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WWE 6; No More Hurt


prompt; “Hey, hey, calm down, they can’t hurt you anymore.”

 Dean Ambrose;

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           “Hey, hey, calm down, they can’t hurt you anymore,” Dean whispered as the medics put you on the stretcher after you suffered your match against Evolution. The Authority threatened the Shield with firing all of them and told the four of you the only way that you could avoid termination of your contract was to compete in a match against Evolution – Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton – on your own.

            “No interferences, no DQs, no mercy,” Triple H had said, “Survive the 20-minute match and your jobs are safe,” he promised and Dean stepped forward, taking the challenge but Triple H shook his head.

            “I don’t mean you, lunatic, I mean her,” he said, pointing at you as the crowd started screaming.

            “I just have to survive?” you asked, grabbing the mic from Dean who shook his head rapidly at you. Triple H nodded and you frowned.

            “Alright,” you said shaking his hand before anyone could stop you and now, here you were, having a neck brace put on as another began to check the dilation in your pupils.

            “Dean, my neck; my neck hurts so bad,” you whimpered through the tears as he grasped your hand and walked up the barricade next to you. You went into surgery that night, the boys staying in the waiting room to await the news of your surgery. When the doctor walked out, the three stood up and moved forward.

            “How is she? What happened? Is she going to be okay?” the three asked and the doctor nodded.

           “We were able to fuse her neck but it’s going to be a long recovery for her, she needs her rest right now,” the doctor said before walking away the men.

 Finn Balor;

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           You had been ambushed, attacked by men of the locker room who were angry at the opportunities that your boyfriend was given as a new member of the main roster and instead of going after Finn, they came after you, being sure to make this beating a message.

           You looked up just in time to see Karl Anderson stomp down on your chest making you gasp out for air, nothing filling your lungs as you rolled onto your side, Seth kicking you in the back as you groaned in pain, squeezing your eyes shut as you hoped for it to be over. “Hey,” you heard a thick Irish accent yell and footsteps as you sighed in relief as the pain was gone. You looked up to see Finn looking down at you and leaning down to grasp your face in his hands.

            “Babe,” he whispered, brushing the tears away as you began to sob, the bruises and cuts already forming as you reached weakly for him, Sami and Neville behind him as they had helped push away the men from you. “Hey, hey, calm down, they can’t hurt you anymore,” he whispered, pulling you close and kissing your temple as he held you close, vowing to never let anyone hurt you again.

 Enzo & Big Cass;

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           “Now, now Y/N, join the Club or suffer the consequence,” AJ Styles yelled into the mic, moving toward you as Gallows and Anderson surrounded you on both sides, ready to attack if you needed to be taught a lesson.

            “I don’t really like orange peels, mom,” you replied slowly into the mic, dropping it and moving to walk past him and leave the ring when he grabbed your hair, pulling you back to hit the ground and the rest of the Club entered the ring, setting you up for a magic killer as you suddenly heard a strong beat hit the speakers just as you were spun to the ground.

            Enzo and Big Cass came storming down the ramp as they jumped into the ring to protect you. Big Cass stomped out the three of them as Enzo came to check on you, bending down to make sure you were awake and saw that you were quite shaken from the move.

            “Hey, hey, calm down, they can’t hurt you anymore,” he whispered, pulling you up gently as his hand wrapped around your waist as Big Cass yelled to The Club how sawft they were.

Neighbors from Hell.

It was back in.. 95-97 ish times.

The pool, water and pump were about $6500 to replace.

The roof was about $7k. The neighbor used his brother in law to do the work while my father supervised.

The deck was just replacing the surface boards. My father liked the spacing to be tight. So the frame work didn’t suffer too much damage. About $1k for lumber.

My father used his old neighbor and my mother’s cousin to do the body work on the vehicles. I think it was about $3000 total for the vehicles.

The house painting was done by my neighbor’s company. My dad figured it took him $700 to $900 worth of paint and scaffold renting to do it himself. So the company would be a bit cheaper.

It was suggested by two people to post my story here. So, I’m sharing :)

The question asked was “Redditors who have had ‘neighbors from hell’, what happened?”

I took care of it. I was 14. My neighbors and I would always feud. I’d get in physical fights with all of their kids. They ranged from a juice pig failed out cop turned security at 21, a 16 year old drug abusing loser, a 14 year old know it all and a 12 year old who had a crush on my sister. They were all pigs. Always leaving trash to blow freely in their yard. Never taking their shoes in the house. Parking on our lawn. Shoveling their gravel filled snow in to our lawn. Etc.

