rammstein paul landers live


Oh Paul, you made Till laugh… 😂😂✌🏻


Everything about this video is great

Maynard invites Schneider onstage

The comparison between Danny’s drum set and Schneider’s

Drum battle

Paul casually pouring lighter fluid onto the set

Maynard drinking wine straight out of the bottle

Till and his mouth light, yelling at Schneider

Enter flamethrowers

How Adam runs from the flamethrower

Maynard’s wtf pose as Till sets shit on fire

Schneider playing as the set is on fire

Fucking Paul

Maynard recording

How Danny kicks the drums

Schneider’s bow

“im gonna turn these photos in to my lawyer”

I didn’t hear this before but Maynard says “drum silliness”

Here is a drawing of my favourite band of all time, Rammstein. Specifically Rammstein in Paris because that movie was amazing! It inspired me so much!

This is original, I only used references of their faces to make sure they were all distinct.

I feel like a kinda messed up on Richard’s face, but I dunno if that’s just my perfectionist mind. ^^”

I used ProMarkers and an outliner pen to draw this. :)