ramona quimby

Joey Ramona Quimby

Can I just say that as much as I would’ve love Nick & Jess to have had a couples costume, I sorta loved Jess’s made up costume.

Last year Nick had a costume that was a play on words when he was “Bee Arthur” instead of Bea Arthur (aka the actress who played Dorothy, the grumpy one on Golden Girls)

This year Jess had the cheeky costume where she put together Joey Ramone  

Combined with Ramona Quimby

This of course is only made better by the fact that the girl who played Ramona Quimbly was Joey King (aka Brianna from the “Bully” episode of New Girl season 1)

I love when New Girl does ties things together like that… like when Jess mentioned Bridge to Terabithia which Zooey was in <3

Miss Binney, who could understand that Santa Claus in the chimney would make a fireplace smoke, might be disappointed if she knew Ramona had given her Q ears and whiskers, because lettering was different from drawing pictures.

Ramona loved Miss Binney so much that she did not want to disappoint her. Not ever. Miss Binney was the nicest teacher in the whole world.

Looks like I never posted my Ladies of Literature: Vol 2 piece in it’s entirety! Beverly Cleary’s books were my favorites as a kid, especially the Ramona series. This scene is from the second book, Ramona the Pest.

For the first time Ramona looked into her very own mirror in her very own room. She saw a stranger, a girl with red eyes and a puffy, tearstained face, who did not look at all like the way Ramona pictured herself. Ramona thought of herself as the kind of girl everyone should like, but this girl…
Ramona scowled, and the girl scowled back. Ramona managed a small smile. So did the girl. Ramona felt better. She wanted the girl in the mirror to like her.

Ramona the Brave, Beverly Cleary


That post about how blue eyes are always compared to the ocean or the sky reminded me of how in one of the Ramona Quimby books she compared Willa Jean’s eyes to the “blue plastic handle of her toothbrush” anyone who ever doubted that Beverly Cleary is the actual best can go home. 

i have a consultation appointment later this week and i am gearing up to get my next tattoo very soon. rollerskating ramona quimby (from the inside cover of ramona quimby, age 8, illustrated by alan tiegreen) will reside on the inside of my right arm above my elbow. i can’t wait to get her done!