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starco playlist: Love Love - Take That Ramona-Beck Where is my mind?-The Pixies Here comes the sun-The Beatles Radioactive-ID Omen-The Prodigy You're Beautiful-James Blunt Stuck on you-Failure Kiss from a rose-Seal Sour Girl-Stone Temple Pilots

im sure you meant to make this easier to read but tumblr hates line spacing in asks. regardless, ill add what I can find!!! im making a starco playlist now and if anyone else wants to inbox me their recommendations hopefully we can create a community-based mega-playlist about starco on spotify!

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★ [ love me 8> ]

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Ramona Ramona, you’ve been ooooooooon my mind~

No really you are LOL You’re probably around right now lurking & just rolling your eyes at me or something because whoooohooooo I’m fucking GREAT at not going to bed on time on the weekend. BUT. MOVING ON FROM THAT. You’ve been a wonderful friend throughout the time that I’ve known you, & you’ve helped me out in many a situation just by being there to let me talk to you. It’s cathartic, really, thanks for that. You’re a stunning person, a fabulous writer & an extremely funny person when you suddenly react one something I say & make a joke out of it ( how dare you make me laugh, fucking unbelievable ). I sometimes still can’t believe how close we’ve become over this time, basically laugh & cry over shit together because yes we are suckers for pain FINALLY SOMEONE TO ALL-OUT ANGST WITH TBH. Kinda crazy to think that I just kind of hung back in the beginning trying to think of a way to have Eb interact with Undertaker, but you’ve stuck with me through blog-changes & everything so MAN that’s true friendship right there, even though we were only acquaintances back then l ma o. I always look forward to talking with you when you’re around, & even though I get busy sometimes during those times, I really want you to know that. You probably do but I just gotta say it at least. I love that you’re straightforward with things as well, that’s an element that tends to be forgotten in many aspects, but it’s refreshing to see that you literally don’t give a fuck about things & do it your way. I know I’m a complete odd-ball sometimes, but you really are an amazing friend to talk with, I love each & every single one of our threads, the development behind them along with the relationships that develop & grow between our muses in each & every one of them. I love seeing your passion for your muses, you talking about them, hearing what you have to say about them in everything they do, why they work the way they do & how they see things is entirely fascinating along with the fact that they give NO fucks at all so they would literally just murder someone without blinking. I always get so giddy when I see that little light flash on my phone with the banner telling me that you’ve replied, that no matter what time it is, I’ll probably read through it, & if it’s way too early & I read it half asleep, then I’ll fucking read it again once I’m fully awake because y es I love reading your stuff not only with ME, but with the people you interact with as well. I know you are already aware that I’m a slowpoke in terms of writing because of real life, that sometimes I need a little more time to write a reply, but GOD the moment I get enough time, I’m grinning like the biggest idiot as I write because Let’s just see how Mistral can fuck all of this up OR EVEN WITH EB! It’s j ust a whole lotta cute chill that I adore. Thanks for putting up with the tears that I shed for Mistral & Eb even ifi t’s random or anything, as well as just listening & chatting with me on a daily basis. It really means a lot to me. Again, I reiterate that you’re an amazing person & friend, & that I hope we keep writing together for many years to come.