I was smaller than the 12 year old by a few inches. So I was an easy target. I think the whole thing started over street hockey. I scored on the 14 year old brother and they said I cheated.

The 16 year old and 14 year old got a good idea in their head one day. Jump me while I was walking back home from uptown and make me eat grass while working on my kidneys. When I stood up, they threw me in to a rose bush. I ended up getting bit by a few wasps. I ended up at the hospital. Nothing too serious. Just a few scars. Had to have a thorn removed from my eye. Blah blah blah.

So I got in to their shed and removed the nut that holds the front tire to the bike. The 16 year old did a wheelie and nothing happened. The 14 year old jumped a ramp and the front wheel came off. He went to the hospital. I thought it was finished after that.

My parents had left with my sister to go to a hockey tournament. The neighbors thought I went with them. Their parents were also leaving for a week for vacation. The night their parents left for vacation, they threw food coloring, rocks, broken bottles, boxes of street chalk and bags of flour in to our pool. The oldest brother then drove them off somewhere for the week.

Instead of vandalizing my neighbor’s house in retaliation, I vandalized my own even more. I threw eggs, wet paper, and flour at my house and up on the roof. I threw hair spray soaked lunch meat on the truck, van and jeep. And I let the air out of all the tires. I made sure I did it all from angles that would be from their property for the majority of the attack. I used their shoes to muck through my mother’s garden to get to the driveway.

And then it rained. The flour turned to dough. The eggs rotted. The paper turned in to a glue. Then the sun baked it. It ended up creating a few thousand dollars worth of damage from what I did. The pool had to be drained and the pump and liner had to be replaced.

I waited until my parents got home. They called the police. The police took my statement. Then they waited for my neighbors to get home. We all had a sit down. There was no disputing the damage. I had pictures of them trashing the pool, throwing objects over the fence. My camera didn’t have a complete roll of film, so I couldn’t document the whole thing. What I did have though was enough to convince the police and the insurance company as well as the neighbors that their kids were completely guilty.

The neighbors agreed to pay for all the damage as long as we didn’t press charges. We got a new deck. New paint on the home (my father hand painted the cedar siding of a 2700 square foot home every 3 years until he decided to go maintenance free) and new shingles for the roof. The cars were repainted and the pool was repaired and refilled.

Two months later, the neighbors moved. I have no idea what happened to any of them.

Baron Corbin

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By: Muscle Marinara. 

Warning; Smut


“He likes you!” 

“He’s soooo into you.” 

“Why don’t you talk to him??” 

“Oh c’mon. You guys would look adorable.”

This is all you heard whenever you passed or even glanced over at Baron. Obviously everyone knew he was into you but you just couldn’t believe what they were telling you. You just shake your head and change into your ring gear and walk out of the diva’s locker room. You knew you had a match but you didn’t know who it was against or anything about what was going to happen which was kinda scary. You quickly prep for your match and then head out once you hear your theme music. You walk out on stage and you hold your hands behind you back and stand on the top of the ramp. You smirk and walk down the ramp and jump into the ring Your theme gets cut off by Shane’s. You knew what was coming now. You take a deep breath ready for what was going to happen. 

“Y/n! Wait. We have picked out what you’re going to be doing… This will be a mixed tag team match.“ You cross your arms and give him a confused look

“It will be you and The lone wolf Baron Corbin Vs. Dolph Ziggler and Becky Lynch.” He says. Your heart drops. Baron??? Out of all people! You couldn’t believe it. You sigh and wait in the ring and Shane walks off and Baron’s theme blasts through and he walks out on stage. You scoff and cross your arms again and watch him until he gets into the ring. He steps in and looks at you and smirks. You roll your eyes and raise your hand up. 

“Don’t even.” You spoke and wait for Dolph and Becky to make their entrances. Once they did everyone was in the ring. You basically kick Baron out of the ring so you could start the match off. You and Becky hear the bell and you both lock up. You quickly get pushed to the ropes and you come back and clothesline her. She falls to the mat and then gets up again. Only to be caught in an enziguri. You crawl into the pin and you get a two count. You push your hair out of your face and glare at the ref. You grab Becky and push her against the ropes and push your knee against the back of her neck. 

