rammstein du hast


¿Con qué canción despiertan a este niño?

Ni en mil años lo adivinarías

Du Hast

How good does Schneider look here?

It’s interesting to see Schneider as the lead here, or one of the leads(Till obviously being gang leader here)

That shot of them standing by the chair waiting to ‘welcome’ him is genuinely sinister.

There ain’t no party like a Rammstein party.

Paul being an adorable goof as always.

No, it’s fine, I’ll just wait by the car, unarmed.a mere fifty yards away from a gang of murderous mobsters who despise both of us, and whom you’re obviously going in to kill.. No, they won’t be at all pissed off. No, of course nothing will go wrong…

I wonder if this is how that guy they tied to a chair at the festival felt.

At least she got dumped in style.

I know people complain about this song being overhyped, but it’s still a favourite for me. I love how the guitars builds like a wall,, and Till’s deep,soaring vocals in the chorus are incredible. Also who knows how many Rammstein fans it’s created.


Rammstein: Paris - Du Hast 

The Director’s Cut of RAMMSTEIN: PARIS, an unparalleled concert-film by Jonas Åkerlund, is out now!