Havasupai Falls

I’m so proud of Fall Out Boy for making music that evolves with them and makes them happy. I mean this is kind of what Pete listens to and he DJ’s . Patrick does re-mixes for other bands like this. Is it different? Fuck yeah but shit if they never move on from what they were they’d never have left small basements and bars in Chicago. Yeah it’s ok to miss the old sound but the rule they tell you in music is you gotta evolve or you’re never gonna get anywhere. So bravo to the guys for trying this. The cool thing is if you don’t like it you have those old albums to blast and enjoy, and if you like this then that’s great too.

Chowder: “Dex are you free tonight? At 8?”

Dex: “Yeah, why?”

Chowder: “Nursey? You free then too?”

Nursey: “I think so, yeah”

Chowder: “Great! You should go see a movie together. Here’s the tickets, its a romantic comedy. Enjoy!!”