“Y/n! Away from the ropes!” The ref begins to count. You back off and then yank Becky towards the middle of the ring and go for the pin. She kicks out and you huff. You look up on the top rope and smirk. You pull her in place and quickly make your way up to the top rope. Once you get in position Becky quickly gets up there with you. She grabs your hair and you both start throwing punches. You didn’t have the full balance since you where standing on the ropes. Becky somehow kicks you and you fall off. Half of your body collides with the apron and you hit the ground hard. You cry out in pain and try to catch your breath. Becky gets out of the ring and so does the Ref. He goes and tries to check on you but Becky quickly grabs you and throws you into the ring. She goes for the pin but you quickly kick out. Once you did you try to get out of the match and tag in Baron but you were too far. You struggle to get your breath back. You shake your head and lean against the turnbuckles. Becky runs towards you but you quickly move out of the way and she stops herself and turns towards you, You try to super kick her but she stops you and pushes you down the mat. You glares at her and get up again. 

“You know what Becky?? Bye.” You spoke and go over and slap Baron’s chest and tag yourself out. Becky puts her hands on her hips and looks at you. You lean against the ropes and shrug. 

“Get out of the ring!” You scoff. Becky shakes her head and tags in Dolph. Baron and Dolph quickly start intensifying they match. Baron goes to tag you in but you jump off the apron and pretend to hurt your knee. You grab onto it and fake the pain. You limp near the ramp and you and Baron don’t break eye contact. You point as Dolph jumps on his back trying to deliver a zig-zag. Baron pushes him off and gets him in the position of End of Days and quickly delivers it. He gets the pin while looking at you. You scoff and cross your arms and make your way up the ramp. Once you get backstage and start walking down the hall you hear someone calling after you. You immediately knew who it was. You turn around and come face to face with Baron. 

“What was that?” Baron asks. 

“What?” You ask.

“You know what! Why did you try to leave me??” Baron glares. 

“Because maybe I can.” You scoff and try to walk away. He grabs your arm and pulls you back and your body collides with his. You gasp and look up at him. Baron smirks and pulls you into a random room and locks it behind him. He pushes you against the wall and picks you up easily. You immediately wrap your legs around him. 

“Now I know you don’t hate me. You just like to act like it,” He smirks You playfully roll your eyes. 

“How do you know that?” You ask. Baron smirks again and kisses your lips. You wrap your arms around his neck and pull him closer, kissing him back. Baron’s hands go lower on your ass giving it a light squeeze. You gasp and he slips his tongue inside your mouth. Your tongues fight for dominance but he quickly wins. You grab the ends of his long hair and pull on them. He groans and then his hands leave your ass and grabs the hem of your bra that you were wearing as your ring gear. He pulls it off and he quickly cups your breasts and trails his kisses down to your neck, leaving rough sloppy kisses. You throw your head back against the wall and bite your lip. Baron quickly pulls off his shirt and then grabs the top of your shorts and yanks them off your legs. He begins to rub your clit softly causing you to moan. 

“Oh fuck.” You spoke softly and look down watching his moves. 

“And if you really hated me you wouldn’t be this wet,” He smirks and pushes to fingers inside you causing you to moan louder this time. He uses his free hand and covers your mouth. He pulls his fingers out and sucks them clean. You moan at the slight. Baron pulls down his pants and he was already rock hard. You reach down and start to pump his shaft slowly. Baron;s hand leaves your mouth and grabs your ass again. You bite your lip and pump him a few more times. Baron grabs himself and positions himself and pushes into you. You gasp and adjust to his size. He begins to rock his hips in a swift motion causing you to moan loudly but gets cut off as he covers your mouth. You lean your head against the wall and moan into his hand. He picks his pace up making you moan again. 

“Baron!” You say again it was muffled by his hand. 

“Damn y/n.” He moans. 

After a while you both could feel your orgasms arising. You moan loudly as you hit your high and Baron lets out a deep low moan as he also hits his high. You guys stay there to regain your breath. 

“Oh yeah he’s definitely a keeper” You thought to yourself

All Mine

New Dean Ambrose reader insert request from @kristiej! Basically this is back in the Shield days and reader is a Hound of Justice :) Dean has it bad for reader…like love bad… I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. I’ll be throwing this back to when our boys had the tag and us titles but we gotta start this right so I got two words for ya…

Let’s go~!

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Your name: submit What is this?

“SIERRA. HOTEL. INDIA. ECHO. LIMA. DELTA. THE SHIELD.”  The lights dimmed and a spotlight shone on the crowd as your group emerged, donned in your black gear to the displeasure of some fans. You loved the hate though. 

You couldn’t get enough of it.

