ramona quimby

Miss Binney, who could understand that Santa Claus in the chimney would make a fireplace smoke, might be disappointed if she knew Ramona had given her Q ears and whiskers, because lettering was different from drawing pictures.

Ramona loved Miss Binney so much that she did not want to disappoint her. Not ever. Miss Binney was the nicest teacher in the whole world.

Looks like I never posted my Ladies of Literature: Vol 2 piece in it’s entirety! Beverly Cleary’s books were my favorites as a kid, especially the Ramona series. This scene is from the second book, Ramona the Pest.

The Ramona series began in 1955 (most were written in the ’70s and ’80s). I didn’t start these books thinking they would be relevant to us. Instead, I worried that they’d be too much of a throwback, too picture perfect, too Norman Rockwell. Sure, there’s a lot of skirts and saddle shoes in the early books, but at their heart they’re stories about family and what it’s like to be just one small person in a family that’s doing their best to keep everyone happy and afloat. It reminded me as a parent how little control my kids may feel over our lives, and how much they are capable of. Ramona watches her whole world change over and over again. She’s given responsibility even if she’s not quite ready for it all the time, because her family needs her. She spends a while staying at Howie’s house after school with his awful grandmother, and Ramona hates it, but she knows her whole family’s careful plan to get through each day will fall apart if she doesn’t.
Who’s who in the VFD Building Committee meeting transcript?

The un-Authorized Autobiography contains many secrets, yet none are more infuriating than the infamous VFD Committee Meeting Transcript (save perhaps for the arcane Family Tree).

Who was talking? To whom? What were these people even talking about? Several people of the meeting have the same initials, which makes it impossible to determine most of the time…

The Snicket Sleuth aims to advance a number of reasonable assumptions to put this meeting in good order. Read the minutes after the cut.

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That post about how blue eyes are always compared to the ocean or the sky reminded me of how in one of the Ramona Quimby books she compared Willa Jean’s eyes to the “blue plastic handle of her toothbrush” anyone who ever doubted that Beverly Cleary is the actual best can go home.