Matt: “Okay, I think we’ve got everything. Are we ready to get back to Tom?”

Edd: “Hm … are you sure this is enough cola?”

Matt: “…You’re … you’re joking, right?”

Edd: “…Um, sure.”

Edd: “Yikes, looks like we stayed out longer than we expected… Let’s get back home.”

Edd: “Heh, we can totally make Tom owe us for getting him medicine–”


Edd: “Oh!”

Edd: “Sorry about that!”

Matt: “…?”

Edd: “Oh? They dropped something…”

Edd: “ ‘From the desk of General’ …”

Edd: “…What…?”

Edd: “…Tord…?”

Edd: “Why … why does it say Tord?!”

Matt: “Edd … that isn’t ours, we should give it back.”

Edd: “But … the name–!!”


???: “Excuse me.”

???: “But I do believe that’s ours.”

-Mod Matt

Close up of the Kelly Decker #JJFU “PEE WEE” details. Amazing set of stainless steel #JJFU grips engraved and 18k gold inlay by @j.parke Also catching a peek at that #JJFU Tear-Dropped, ramped stainless steel barrel. Man I love the looking of finished stainless. 888-269-0666 JJamesFirearms@gmail.com www.JJFU.com (at JJFU)

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*deep breath*  OK, I have mostly recovered from my amazing, incredible, unbelievable weekend in New York City, and am going to write up my impressions here!  Not exactly a review but more just what was emotional about the weekend, you know?

My husband and I had front row seats for TakeOver and for SummerSlam, and second row seats for the Raw after (the first PPVs and Raw I’ve ever attended!)  The actual view was better from the second row because the front row seats were on the corners, while the second row seats were very near the ramp, but there was something amazingly thrilling about being SO CLOSE to everything.  

Below the cut, wayyy too much emotional burbling ahoy!

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2016 Summer Rewatch Thoughts: 4x15 Poor Unfortunate Soul

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–I thought it was cool A&E basically gave Ursula The Little Mermaid’s story!

–Poseidon…yeah, it wasn’t cool that pirates killed your wife, but using your daughter as your personal murder weapon to kill all human sailors from then on out…total step too far, there.  Find your chill, dude.

–I loved that all the songs young Ursula sang were from (or at least based on those from) The Little Mermaid!  Nice Easter egg.

–Of course what Killian did to Ursula wasn’t at all nice, but I really felt like the promo department ramped up expectations about the horrible thing he did too much.  Yes, it was selfish and yes it broke a promise and yes it stole away the one thing a daughter had from her mother, but in a way it was less vicious than it was self-preservation.  Killian had a right to try to stop Poseidon from using the weapons at his disposal to sink and kill sailors and their ships.

–Rumple continues to scare me in this episode.  He’s utterly ruthless, and I definitely got the impression there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do to August if he thought it would help him get the answers he needed.

–That being said, clever call out to the original Pinocchio story with August’s nose growing with each of his lies!

–I loved how quick Emma was to defend Killian against her parents.  I love that she understands his anger at Gold and knows that he’s not the same man anymore that would harm him.

–Belle and Will together continue to be adorable.  

–I loved Will and Killian going on and on about the size of Killian’s pirate ship—and Belle in the background obviously struggling not to laugh.

–This was a breakthrough episode for Killian.  I love that he immediately planned to get the information he needed by returning a villain’s happy ending to her rather than through any villainous means.  When Ursula turned on him, he very nearly returned to the darkness, but here’s the important part:  As soon as Ariel rescued him, he was horrified by what he did.  Poor self-loathing pirate being self-loathing.

–But Ariel gave him some very good advice:  Maybe villains don’t get their happy endings because they go about getting them in the wrong way.  Rather than continue to wallow in his self-loathing, Killian took Ariel’s words to heart and found a way to get Ursula her happy ending after all, even if their first plan failed.  Not only did he give her her happy ending, he restored her fractured relationship with her father.

–Snow knocking Cruella out with a frying pan was perfect!

–I loved how relieved Emma was when Killian showed up in the cabin after Ursula told everyone she killed him.  

–And of course that “Don’t you know Emma?  It’s you” and the subsequent kiss were just so beautiful there are no words.

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Dolph/Dean (Part 2) - Dean Ambrose Imagine

Imagine after a heated battle backstage between Dean and Dolph, you end up confiding in Dean about your relationship with Dolph. At first you were hesitant, but Dean wouldn’t stop. He needed to know what was going on between you and Dolph behind the scenes.

Fair warning: Strong language and some mentions of abuse. Both verbal and physical.

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So about four hours ago I posted the top picture but I guess it got lost in the void.


Ghost Stories is such a good show, guys. I’m constantly abounded by just how *good* the writing for Night Vale is. Just, incredibly vivid and entirely unique prose that follows this poetic logic, and this show really ramps it up to eleven, y'know? I mean, spoilers, the show ‘Ghost Stories’ is about - who would’ve guessed - Ghost Stories, which means there are stories and they are about ghosts. And the people telling these stories really have such a unique voice! Literally and literarily! Like the voice acting was /really/ good, absolutely incredible, to be perfectly candid there were moments where I teared up. And just, the language, the vocabulary, Night Vale has this really great style of juxtaposition, managing poignant sincerity and following up with the absurdly mundane and the contrast is just done so well. Man. I can’t wait until the script comes out. I just kinda want to reread all the descriptions.

Anyway, a Very Good Show

Yo like every DCI show this past season was good

Usually I enjoy maybe like 1 or 2 shows a season…. But damn like every show was great

Musically crossmens show was one of my favorites there were parts that were so incredibly groovy man they have their unique style and just improve upon it every year

I was definitely on the academy hype train too, when I watched it on YouTube I cried. Every once in a while there’s a show that “reminds me that I love band” and that show was definitely one of em.

The top 3 were all pretty dope like we got crown whose brass sounds amazing but TBH their colorguard was so good oh my god.

Blue Devils had some really cool unique visual effects that I could see being really innovative. Honestly, if bluecoats didn’t have those Ramps I think BD had general effect in the bag. But the tony hawk show was pretty iconic. Like I’ve never seen a stunt show of that callibre in this activity and they definitely executed it well

Blue Knights show was SOOO COOOOL OH MY GOD. Like the whole concept was dope I loved the electronics and just the glossy-ness of the whole production

Blue Stars have some of the most unique brass visuals in the entire activity. The fact that they laid out on the field for their first impact was ballsy, also their percussion is over the top incredible

I think I missed some but whatever that was my impression of finals and it was so dope

For everyone who’s recently asked about our steps, they’re by Pet Studio & I bought them from Amazon. They’re amazing - sturdy, wide & easy for the pugs to use. They also convert into a ramp & come in 2-step & 3-step versions.

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@mostmodernist my poppa is honestly so funny like he was showing me this mousetrap he made. Picture a big bucket, with a stick laid across the top of it. The stick skewers an empty pop can, which is covered in peanut butter. There is a wooden ramp leading up to the stick. Mouse runs up the ramp to get to the peanut butter, slips on the pop can, falls into the bucket.

And the bucket is filled with anti freeze