I keep on seeing these Trump signs on highway on ramps and it is taking every last inch of my good judgement to not just go around at one am and just nab them all and burry them somewhere.

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What is Shadow the Hedgehog's biggest guilty pleasure food?

(I didn’t forget– still got a bunch of these GOTF questions to go through! I’ll try to ramp it up over the weekend, get through a bunch)

As an unexpected side effect of his age, Shadow’s palette has become desensitized to most flavors and flavor combinations. So when he’s looking for something interesting or enjoyable, he usually goes for extremes– like “this is probably corroding your internal organs” extreme. Extremely aged or pickled meats/fish (like the “buried in a hole for six months” sort), cheese that has maggots in it, super-spicy peppers– trouble being, these are all expensive (or semi-illegal) gourmet items, and Shadow is a huge cheapskate. 

So, that means he’s either got to buy in bulk and/or make “interesting” combinations with more readily-available food. Shadow’s current favorite is putting peanut butter on supermarket sushi, and soaking it in energy drinks. And since when he wants food he usually wants a LOT of it, picture him buying that stuff like this:

The small child on the cart is Silver. Sonic has been missing since they passed the shoe aisle.

Also, to answer Shadowluver1242′s related question, we don’t currently have plans to show Shadow’s “eating day” (unfortunately), but if it comes up I’d love to mess around with the concept some more!

Uber's self-driving truck went on a 120-mile beer run to make history
By Biz Carson

On October 20, the self-driving truck left Fort Collins, Colorado at 1 a.m. and drove itself 120 miles on I-25 to Colorado Springs. The driver, who has to be there to help the truck get on and off the interstate exit ramps, moved to the backseat alongside a crowd of transportation officials to watch the historic ride.

2,000 cases of Budweiser beer filled the trailer.

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One of the gorgeous MD520Ns of the Burbank Glendale Police Air Support Unit, resting on the ramp after an evening sortie. #mdhelicopters #notar #alea #glandalepd #burbankpolice #airsupport#lawenforcement #lawenforcementaviation #flir #md520n #heliweb #helicopter #rotarywing #whirlybird #heli #instahelicopter #instaheli #airbornelawenforcement #police #fly_bur #police #internationalsocietyforaviationphotography #aviation #avgeek#avgeeks#aviationphotography #heliphotos (at Burbank Bob Hope Airport (BUR))

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The myth of “Patient Zero” for the AIDS crisis has officially been debunked by a new study published in Nature.

French-Canadian flight attendant Gaetan Dugas was labeled “Patient Zero,” the man who brought HIV to North America and began the AIDS crisis in the late 1970s. He died in 1987, but media coverage continued to use him to ramp up fear and stigma. Activists long sought to clear his name (he was falsely accused because of CDC miscommunication and labeling confusion)

A new genetic analysis by Nature now conclusively shows that while science remains unsure exactly how the virus was transmitted to the continent, Dugas’ blood sample did not carry markers that distinguished his as an early strain of the virus. 


Home Sweet Home [Renora fanfic]

Pairing: Lie Ren x Nora Valkyrie
Warnings: None
Summary: Ren gets back after a long mission, but Beacon doesn’t quite feel like home yet

It took a moment before he fully processed what was happening.

Three weeks - it had been three weeks since he had left Beacon academy, and he had the scars to prove it.

Now, they had finally returned. The aircraft landed with a soft hiss, and the room was soon flooded with light as the door fell open.

“Home sweet home!” Ruby tottered on her heels, eyes gleaming, scythe bouncing dangerously on her back.

“About time, too.” Yang stood up to make leave, grabbing the younger sister as she did. “Come on Rubes, Weiss and Blake are waiting.”

Ren followed tentatively, almost limping down the ramp to the ground.

Before him, Beacon towered proudly, reaching into the sky with its outstretched hands. Students - both human and fauna - crowded the entrance, bustling in and out, their voices merging together into one big mass of noise.
Compared to the drab grays he had become accustomed to, the bright colors of Beacon seemed unreal.

The laughter of the passing students seemed too loud, the polite smiles he received seemed gaunt and unfamiliar, even the fortress itself seemed too big for the world.