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race you home

i used to zoom into my driveway
rattling in my seat as
my front two tires jumped the ramp,
not even caring that
i hung off the edge.

you always let me win
our after-work races,
even though we both knew
you were going so far ahead
so far away
that i couldn’t even
see you anymore.
i fell so far behind you.

now i take my time
pulling up to my house
still sitting and waiting
like i used to.
but i sit
and i wait
a lot longer now,
hoping that your
headlights will still shine
through my rear window.
i want to hear that
when you lock your door.

i promise we don’t have to
race like before.
we can just ride slow and
take our time.
i’ll give you every minute and
i’ll give you every night.
i just want to see your car
parked outside my house

Falling for the Lunatic - Dean Ambrose Fanfic - Part 4

Part 3 and Part 5 - @ambrose-asylum-ft-mitch, @actualamyautopsy, @fearlessambrose, @awesome-ambrose-world

A/N: This part goes 0 to 100 real quick, so beware because even writing this got me like “oh hell no” cause I ship Deanee all the way! If you have any ideas/request for this story or would like me to tag you for future updates, let me know. Thank you so much!

You were at your friend Naomi’s house for a nighttime swim party. It wasn’t a huge party but there were a few superstars from both brands. It was nice to see everyone together having a good time.

You took your dangling legs out of the water and made your way into the house. You walked into the kitchen and filled up your drink. You took a small sip of your beer and walked into an empty hallway full of pictures. You stopped by a picture of Naomi and her husband Jimmy Uso on their wedding day and smiled. They were so cute.

“Hey (Y/N).” You turned around and Dean was standing right behind you.

“Oh. Hey Dean. What are you doing outta the pool?” Dean stepped closer, closing any space between the two of you and pushed you to the wall. You could smell the alcohol radiating off of him. “Dean, what are you doing?”

“You know, you look really sexy in this little bikini. You’re driving me.” He started kissing your neck. You tried to move to get him to stop, but he was way stronger than you.

“Dean, stop. Renee is just outside.” His grip on your hips where getting tighter and tighter with each kiss.

“I don’t care about her. I want you. God (Y/N), you’re so beautiful.” He said between kisses as his hands made the way up to your breast.

“Dean. Stop. I’m serious, please stop. Dean! Dean! JONATHAN!” When you said his real name, he automatically stopped kissing you and stepped back.

“Hey! Is everything alright in here?” AJ Styles said as he poked his head into the hallway.

“Yah.” Dean whispered as he walked back towards the pool.

You walked towards AJ and said a thank you. “Hey, no problem. Us southern people gotta stick together.”

*At Smackdown*

Ever since that “incident” at Naomi’s house, you stopped talking to Dean. He kept texting you, calling you, he even came to your house multiple times trying to say how much he was sorry but you just ignored him. You couldn’t believe he would try to kiss you when his girlfriend was there. Hell, he started making out with your neck when he had a girlfriend and that will never be right.

You were standing by the curtains at gorilla position waiting for your match to start. You were fixing your jacket straps when Dean came around the corner. “(Y/N), please listen to me. I’m sorry about what happened. It was a mistake and I di-”

“No, Dean you listen. You were trying to kiss me and that was wrong. Your girlfriend, aka my best friend, should be the only one you should be pinning against the wall and kissing. Not me. I’m so disgusted that you would actually do that. Renee is my best friend and I will never do anything to hurt her. I’m only talking to you because we work together and that’s it. It’s Dean and Elena, not Jonathan and (Y/N). You’re lucky AJ didn’t see anything and you are so lucky Renee didn’t either.” You theme song started and it was your time to go out. “And to think I was actually falling for you.”

You match with Alexa Bliss was going great and the crowd loved it. You were using all the anger you felt towards Dean and brought it to the ring. You had Alexa knocked down in the middle of the ring and you started climbing to the top turnbuckle to body slam her but then the crowd started cheering louder. You turned your head and saw Dean walking down the ramp. You jumped down and faced him and started to scream for him to leave. You felt Alexa grab your bottom ring gear and roll you into a pin. You tried to shake her off but it was too late and Alexa got the full pin count. You got up in shock and pushed her hair back. You just lost and it was all Dean’s fault.

He got into the ring and walked towards you. You came at him and pushed him hard. “What the hell is your problem Ambrose?!? You just cost me my match!! What is your problem?!? Huh?? Speak!! Come on Ambr-”

Dean pulled you by the waist and crashed his lips to yours. You felt your heart beat out of your chest. The man of your dreams was kissing you. But you couldn’t let this happen. He was with Renee and he almost screwed that at the party and he cost you your match.

You pushed him back and slapped him so hard across the face that it echoed throughout the arena. The crowd started cheering “holy shit” as you got out of the ring and made your way up the ring, leaving Dean behind.

“For a short period in mid-80’s when skateboarding was dead in the minds of others, kids were hooked, stubborn & charging. It was those youngsters who introduced us to riding jump ramps on the streets and bruising our heels daily. The AJIs became our shoe of choice to help remedy that situation.

