Adventure Post No. 001 - Ramona Falls Trail

Location: Ramona Falls - Mt Hood National Forest

Date: October 13th/25th 2013

With all the possibilities of Oregon’s great outdoors open before me, one of the first hikes I ventured out on after moving to Portland was also one of the Northwest’s most popular: the Ramona Falls Trail. Located 50 miles outside of the city in the Mount Hood National Forest, this 8-mile loop takes you on moss-covered trails along the Sandy River up to one of the most photogenic waterfalls the Northwest has to offer. After hiking the trail for the first time with primary adventure partner/girlfriend Danica, I enjoyed it so much that I had to come back a week and a half later with my good friend Rafe who was in town visiting for the weekend. I made sure to bring my camera along the second time around to document some of the pure awesomeness of this hike. See the dappled light through the trees, the lush moss growing along the trail, and the carved signs and bridges leading up to the immense falls. As Rafe and I made our progress along the trail, we stopped every so often to examine the undergrowth, climb mounds of fallen boulders, and dip our heads under spouts of icy and refreshing mountain water coming off of the cliffs above. All told, the trek only took us about 3 hours, and we found ourselves back at the beginning of the trail just as the sun was casting it’s last golden rays over the horizon. Truly a perfect hike to introduce anyone to the Oregon wilderness, and an adventure I’ll never forget.



EL VY is the musical collaboration between Matt Berninger, vocalist and lyricist of The National, and Brent Knopf, the Portland musician and producer best known for his work in Menomena and his more recent band, Ramona Falls.

Debut album ‘Return To The Moon’ is released 30th October.


Dear Reader - Bend

Dear Reader and Ramona Falls go well together.

Ramona Falls - “Spore”

I’ve been a huge fan of Menomena for ages, so naturally Brent Knopf’s departure saddened me to an extent. However, I became quite curious about the projects he decided to pursue, particularly Ramona Falls. “Spore” is a track off of the upcoming album Prophet. It’s simultaneously new and familiar. Hey, everyone! My birthday’s coming up soon. Would it be inappropriate to ask the internet for this album as a gift? Thanks in advance, y'all.

Matt Berninger: “It doesn’t seem to me like I’m talking all the time!” In conversation with EL VY, Part I.

Words by Marina Valenzuela. Pictures by Dagmara Bakowska. Photoshop work by Hannah B. Special thanks to Raine for grammar check.

It’s absolutely pouring down in Manchester today, which is not a surprise to anyone. The small queue outside, under the railway bridges, tries to dodge the occasional dripping from the red bricks. Gorilla is as much of a Mancunian venue as you can ask for, underground but hip, the meeting point for the cool kids that go clubbing on a Saturday night. The music venue itself is the smallest one EL VY has played on this UK tour, with a low stage and no barrier. According to their website, the capacity is 700 people, which seems impossible once you’re inside.

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