If it’s Thursday, then it’s time for covers:

Rammstein’s Du Hast, an industrial metal tune originally in German, covered by the Russian band Dobranotch. Not just klezmer, but also translated to Yiddish!

Here’s the original for comparison:

Till Lindemann Live

If you ever saw Rammstein live, you may know Tills intense performance. Including faces/outfits/poses/moves like:

The famous “Tillhammer”

The “Crotch Grabber”

The “I don’t know what to do during guitar solos, so I stare in the universe. Don’t move, Till. Don’t move.”

The “Burning man”

The “Butcher”

The “Microphone licker”

The… Uhm. Till. You look fabulous. Seriously. 

The “Engel”

The “Broken face” (*sobs*)

The god.

Special note to @antigonemaia

My life: a novel
  • Me: do want to hear loads of useless information about bands I obsess over and famous people I have never met to distract myself from the shit hole that is my life?
  • Person: .....
  • Me: Okay, here goes.. It started in 1990....

OMG 😍😍💕💕