ramona's baby

Something new I’m gonna try out babies!
Please let me know if you like this, and I’ll do one for each character requested, obviously I had to do baby boys first because um love of my life??
But here’s Carl’s Playlist, all these songs have a feel to his personality (in my opinion, pls send in songs that remind u of him and I will even make a longer Playlist babies)
- ramona

Best viewed if listening to this, and imagining these little nippers parading around to the song. XD 

I told you, hybrid baby fever.

Here you have @myrling-art ‘s  Irrilia leading the parade (She was here first after all), poor @arishynya ‘s little Leorai baby getting dragged along by my own Ramona child.

Meet Ig’thyb, or Iggy, for short. c: He looks more Salamandrian than some of his cousins or AU counterparts (siblings? AU siblings, is that a thing?) but I simply couldn’t resist a little bit of an 80′s reference in his design with that neckerchief. It’s no small guess who he got that souvenir from. c;
You can’t see it here, but Iggy has duel scutes down his spine, almost like a reverse plastron. I should draw him a proper turn about one day, but for now, enjoy the cute.


Recently social media has been exploding with extreme hate towards the character known as Mona Lisa in Nickelodeon’s TMNT. The writer for the series Brandon Auman has been beckoned with severe hate from unhappy fans. The whole shipping of the pair known as “Ramona” or “RaphxMonaLisa” has upset fangirls and fanboys so bad that they are lashing out on social towards him. 

Fans remarking such things as him “supporting teen pregnancy.” When he jokingly remarked as sarcasm “ Tomorrow, Mona is back! Will Raph and Mona finally have half turtle / half alien babies?! And will Raph be the one to hatch them out of his shell?? Find out! 😁🐢” 

Prior to this for the confusion of the two having babies in Season 6 when Ciro Nielie, and Brandon Auman trolled the fandom for laughs after fans took Mona Lisa coming back to the show as a “bad thing.” 

Again sarcasm, and jokes! This upset Brandon to the point of him even considering to leave Instagram. Could you blame him? 

What do I think about this? Here is my first post on the matter when Mona Lisa appeared in “The Moons of Thalos 3″ 

Dear Raphael Fangirls…

I personally understand what Raphael FanGirls are feeling. I felt that way until I was about 13. However I find it foolish now to hate on a character just because she is in love with the character I love.

 I AM A RAPHIE FANGIRL! I LOVE RAPHIE <3 xoxoxoxoxo O///////////////////O

I was mad, and severely jealous at a young age, because I couldn’t bare seeing Mona Lisa getting to do what I have always wanted to do. Be a badass pretty mutant, and hang out with Raphie! 

However this hatred towards Mona Lisa is getting out of hand. I see nothing wrong with voicing opinions on topics. Everyone have the right to do that, but when it is insulting to the creator who has worked so hard at what they do; and to be disrespected in a such a way to the point it hurts their feelings. 


This is something Brandon does for a living, and he is passionate about it. He loves writing, I can see it in every episode aired. He is doing what he loves to do, and the people who are suppose to be their to support him, and congratulate him for his hard work are dissin him because they disagree with a couple being shipped. 

No. Just no. Think about what is happening here. How would you feel if you created something and then people started telling you it was horrible? Exactly. It would hurt your feelings. So why do it to Brandon?!

I’m not saying it’s not okay to not support Ramona. I really don’t care if you ship the coupe or not, but what I do care is how this is representing the TMNT fandom, and how it is affecting Brandon. It pains my heart so so much. 

Brandon Auman is an amazing writer, and a totally awesome dude!~ 

Raphie Fangirls are just angry, because Raphie has a girlfriend, and it ain’t them. To be honest the only thing about this that makes me jealous is the fact that the turtles have better relationships then I do XD

RaphaelxMonaLisa is canon! So DEAL WITH IT! 


REALLY STUPID COMIC I AM SORRY. Present day AU older Mav and Benny are THE most dysfunctonial couple and they’re DUMB AS HELL. I am also dumb as hell.

(Also demonstates rather well why I don’t do comics on my own.)

Spawned by this drawing.