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The Flash AU: Bariscowest ||

Barry, Cisco and Iris grew up together as best friends and spent every possible moment together making memories. Barry was still severely into his academics and clubs as was Cisco. Iris was Valedictorian of their class. Barry loves Gaga and the Beatles and most especially Iris, who confesses to having mutual feelings their sophomore year of High School.

[Yeah, so this took forever: finding and creating photos of them as teens. Some of the celebs I chose to be their teens selves didn’t have many photos on the internet, so I alternated between 2 different celebrities to play them. Lemme tell ya, we do not have very many…IF ANY young Latinx celebrities. Hollywood sucks man. Anywho…enjoy!….Oh…and this is just one part of a larger project I’m working on. If it turns out well…then I can’t wait to show you guys!!!]


panels from Scarlet Witch Vol. 2 #9 by James Robinson & Joëlle Jones and The Accused #1 by Marc Guggenheim, Ramon Bachs, & Garry Brown

And now, folks, it is time for a deep 90′s cut.

One of the objections that gets thrown around on the Internet (read: Bleeding Cool) about Tony being on the anti side in Civil War II is that, in the 90′s, he built a machine called the Chaos Computer that used Wanda’s powers (back when they were still Probability Blah Blah Blah) to determine when something was going to go wrong in the world so they (and their team of characters you have never heard of, Force Works) could stop it before it happened.

This is a very 90′s premise, and this kind of Aggressive Proactivity™ was not limited to Force Works. It did not go well, and the whole thing fell apart when Tony killed several people and tried to frame Hawkeye for it. Because Tony was evil because mind control… Kang… Immortus… God, I am not explaining The Crossing.

This was all forgotten pretty quickly because the Avengers used a time machine to bring a teenaged version of Tony to the then-present, but around that time, Xavier and Magneto accidentally created a psionic monster called Onslaught who could only be defeated by all the non-mutant heroes being absorbed into an energy field and then Reed Richards’ omnipotent son Franklin created a pocket universe where… Do you see why writers aren’t clamoring to bring this up during Civil War II: Electric Boogaloo? This era of comics is not remembered fondly, and I’m surprised anyone but me thought to mention it at all.

But mention it they did. The first reference is straightforward. Wanda’s previous experience with this is part of why she’s ambivalent about the whole thing. She’s been here before, and – spoiler alert – she and Tony did not end all crime with the Chaos Computer. She rejects the idea that she’s a magic fix-it for this Heroes Fight Heroes storyline merry-go-round, and instead, chooses to focus on the Who Are Wanda’s Parents storyline merry-go-round.

The second reference is both obvious and nonsense. Daredevil (the Marvel Universe’s only lawyer now that She-Hulk is injured) brings up “Stark v. Maximoff” during Hawkeye’s trial. The context makes it clear that this is a small nod to Force Works, to the fact that all this happened before and will happen again. Except that, unless I’m misremembering my favorite terrible 90′s comic (unlikely), there was no lawsuit. And no reason for a lawsuit. Sure, Wanda and Tony argued during Force Works, but not in a way that would lead to the Supreme Court. There’s no other time when that would have happened either. I call shenanigans on you, imaginary court case.

I can only assume that Stark v. Maximoff ended the same way as the landmark case Batman v. Superman: with Tony and Wanda realizing that their mothers have the same name.* Of course, both of them have different mothers now because… retcons. So many retcons.

*It’s Maria/Marya, which is, like, ridiculously close to Martha. Someone write this AU.