rammstein stripped

i.  Smashing The Opponent Infected Mushroom //  ii.  A pain that I’m used to Depeche Mode // iii.  The Space in Between How to Destroy Angels // iv.  Stripped Rammstein // v. Pale Shelter Tears For Fears // vi.  Breathe Puscifer // vii.  Closer Nine Inch Nails // viii.   I Feel Loved Depeche Mode //  


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I was tagged by the Incredible @akikos-tribble-army - thanks dude

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relationship status: single

favourite colour: black, red, dark blue, white, silver

lipstick or chapstick: lipstick

three favourite foods: Pizza, Asia Noodles (In China preferably), Penne Carbonara 

song stuck to my head: Stripped - Rammstein 

last song I listened to: Astonishing Panorama of the Endtimes - Marilyn Manson

last movie I watched: Frankenweenie 

time: 12:49

top three shows: M*A*S*H, American Horror Story, American Gods 

books I’m currently reading: American Gods, Der goldene Topf (for class), The Vampire Lestat 

last thing I googled: KMFDM WWIII Lyrics

how many blankets do you sleep with: one

dream trip: Roadtrip through the US or Paris 

anything you really want: Finishing my WIP, passing my exams 

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