The day this photo was taken, my friends and I were jumping in the street out front before heading over to the big ramp in the backyard.

We had built this 4ft tall jump ramp and were just pushing down the road to hit that thing and fly as far as we could. We’d always come crushing down on our feet and backs. I know it was the padding of the shoes that saved us, I’m sure of it.

Somehow that parlayed into us getting hooked up by Nike for the short period. We liked mismatching, painting & modifying our Jordan’s to make them our own.

If it wasn’t for that short, special time when skating began to grow that I rode the AJI, I’m not sure where I would be now. I’m thankful for the hook-up that has tied me to Nike SB’s past and future.

I somehow managed to save one barely skated pair for 27 years… I think they’re the ones in this photo. I must not have even kneeslid out anything with those on.

It’s great to be a part of what Nike SB is doing with AJIs now.

Knee pads not included.”

–Lance Mountain

I’m having a lot of Hayden feels after re-reading Unwholly. 

Hayden is my favorite character in the series so far, as I know he is fo rmany other people, and I was re-reading the series and I just came across a paragraph that almost made me break down in sobs for the poor boy.


So we know Hayden is sarcastic, and isn’t really that emotional (on the outside). He cracks jokes about everything and doesn’t ever seem to take anything seriously, and his sarcastic nature and jokes are why he’s so endearing and we love him so.

I was reading the part towards the end of the book after the Juveys and the SWAT team storm the graveyard, when Hayden and his crew are the only ones left and they’re stuck in the combomb. They’re running out of oxygen and the heat is soaring to above 100. Hayden starts losing consciousness and it says this

“Soon Hayden feels his eyesight starting to black out, and he goes places too. A house he lived in as a kid before his parents started fighting. Riding his bike up a jump ramp he can’t handle and breaking his arm in the fall. What were you thinking, son? A fight his parents had over custody in the heat of their divorce. You’ll have him, all right! You’ll have him over my dead body, and Hayden just laughing and laughing, because it’s his only defense against the prospect of his family collapsing around him. And then overhearing their decision to unwind him rather than allowing the other to have custody. Not so much a decision, but an impasse. 

If that’s the way you want it!
If that’s the way YOU want it!
Don’t put this on me!

They signed the unwind order just to spite each other, but laugh, laugh, laugh, Hayden, because if you ever stop laughing it might just tear you apart worse than a chop shop.” (pg 386) 

He had that flashback while he was near death, and it shows us how much it still bothers him in his subconscious. He is always cracking jokes and is always looking out for everyone else and he’s fighting these demons of his own. Yes I know all the characters are dealing with the fact their parents signed them off to be unwound (except for the wards) but haydens case upsets me especially because it was literally nothing that Hayden did. His parents were spiteful and angry with one another and totally neglected the needs of their son. I can just picture his parents fighting for such a long time before getting divorced, and not bothering to hide it from Hayden. So he had his happy childhood until be was about six, and then the fighting began. He grew up watching his parents fight and listening to them get more and more vicious with their words and little six, seven, eight year old hayden just sat in his room and laughed because he didnt know what else to do

Imagine an 11 year old hayden just going to and from school, trying to be the best kid he can be for his parents, still with his unyeilding sense of humor and his parents just not noticing because they’re too busy bickering with one another. And finally, when they actually go for divorce, still not thinking of Hayden in the least, Hayden is stil  laughing. Because that’s what he did his entire life, and now as a 16 year old he knows there’s nothing else he can do. So he just laughs. And he keeps laughing, through everything they did to him, his parents. Not once do we see Hayden lose his cool. We don’t see Hayden break down and scream at the unfairness of it all. In his POV we don’t witness him pitying himself, he hardly thinks about himself. This kid who was fought over and thrown away by both his mother and father. Even though they never thought about him, we still don’t witness him thinking about himself.

Hayden thinks about others, and their needs, and what’s best for all of his friends. Twice in the book that I can recall he ignores the reminders people give him that he’s 17 and can legally live out in the world with a fake identity. He brushes these reminders off like they’re insignificant, because to him they are. How can he go live somewhere else when he knows what it’s like to be on the run and he knows what things are like in the graveyard? Of course hes going to stay and help his friends and do what he can to make a stand against the evil of unwinding. Even after no one looked out for his best interest his whole life, he’s still so capable of looking out for his friends. And he has a sense of loyalty that rivals any of the characters’.

Hayden Upchurch will never stop giving me reasons to love him, and he will never stop breaking my heart.