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I’m back with a new chapter : ) @niklausxcaroline did an amazeballs gif set for this fic and I absolutely adore it. If you haven’t seen her brilliant take yet, you can look at it here. Thanks lovely lady, your talent astounds me constantly! Thanks also to Paula @howeverlongs for the cover too. 


Part 7: That Old Black Magic

“For you’re the lover I have been waiting for. You’re the mate that fate had me created for…" 

Louis Armstrong Park - 701 N Rampart Street - Friday AM

Caroline sat idly on the park bench, mindlessly pulling apart her fresh baguette and throwing it towards the greedy birds gathered nearby. It was supposedly her lunch but Caroline didn’t have an appetite, in fact she hadn’t consumed much since her ordeal at the Mikaelson compound and that was saying a lot given her usually excessive eating habits. She assumed once she’d gone back to her life working at Spellbound and practicing her witchcraft, all would go back to normal.

Unfortunately a certain, lying bastard that had been haunting her relentlessly had other plans. Those mocking, crimson lips and disarming dimples had an unwelcome way of entering her subconscious. Even in her waking hours, he would rudely interrupt Caroline at the most inopportune times. Why Caroline had no idea. He’d deceived her in the worst possible way but yet she couldn’t shake him or the feeling of his lips against hers. Caroline had decided he’d placed a spell on her this time but unlike her failure, he seemed to have succeeded.

Bonnie and Katherine knew something wasn’t right, they would have been stupid not to given her erratic behaviour the past few days. Her only saving grace was the fact Bonnie and Katherine seemed to have been equally distracted by their own Mikaelson issues. As angry as they’d all been by the deception, there was no denying they’d all left their mark on the three witches.

Mikaelson Compound - French Quarter - Monday AM

"Excuse me?” Caroline challenged. There was no way in hell she was going to stay in this idiot’s house after she knew exactly what he’d done. Call her crazy but even after everything, Caroline still had her pride even if it had been dented considerably. She was inwardly kicking herself for falling for his act, since when had she become so damn naive?

Caroline decided to blame it on the fact that she’d been off kilter ever since arriving in New Orleans and being thrown into this whole new world of witchcraft and vampires. She thought the most she’d have to worry about was memorising her spells, not warding off an Original, Hybrid stalker and his cuckoo family. “You will let us leave immediately. I figured after your brother’s behaviour it’s the least I deserve.”

“Which is exactly why we can’t let you leave, Miss Forbes,” Elijah countered, his steely gaze unwavering.

“Is someone scared of a few witches?” Katherine baulked. Unlike her previous comments which had all been laced with flirty undertones, it was obvious the brunette wasn’t playing so nice anymore.

“We are not scared,” Rebekah scoffed. “We just don’t need unpredictable witches roaming the streets with a silly grudge.”

“Silly grudge? That’s an interesting way of putting it,” Bonnie drawled. “If it wasn’t for your brother’s weird vendetta…”

“Oh come on, darling,” Enzo interrupted. “I think vendetta is a little strong, it was more like a crush gone slightly skewed.”

“I am still in the room you realise,” Klaus growled, his gaze trained solely on Caroline. She was finding his attention unnerving, especially when she was supposed to be outraged by his betrayal.

“So, why don’t you start acting like it?” Rebekah mumbled. “Kol, surely you have something to say, you usually can’t shut your trap.” Caroline hadn’t known him for long but she had to admit his lack of opinion on the situation was strange. His eyes remained glued on Bonnie’s brown ones, almost like he was torn about what to do or say.

“I can’t believe you’re encouraging him to complain,” Enzo joked. Caroline was beginning to realise he had a tendency to mask awkwardness with jokes. Given Rebekah’s unimpressed gaze, she was starting to wonder just what the couple had in common.

“The decision is final,” Elijah asserted, ignoring Enzo. “You will remain our guests until we decide otherwise.”

“Your guests?” Katherine asked incredulously. “I didn’t realise imprisoning people was considered hospitality these days.” It was obvious any initial attraction between them had cooled significantly.

“Enough!” Klaus bellowed, finally breaking out of his self-imposed trance. “They are free to go.”

“But Niklaus…” Rebekah attempted to argue before he interrupted.

“No buts,” he bit out. “I am to blame for this, not them.” Caroline had since averted her gaze, too afraid to meet his stare and get lost in his blue eyes again before he added. “Let them go, that’s an order.”

The next moments were a blur for Caroline. One minute they were arguing with the Originals and the next the three girls were walking free from the compound without so much of a backwards glance. It was easier this way but for some reason Caroline felt a strange sensation overtake her body and every step away from him made her heart ache. She had no idea why though given his callous treatment towards her.

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Nat Geo Travel contributing photographer Susan Seubert recently went on assignment in Quebec City. We sat down with her to talk about her experience shooting in this historic Canadian city.

Nat Geo Travel: Did you prepare for the Quebec City assignment differently than previous assignments?

Susan Seubert: I try to approach every assignment with the same sort of thorough approach, which is to say that I check the weather averages, look at all the major stock sites,  NGT: It was still a chilly time of year in Quebec City, but you managed to capture people out and about enjoying themselves. How did you approach scenes in Quebec City and work them?

SS: One of the most important ways to approach any assignment is with a positive attitude—even if the odds are stacked against you. In this case, it was the season that was challenging. When the sun comes out in Quebec, so do the people. Since I’m from Portland, Oregon, I understand this very well. When it was raining, I would try to focus on interiors or places where the light wouldn’t be the most important part of the story. I also think that people and food are a great way to emphasize the alluring parts of travel, so if I spotted someone who looked interesting, I would approach them and see how they did in front of a camera.

There are also endless ways to photograph Vieux Quebec—it’s so enchanting with the ramparts and cobblestone streets, the rain would make the city seem dark and mysterious, whereas the sun would make it look like a place where you could sit outside and have a beer.

NGT: You were working the narrow city streets on foot for much of the shoot. Are there unique challenges to photographing a city with a narrow layout and crowded streets?

SS: Some of the narrow streets made for dark shadows when the sun was up. I always find that working at the edges of the day is the best time to make pictures. Early morning and late evening into dusk and beyond always lends itself to good images. Being that far north made for long days, but that’s okay because to me making interesting and beautiful images is my goal.

NGT: What was the most surprising moment of the trip?  

SS: The family restaurant that served raclette. I honestly didn’t think that there would be much authenticity left, given how overpowering the tourist industry in Quebec, but walking into that little café, on a side street with a wonderful family that only spoke French felt so genuine. I loved that!

NGT: What gear did you use?  

SS: Generally I have two cameras—one with a long lens and one with a wider lens. That way I don’t have to think about changing lenses. With this setup I can shoot just about any scene. I also strapped a Gitzo carbon fiber tripod to my back so that I would have it in case I got lost and stayed away from my headquarters at the hotel too long. I do draw attention to myself this way, but in a city like Quebec, it’s not a problem.

See more of Susan’s photos from Quebec City >>

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This is how crazy and different New Orleans is.  You’re walking down the street and a Rooster is walking down the sidewalk and crowing louder than hell, and it’s being followed by more chickens.  That alone made me wonder if I was asleep and dreaming or got dosed or something.

Then a sexy chick in yoga clothes pulls up in her car and lets her huge dog out and the dog walks over by the Rooster and sniffs it and the Rooster lets it.  Then the sexy yoga chick starts telling the Rooster, apparently his name is Mr. Happy, she starts telling him that it’s going to rain in a little.

I just stood there thinking “what the fuck?

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