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The rich and powerful, they take what they want. We steal it back for you. Sometimes bad guys make the best good guys. We provide… leverage.

Leverage AU: Iris West finds herself working with people she once tried to help put away… but with their combined skills, they’re a greater force for good than she could have ever imagined.

{image: five gifs of various characters from the DCTV Universe overlayed with white text that states their role on the five-person team. the first gif shows John Diggle circling with his fighting opponent with a smile on his face and the word ‘HITTER’. the second gif shows Cisco Ramon rolling from one computer monitor to the next and the word ‘HACKER’. the third gif shows Cynthia Reynolds turning and giving someone a smile, her hair spinning behind her and the word ‘GRIFTER’. the fourth gif shows Leonard Snart giving a measured look from one side to another with the word ‘THIEF.’ the final gifs shows Iris West holding folders and having an intense conversation with the word ‘MASTERMIND’.}

westallentea-deactivated2017041  asked:

i dare you to do one with kittens too.... pls i'll love you 5ever

You got it!  (Sorry it took a while, kittens are surprisingly hard to find!)

Barry Allen: Toyger

Iris West: Russian Blue

Cisco Ramon: Maine Coon

Caitlin Snow: Siamese

Wally West: Bombay

Jesse Quick: American Shorthair

Bonus round!  Once again, these are just for fun; the kiddos aren’t adopted.

Joe West: Burmese

E2-Harry Wells/HR: Oriental Shorthair

Eobard Thawne: Bengal

Fictional Characters (Cisco Ramon x Reader)

Request (by anon): #9 on list one, Cisco Ramon pretty pleeeease?
“It’s just that… Well, my favorite character just died.”

Fandom: The Flash TV Series (no specific season)
Y/Fc/N: your favorite character’s name

Word Count: super short and I’m super sorry but I’m stressed over school stuff but I wanted to take a break and write but it didn’t end up like I wanted it to, not at all. I still hope you like it though. Let me know what you think and I apologize for any grammatical errors that may occur.
Stay Cute, XP

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DC TV Super Season Trailer

Can we talk about Mads Mikkelsen for a minute? 

This man is ruining my life.

With his sharp cheek bones and chiseled jawline. 

I mean look at him! Something about men in black t-shirts…

Or no shirt at all…

Seriously, this fucker has taken over all of my life. Can’t help but watch Danish movies cause of him.

Take a good look and tell me you don’t find him attractive a teensy bit? 

I mean this goof ball is just amazing.

Suit and all.

Or casual.

Regardless, he’s a hottie in whatever attire he’s in.

Extra points for the apron. (I’m training to be a pâtissière chef so it’s kind of a turn on to see him cook.)

And double those points for getting down and dirty.

Those teeth man! Sharp muthafuckas! But another reason to think he’s badass! Come on! This guy deserves more respect and love. He’s one of the best actors I’ve ever seen!