forrest…
  • Plots - accidentally get transported to another bizarro world [like alice in wonderland], stuck in a mansion with a vengeful ghost/monster/killer… 
  • Characters - comic relief, yanderes, tragic ghost, etc.  Any certain type you see over & over again.
  • Plot Twist - and then john was a zombie!, u were the monster the whole time, you’re just the puppet and the puppeteer is the player character…
  • Game Mechanics - sprinting, how you use items, light sources, stealth, whether or not you can push certain objects around… changing up common gameplay elements can really change your game.
  • What tactics the game uses to scare the player (Some rely on jumpscares or how big and scary their monster is, some rely on the presentation of the monster itself, some rely on building tension between characters, others rely on building tension between the player vs the outside world, etc.)
  • And anything else that comes to mind.

Now look at your list.  Is there something you can take and play with?  Can your plot be how someone becomes a yandere instead of running away from one?  Can the protagonist not leave the area not because they physically can’t, but they’re compelled to stay due to scientific curiosity?  How about something you can introduce?  Like a different setting (space!  the jungle! a work office!) or a different monster (selkies, grindylows, bunyips, yowies, etc.).  Perhaps look at So You Want to Write a Survival Horror Game to get an idea of what direction you want to go.

I want to Make a Horror Game in RPG Maker

Seems like you’re out of inspiration.   Perhaps you should turn to some other horror based media to get ideas from?  Or maybe think of a really scary/creepy moment from a show or video game you’ve seen or played recently, and see if you can turn that moment into something longer with different characters.  

I got some stuff you can check out for inspiration if you’d like:

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