ramphotyphlops braminus


Tonight’s photo post is not a photo at all, but a video. And a somewhat strange one~

Hawaiian blind snake!
It goes by many other names as well. Brahminy blind snake, flowerpot snake, common blind snake, island blind snake….

They are tiny little snakes, only measuring in inches, and have translucent scales covering their eyes, rendering them useless for all except registering light intensity.
These snakes live underground and feed on ants and termites. So, no need to have eyes that can get filled with dirt~

They are parthenogenetic. An entirely female, entirely genetically-identical species. They reproduce without fertilization, giving birth to clones of themselves.

These tiny snakes arrived in Hawai'i via stowing away in the soil of imported plants coming from Asia. Thus the nickname of flowerpot snake~
They are the only snake that lives in Hawai'i, and the only one you won’t get arrested over for having in your yard haha

The snake featured in the video was dug up today while my dad and I were moving rocks in the yard. (My dad’s Father’s Day gift to himself was manual labor aw yis)
I took her out of harm’s way and put her back where she came from once we were done moving rocks. She was just about five inches long.
Look at the way she puts the tip of her tail against the ground and pushes with it.
I don’t know if it’s visible in this video, but she was flicking her tiny white tongue in and out the whole time I had her.

So cute ;u;


Ramphotyphlops braminus

Found one of these cuties last night. Pictures aren’t my own, but just to give you an idea, I live in Hawaii and this is the only snake species we have other then rare occasions of yellow sea snakes.
This is the only known species of snake to be parthenogenic (entirely female), and is rarely seen because it burrows underground and is commonly mistaken for a worm.
So happy I got to find one of these amazing little serpents :)