Inside, he still felt empty. What should have been a welcome sight, had suddenly become so meaningless. This wasn’t home - his home was a 1000 miles away, left in smoking ruin. But this was no matter anymore.

With a sigh, he began to tread forwards, towards the gates of safety. A bed, a shower, a hot meal - this would surely help his mood.

And then- “Ren!”

His head snapped towards the sound of his name, only managing to glimpse a pair of blue eyes before she was on him, breasts pressed against his chest, arms snaked around his neck. “You’re back!”

Hesitantly, he wrapped his arms around her waist, tense and illy aware of the grime caught to his skin, the stench of Grim that clung to his tattered robes.

She seemed not to mind though, only pressing farther into him as she spoke, her words rushed out in excitement, endless and unceasing.

The emptiness he had felt suddenly left him, filled by an inexplicable warmth that began at his chest. He held her tighter now, burying his face into her hair. This, the feel of her frame, the sound of her voice, the scent of her shampoo - this felt like home.


“Yes, Ren?”

“I missed you.”

As he spoke the words, he could feel the thud of his heart as she pulled back in surprise. “Ren?”


“I’m glad that you’re back.”

And now, he allowed - or rather, he couldn’t control - the smile that grew across his face.

A rosy blush blossomed against her cheeks, and she ducked her gaze downwards, trying not to notice. “I mean, 3 weeks without pancakes, I was getting worried!”

“Of course.”

“Also…” she grinned nervously.

“Yes, Nora?”

“I may or may not have broken the bed.”

“How do you break a bed?”

“With a hammer.” With a shy giggle, she rubbed the back of her neck. “And a bit of coffee.”

Ren stared at her. She stared back, her eyes wide with innocence. Silence. And then, a slight chuckle. “I suppose we’ll have to share beds then.”

“Not smelling like that, you’re not!”

Yeah, this was home alright.

Yuri on Ice Episode 4

Repressed Nerd Yuri on Ice episode 4 is just as lovely and seems to be ramping up the potential for a romance between Finicky Airhead and Glasses Cutie Pie.  Good God if they don’t get on with the program soon and hash out the “I think I’m falling in love with you” feelings bit I might just scream endlessly into the void.  The little bit where Victor asked Yuri if he wanted him to be his boyfriend just about threw me over a cliff.  Then there’s Angry Smol Bean doin’ his own thing in Russia trying to be a better skater but not with his parents Yuri and Victor.  GAH!  Also Yurio’s “I stick m legy way out far.”  

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So, I have this angel tribal deck (all creatures angel minus a shiny elk), and for know I'm keeping it Boros with lots of angels, many ramps, wraths, resurrection and some chaos. But I'm not that happy with gisela as my comander, too strong, any sugestions?




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1. Is it weird for someone to play an MtG deck that doesn't have a favorite mana color in them? Even though I'm just playing casual Modern, it's like I can barely play my own decks without adding green in for mana ramping. 2. Man, I really stink at deck building (from scratch) in MtG, especially when the cards that I want to put for a deck idea simply hasn't been officially made (yet). :-(

It’s not weird at all to play a deck you have fun with.

This is Shirley.

On March 7th, 2015, at around 2:15 am, a car went speeding down 4th street in North Minneapolis and wound up hitting her house.  Not before hitting another car, and plowing through her wheelchair ramp.  It managed to crack her foundation as well, so there is now a huge dent in the corner of her house with a bunch of cracks, and light can get into the basement from it.

Information from Minneapolis Police Department facebook page

Here’s some images of how it looks now:

This is how the foundation was damaged.  The car went over the curb, sidewalk, and her flower beds and rammed into her house leaving that dent even through the wheelchair ramp.

This is the amount of the ramp that is missing.  As you can see, she cannot get out of her house through her front door anymore.  Her garage is electric, and last summer she lost power and was able to get out through her front door when it happened.  If she were to lose power now, she would not be able to leave her house.  This is extremely important to fix.

I’ve set up a gofundme page for her, as she’s not really big into the internet.  All the money will be going directly to her.  I’m not touching any of it (she’s set up as the beneficiary, so she’s the only one who can withdraw it.  I’m just managing the gofundme for her).

I would greatly appreciate anybody who can donate or signal boost this/spread it around wherever to help her out.